The primary goal of the Callisto cluster project is to create a community of computational researchers and educators at UCA.  To create this community, outreach efforts will consist of the following:

1.  Outreach to faculty and students at UCA to increase awareness of the capabilities and resources provided by the Callisto cluster and of the power and usefulness of high performance computing.

2.  Outreach and involvement of faculty and students at neighboring universities and colleges, to enhance current and create new collaborative, interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research and education projects.

3.  Outreach to potential future students at UCA by interacting with faculty and students at neighboring high schools, especially those schools involved with specialized programs such as the EAST project.

Faculty and students at neighboring universities and colleges and at neighboring high schools should contact the appropriate faculty member at UCA with whom they can collaborate.  Assuming a mutually beneficial relationship can be established, access to the Callisto cluster's computational resources along with training in its appropriate use will be gladly granted.  Please contact Dr. Clarence Burg, for more details.