Computer Science Courses

CS 4355/5325 – Introduction to Parallel Programming (Fall).  This course will be redesigned into a hands-on programming course, with emphasis on in-class problem solving activities in separate lab sessions. Student access to the cluster is critical for mastering the concepts taught in this course.  Various lecture hours will be reserved for these lab sessions.


CS 6350 Topics in Computer Graphics.  Computer graphics programming skills and experience are in great demand in a variety of fields, including gaming, scientific visualization, biomedical imaging and real-time visualization, each requiring significant computing power and memory.  Specialized processing devices called Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) provide the computational power required by these computer graphics applications.  Students will learn the basics of computer graphics and will learn how to use NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to solve the computationally intensive aspects of computer graphics.


Future Courses

Game Programming  (Kockara).  Undergraduate and graduate students will use the GPUs on the Callisto cluster for collision detection algorithms, deformable body simulations, shading, lighting and other topics relevant to physics-based 3D simulations and gaming.


Parallel Programming with CUDA (Kockara).  Graduate students will use the Tesla GPUs using the CUDA software development environment to explore various parallel programming applications, including parallel image processing techniques and N-body simulations.