Oklahoma State University






Required Pre-vet Courses

Courses Minimum Semester Credit Hours
English Composition 6
English Elective (speech, literature, technical writing) 3
Inorganic Chemistry & Lab 8
Biochemistry 5-8
Mathematics (College Algebra) 3
Physics 3
Animal Nutrition (correspondence course is available) 8
Biological Sciences 8
Microbiology & Lab 5
Genetics 3
Humanities/Social Sciences 6
Science and/or Business Elective(s)

Alternative Pathway

The Admissions Committee of the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences seeks to admit students into the DVM program who have solid academic backgrounds and possess excellent potential for distinguished performance in the veterinary profession. The Admissions Committee recognizes that well prepared students with diverse backgrounds can succeed and play an important role in advancing the veterinary medical profession. With that in mind, students who can meet the following guidelines may be admitted, even if they have not completed all of the required pre-veterinary courses:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree in a Biological science area in at least 9 consecutive fall and spring semesters and have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher.
  • Taken the general GRE and Biology Subject Test within the last four years; scores must rank in the top 50 percentile for each section of the GRE.
  • At least one of the 3 required references must be from a veterinarian for whom the applicant has worked or with whom the applicant has thoroughly discussed their educational and career goals.