Sally Entrekin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

LSC 019

(501) 450-5919

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 2008.

Restoration Ecology and Invertebrate Zoology

Research Specialty: Aquatic Ecology and Restoration

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Research Interests

Organic matter, community structure, production, restoration, and food web dynamics in aquatic ecosystems


Current research projects

  • Assessing biological effects of natural gas drilling on headwater streams in the Fayetteville Shale region.�
    • Collaborators: Michelle Evans-White, University of Arkansas
      • Ginny Adams, University of Central Arkansas
      • Reid Adams, University of Central Arkansas
      • Lindsey Lewis, Fish and Wildlife Service
      • Brian Haggard and Leslie Massey, University of Arkansas, Water Resource Center
      • Ethan Inlander, The Nature Conservancy
      • Dan Millican, The Nature Conservancy
    • Funding: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission State Wildlife Grant
    • Students: Nicki Jensen, Adam Musto, Loren Stearman, Joe Larson, Brad Austin, Katie Rose.


  • Resource ratio effects on stream detritus and detritivores
    • Collaborators: Michelle Evans-White (PI), University of Arkansas
      • Thad Scott, University of Arkansas
    • Funding: NSF
    • Students: Chris Fuller


  • Effects of large wood addition on organic matter and invertebrates in intermittent headwater streams in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest
    • Collaborators: Ginny Adams (PI)
      • Reid Adams
      • Keith Whalen, United States Forest Service, Ozark-St. Francis NF
    • Funding: USFS
    • Students: Mandy Bates and Jason Christian


  • Decomposition dynamics in isolate and riverine wetlands in the White Oak Bayou Watershed in the Arkansas River basin.
    • Collaborators: Scott Owen and Sara Owen (PIs), Wetlands Inc. Consultants
    • Students: Allyn Fuell and Josh Bregy


  • Monitoring water resources of the Gulf Mountain Wildlife Management to evaluate possible effects of natural gas development
    • Collaborators: Brian Haggard (PI), AWRC, University of Arkansas
      • Michelle Evans-White, University of Arkansas
      • Steve Filipek, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
    • Funding:  Arkansas Game and Fish Commission State Wildlife Grant
    • Students: Julie Kelso, Chelsea Miller
  • Changing food web structure in wetlands on the Copper River delta, AK.
    • Collaborators: Gary Lamberti (PI), University of Notre Dame
      • Dom Chaloner, University of Notre Dame
      • Scott Tiegs, Oakland University
    • Funding: United States Forest Service, Chugach National Forest



  • Principles of Biology II for majors
  • Environmental Practicum
  • Restoration Ecology (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Ecology
  • Invertebrate zoology (undergraduate and graduate)


Recent papers

Entrekin, S.A., Evans-White, M., Johnson, B., Hagenbuch, E.  In press.  Rapid expansion of natural gas development poses a threat to surface waters. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 


Mitchell, D.W., S.A. Entrekin, G.L. Adams.  In review.  Structure and function of large wood in Ozark headwater streams and its relationship to fish community structure.  Freshwater Ecology.


Hoellein, T.J., J.L. Tank, E.J. Rosi-Marshall, and S.A. Entrekin. In press. Effects of benthic habitat restoration on nutrient uptake and ecosystem metabolism in three headwater streams. River Research and Applications.


Tank, J.L., Rosi-Marshall, E.J, Griffiths, N., Entrekin, S.A., and Stephen, M. 2010.  A review of allochthonous organic matter dynamics and metabolism in streams.  Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29(1): 118-146.


Entrekin, S.A., J.L. Tank, E.L. Rosi-Marshall, T.J. Hoellein, and G.A. Lamberti.  2009. Responses in macroinvertebrate secondary production to large wood addition in three Michigan streams. Freshwater Biology 54: 1741-1748.


Entrekin S.A., Tank, J.L., Rosi-Marshall E.J., Hoellein T.J., and Lamberti G.A. 2008. Responses in organic matter accumulation and processing to an experimental wood addition in three headwater streams.  Freshwater Biology.

Entrekin, S.A., E.J. Rosi-Marshall, J.L. Tank, Hoellein, T., and G.A. Lamberti.  2007.  Macroinvertebrate secondary production in forested sand-bottom streams of the Upper Midwest.  Journal of the North American Benthological Society 26 (3):472-490.


Current and past graduate students

Current: Amanda Bates, Julie Kelso, Nicki Jensen, Allyn Fuell, Adam Musto, Chris Fuller


Past: David Mitchell, co-advised, Effects of large wood on fishes of the Ozarks, AR.  Defended. Currently an instructor at Ozarka Community College, Mt. View, AR


Current and past undergraduate students

Current: Chelsea Miller, Daniel Sniegowski, Josh Bregy, Loren Biggs, Jordan Johnson,   David Hiltenbrand


Past: Kasey Nix, Tyler Troutman, Michael Lowry, Phuong Nguyen