UCA/Acxiom IT Careers Camp

Note: The 2016 UCA/Acxiom IT Careers Camp is currently undergoing revisions. It is possible the camp will not be held in 2016. If it is held, it will be in a different format. We hope that by 2017 the camp will be back to its original format, for which information is given below. We will continue to update this page and Facebook as events change.

Jim Downey (jdowney@uca.edu)

Summer Bartczak (sbartczak@uca.edu)


The IT Careers Camp is designed to increase student (and parent) awareness of the many kinds of information technology (IT) careers available. As Information Technology is a broad and diverse field, many students (and parents) are simply unaware of all the opportunities that exist and what kind of educational preparation is most appropriate. In short, information technology careers span the spectrum from very technical (i.e. programming or networking) to the less technical (i.e. technical writing or IT project management).

This camp is designed to educate students about IT career possibilities by giving them hands-on experiences working with technology, hearing from a variety of experts in the field, and by taking them to visit IT-focused businesses. At the same time, the students are encouraged to continue their education beyond high school while experiencing a few days on a real college campus.

Students that attend will be part of a select group comprised of some of Arkansas’ brightest and most curious students. In its ninth year, the camp is hosted as a collaborative effort between the UCA Computer Science and Management Information Systems Departments and made possible by the generosity of Acxiom Corporation.

Advanced technology track for returning campers!

For the fourth year in a row, we invite previous campers to apply in order to participate in an advanced technology track.  Any one-time, previous camper from the years 2012-2014 may apply.  Our objective for these campers is to expose them to more advanced technology tools, further educate them on IT career opportunities, and give them additional opportunities to network with faculty and other business professionals in order to make more educated choices about college and careers beyond.


You’ll have hands-on experiences and learn about the many careers that involve working with computers and related technologies.  You will also get to meet other students from across Arkansas and professionals that have similar interests or curiosities. Finally, you will have the opportunity to experience college campus living. Bottom line–this camp will educational, rewarding, and fun!


Any student who will enter 9th grade through 12th grade in the Fall of 2015 may apply. We especially encourage previous (one-time) campers to apply.


    • Learn about IT Careers
    • Learn about the education necessary for IT Careers
    • Learn about applying for college and getting financial support
    • Learn about Acxiom – a very successful Arkansas high-tech company
    • Meet a variety of IT professionals and learn about what they do
    • Take a field trips to Acxiom and other IT/Entrepreneurial organizations involved with IT
    • Meet other students from around the state
    • Experience the “college life” at UCA (all campers will spend nights in the dorm)
    • Join our Facebook group (Acxiom/UCA IT Careers Camp) to connect with previous campers & get a better idea of what it’s all about!


ABSOLUTELY no camp costs for any student. All camp expenses (room, board, etc.) are covered by a grant from Acxiom Corporation.  Students need only bear the expense of getting to and from the camp.


Applications are closed.  Notifications sent out 4/3/2015.

NOTE: The application process, while not long, is very important!!!  Each year we have far more applicants than can be accepted into the camp—it is very competitive! As such, care should be taken in filling out the application completely, accurately, and truthfully. 

Besides accurately documenting information about your technology experience(s), be advised that the essay is a very important element in the evaluation and selection of campers.  Be sure to answer the essay questions fully and try to capture the ideas of why this camp is right for you!


Camp Coordinators

Dr. Summer Bartczak, UCA (Primary Contact)
(501) 852-2359

Dr. Jim Downey, UCA
(501) 450-5327

For additional information, contact:

Melanie S. Watson
Scheduling and Events
Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center
University of Central Arkansas