Equipment Overnight Checkout

General Policy

1. Equipment is available to check-out for current student, faculty, and staff at no charge. Equipment may be checked out for daily or over-night usage. Equipment Check-Out room is located in the HPER Center.

2. A list of equipment to be checked out and replacement cost for damaged or lost equipment is available at the Campus Recreation office or at the equipment check-out desk at the HPER center.

3. Current student, faculty or staff ID is required to check out any equipment.

Over Night Check-Out Policy

a. Equipment may be checked-out for a maximum of four (4) days.

b. Return equipment on time or before deadline date and in good condition.

c. Return “all” equipment checked-out prior to deadline date.

d. Your UCA records may be flagged if all equipment checked-out is not returned on time and in good condition.

e. Equipment lost, broken, or damaged must be paid for at the replacement cost.

Daily Equipment Check-out Procedure

1. Daily equipment check-out is HPER Center equipment that is not taken out of the HPER Center and is returned to the equipment room on the same day it is checked-out.

2. Student gives his/her student I.D. to the HPER Staff in exchange for equipment.

3. When student returns equipment, in good condition, his/her student I.D. is returned to him/her.

Over Night Check-Out Procedure

a. Over Night equipment may be taken out of the HPER and used for a maximum of 4 days before it is returned to the HPER Center Equipment Check-Out room.

b. Student must complete the Check-Out information portion on the “Over-Night HPER Equipment Check-Out” form. Student does not leave his/her student I.D. at the HPER Center.

c. When equipment is returned student completes the Check-In Information portion of the “Over-Night HPER Equipment Check-Out” form.