Liz Bass

Lab and Greenhouse Coordinator


LSC 178A

(501) 450-3251

Biology Lab Coordinator / Microbiology / Research Greenhouse

BS in Health Education and CHES certified (Certified Health Education Specialist, RT.)

As Biology Lab Coordinator, Elizabeth "Liz" Bass is responsible for coordinating and managing microbiology labs for General Microbiology and Microbiology for Human Affairs.   She coordinates all aspects of microbiology labs.  Lab preparation includes organization, dispersal of media, supplies, chemicals and equipment.   Liz maintains an inventory of supplies, prepares a yearly bid list requisitioning supplies, meets with sales representatives, vendors and repair technicians. Each semester she creates and updates a lab procedure manual.  Her focus is to provide well organized, safe teaching areas.

As a Horticulturist, Liz manages all aspects of the Biology academic and research greenhouses.  She trains and supervises student workers.  Responsive to the needs of research projects, Liz allocates and manages space in the five module greenhouse range for faculty and graduate research.

Liz is active in Urban Farming, Faulkner County Supporters of Sustainability, Food Bank and Photography.