Get to know more about COPA!

What is COPA?

Campus Outdoor Pursuits & Activities (COPA) is part of the Campus Recreation Department, located in the HPER Center.  The COPA program will offer gear to check-out such as tents, backpacks, kayaks, mountain bikes, and canoes. COPA will also offer trips, activities, clinics, and seminars related to outdoor activities. COPA will also serve as resource on information on where to camp, hike, and enjoy the outdoors in Arkansas.

Who is eligible to use COPA equipment?

Current UCA students, UCA employees, and eligible UCA affiliates with a HPER Center membership.  You must have your current UCA I.D. to check-out equipment.  There is not charge to check-out equipment.

Will COPA staff assist with transporting/loading equipment?

The COPA staff will not transport or load any equipment into or on a personally owned vehicle, but will offer portage equipment and instruction on proper installation procedure.

How long can I check-out the equipment? How about bicycles?

Equipment can be checked-out for between 3-5 days.  3 days when there is not a holiday and/or school break, and 5 days when there is a holiday and/or school break.  Cruiser bikes can be checked-out for 2 weeks.

Can we take equipment out-of-state?

Where you go on your own and what you do is your own prerogative. What is important is that the equipment checked-out is brought back in the condition it left.

Can I have my bicycle repaired at COPA?

Yes, but we do not supply the parts to repair your personal bicycle.  There is no charge for labor.  Expect 10-3 days for the repair.  Beyond basic tune-up, we also offer: 1) change a flat tire; 2) change chain; 3) cable adjustments; 4) brake pad alignment; 5) brake pad replacement; and 6) true wheels.

Does COPA clean equipment or do I have to clean it either at check-out or at return?

User is expected to return equipment cleaned.  If not cleaned, user will have their privileges revoked from the HPER including COPA.

Where can I find information regarding upcoming trips, classes, or activities?

We will have information on the Campus Recreation website and in the the COPA area.  We will also have updates on OrgSync, Facebook, and Twitter.

What do I do if my checked-out equipment is damaged or lost?

Notify COPA of the situation.  COPA will have a replace and/or repair cost list.  That cost must be paid before future access to the HPER and COPA will be allowed.