Mark Bland, Ph.D

Associate Professor

LSC 176D

(501) 450-5967


Ph.D., Science Education, University of Northern Colorado, 2004.

Started at UCA in 2004

Courses Taught:

BIOL 1400 Biology for General Education

BIOL 4415 Evolution

SCI 4190 Internship I

SCI 4315 Integrated Methods for Mathematics and Science

SCI 4400 Secondary Science Methods

SCI 4410 Concepts of Science

SCI 4680/4681 Internship II

Research Interests:

I am studying the perceptions of students, teachers and the general public towards scientific topics that are regarded as controversial or contentious, such as evolution education. I also am interested in visual learning and pattern recognition in humans and other species.

Selected Publications:

Bland, M. W., & Morrison, B. (2015). The Experimental Detection of anĀ Emotional Response to the Idea of Evolution. The American Biology Teacher, 77(6), 16-23.
Bland, M. W., and Moore, R. (2011). McLean v. Arkansas (1982) and beyond: Implications for biology professors. Journal of College Science Teaching 40(5), 75- 84.
Bland, M. W., Saunders, G, & Kreps, J. (2007). In defense of the lecture. Journal of College Science Teaching 37(2), 10-13.