Jewel Moore Nature Reserve

The Jewel Moore Nature Reserve (JMNR) on the UCA campus includes 5 acres of tallgrass prairie and approximately 10 acres of woodland. The 15 acres of prairie and woodland represent the only remnants of the 2,500 acre prairie that once occupied land now overlain by the city of Conway.  The college farm occupied the site during the early years of the Arkansas State Teachers College, but was phased out in the 1940’s.  Biology Professor Jewel Moore began using the area as an outdoor classroom and study area in 1977 and in 1980 it was designated as the Jewell Moore Nature Reserve.  To maintain the prairie and restore woodlands that have been ecologically degraded over time, it has been critical to restore the fires that were a significant part of this prairie ecosystem in the past.  Each year the Biology Department conducts controlled burns in the prairie.  A State Wildlife Grant is currently funding woodland restoration work by UCA students and faculty.  The local community is welcome to walk the trails and learn about the biology of the reserve through information signs.  UCA students interested in habitat restoration are encouraged to contact Dr. Katherine Larson (  Public schools and youth organizations are welcome to contact Dr. David Dussourd ( for information on learning tours or service/learning opportunities.

Nature Reserve Map

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If you are looking for volunteer service activities for your group, joining us for one of our scheduled work dates would be a great way to give back to community and learn some cool science at the same time. Contact the Biology Department at 501-450-5914 for more information about volunteer opportunities.

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Local Sources of Plants and seeds
  • Pine Ridge Gardens is located near Russellville and sells native Arkansas plants
  • Jewel Moore Nature Reserve on the UCA campus is an excellent source of seeds for growing locally adapted prairie plants