Facility and Rates

Your Needs, Our Pleasure

Conference Services is setting new and higher standards of excellence for the conference and training events of association, business, and government groups. We offer a comfortable and stimulating environment, an eager service staff, and the latest communications and multi-media technology. The Conference Center can easily accommodate over 500 people in its entirety and 200 people in its largest room, and we have a variety of other spaces on and off campus that we would love to schedule for your next event.


Conference Room 101

This executive style conference room training or breakout sessions, as well as an luncheon or social gathering. The large georgian windows allow plenty of natural light as well as views of our beautiful campus.

Capacity 40-45  
Rate: $125 per day

Conference Room 103

This room is great for meetings, breakout sessions, small group training and intimate gatherings.

Capacity 32-35
Rate: $125 per day

Conference Room(s) 112, 114 or 112/114

There rooms are perfect for formal occasions, large training groups, luncheons and social events. Two large double doors on the south wall bring in natural light and open onto a patio. Great for evening indoor/outdoor events. The room is equipped with projector screens that drop from the ceiling and infocus projector. These rooms can also be split into two separate rooms.

Capacity 38-160

Room 112 Capacity: 40-49
Room 114 Capacity: 48-50
Rooms 112/114 Capacity: 88-100

Room 112 Rate: $150 per day
Room 114 Rate: $150 per day
Rooms 112/114 Rate: $300 per day

Hippo Crafton Conference Room(s) 111, 113 or 111/113

The Hippo Crafton Conference Rooms are most spacious rooms. Large meetings, conferences, social occasions, weddings and meetings are perfect for this pace. The room is equipped with an infocus projector, dropdown screens and sound. The technology capabilities make this room a great place to hold a professional conference with speakers or your next social event. Planning a more intimate event? The rooms can be slit into two separate rooms.

Capacity 64-240

Room 111 Capacity: 80-90
Room 113 Capacity: 80-90
Rooms 111/113 Capacity: 176-190

Hippo Crafton 111 Rate: $200 per day
Hippo Crafton 113 Rate: $200 per day
Rooms 111/113 Rate: $400 per day












Times for above rental rates are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  A half-day rental (4 hours) minimum is required.  Rental rate for each hour between midnight and 7:00 a.m. is $100 per hour.  Additional fees may be charged for audio visual equipment not included in the room.  All groups will be responsible for paying all costs, including direct costs, associated with the event.  Examples of direct costs are maintenance/physical plant set-up charges, clean-up charges, security and technician fees.  Also on-site charges will be applied to each event.


A fee of $100 or 25% of total estimated charges, whichever is greater, will be applied if cancellation is requested within 60 days or less prior to the scheduled event.  Any related direct costs associated with your event are the responsibility of the user(s).  User(s) will be invoiced for all charges.  Click here to view General Policy Statement.