General Policies

The following general policies are intended for the safety and enjoyment of the many students,faculty/staff that visit and utilize the HPER Recreation Center facilities throughout the year.


HPER Center members consist of the following: Current students, faculty/staff, employees of ARAMARK, Barnes and Noble, and Oxford American, and residents of College Square are eligible to use the HPER Center facilities.

The above may also enroll their spouse and dependent children (dependent children must be 18 years of age to use the HPER Center).

All eligible members must complete the following two items prior to using the facilities:

1. Complete the Informed Consent and Release of Liability Agreement (ICARLA), and receive a copy of the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and You (PAR-Q).

2. Complete the Fitness Center/Weight Room orientation.


a. Beginning January 11, 2010 the HPER Center policy regarding entry will be NO ID NO ENTRY! Therefore, you must have your UCA ID to enter the HPER Center.

Our policy of allowing entry twice each semester without an UCA ID has caused abuses of our current check-in system. Our new NO ID NO ENTRY policy will also benefit any safety or theft issues that may occur in the HPER Center. Please do not ask our student staff to allow you entry without your UCA ID, as that is asking them to go against their job responsibilities and HPER Center policy.

Also, beginning this spring the HPER Center will have installed four safety cameras in the hallways to better monitor HPER usage.

b. Students enrolled and taking KPED classes may sign-in on the class roster provided at the Front Desk in lieu of presenting a UCA I.D. card at  the time the class meets.

Accidents and Injuries

Participation in programs and services offered by the HPER Center is voluntary; individuals assume responsibility for their own safety and health. Individuals who intend to participate in vigorous activities should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine if they are physically able to participate. Medical insurance, which would cover expensed incurred by an injury, is strongly recommended. Report all accidents or injuries to the HPER staff.

Tobacco Products

Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited in the facility at all times.

Guest Policy

The HPER Center allows Student/Faculty/Staff to bring guest to our facility. Please visit the link for more information.

Lost and Found

The Front Desk,Ffitness Center, and Equipment Check-Out Room have lost and found areas. Found UCA I.D. cards are kept at the Front Desk after the owner has been called.

Posted Rules

Posted rules and verbal instructions issued by supervisory staff will be strictly enforced.

Inclement Weather

The HPER Center may have altered hours because of inclement weather. See our Inclement Weather Policy statement.


Signs or posters will not be posted without the approval of the administrative staff.

Problems or Concerns

If you have a problem or concern, please contact a staff member for assistance.


All HPER Center participants must wear athletic non marking footwear.


Shirts must be worn in all areas unless recognition of a player by 'skin' is needed for a basketball game.

Area-Specific General Policies

Gymnasium (Courts)

No Dunking

Dunking and/or hanging from basketball rims is not allowed. Violators will be asked to leave the building.

Locker Room

There are small and large day lockers available to members in the locker rooms. Day lockers means that locks cannot be left overnight. Bring your own lock, the HPER Center does not supply locks.

Bring your own towel for your shower. The HPER Center does not supply towels.


Walkers use the inside lanes and runners on the outside lanes.

Walk or run in the direction of the arrow. The arrow is changed daily and is located at the entrance of the track just below the clock.

Table Tennis

The table tennis table is located upstairs near the entrance to the track. Paddles and balls may be checked-out at the Equipment Check-Out room downstairs in the gym. There are no reservations and usage is on a first-come first-serve basis. Report any problems with the table to the HPER staff