The Callisto cluster is a highly specialized shared resource for the University of Central Arkansas community.  Being a shared resource, we expect that faculty and students will use the Callisto cluster in a manner that respects the needs of others using the cluster.  Currently, there is no limit in regards to computational time spent on the cluster or hard drive disk space.  Users of the cluster are expected to monitor their use of the computational resources and disk space to ensure that the entire UCA community has access to this resource.

As a highly specialized resource, users of the cluster will need to have a moderate understanding of the Linux operating system, so that they can perform the following types of operations:

1.  Submit a job to the cluster's job scheduler.

2.  Monitor and terminate jobs within the job scheduler.

3.  Upload and download data to and from the cluster's hard drive.

4.  Perform common file manipulation such as copying, moving and deleting files.

Faculty who are interested in using the Callisto cluster will be trained to use the cluster by the Research Associates.  Any students who are interested in using the cluster will need to work under the direct supervision of a faculty member who uses the cluster, on specific projects supervised by that faculty member.  This structure helps to guarantee that users of the cluster have sufficient training to successfully use the cluster and that users have appropriate understanding of the shared resource nature of the Callisto cluster community.