Faculty & Student Support

With state budgets growing increasingly tighter, the need for private support for student scholarships and faculty research, travel, and support is ever increasing. The University of Central Arkansas is dedicated to establishing a strong endowment that will provide perpetual support for UCA students, faculty, and programs in the second century and beyond. We are asking alumni and friends to share our vision by making a long-term commitment.Faculty and Student Support

An endowment is an investment in the future. Once a fund reaches endowment level, it is permanently established with the UCA Foundation. If you endow a fund, only the interest from your gift will be used to support an area of your choosing. Your gift will provide perpetual support to the university, its students and faculty.

The minimum amount required for establishing an endowment is $10,000; however, that amount and the entire endowment can be paid over time. The following minimum amounts establish specific endowments:

Annual prize/award: $10,000
Scholarship: $25,000
Named Lectureship: $250,000
Named Professorship: $500,000
Named Chair: $1,000,000

For additional information or other ideas to support College of Business faculty and students, contact the College of Business Dean’s Office at (501) 450-3106.