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Welcome to Water Works, a water hydration challenge brought to you by UCA BeWell and HealthCheck360°!

During the course of this challenge, you will receive e-mails with tips and ideas to help you achieve your hydration goals. This first week is all about getting started with increasing your water intake. Water Works is measured in fluid ounces and the goal is to log at least 64 fluid ounces, or eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

Logging your water on or our mobile app will help you dominate the leader boards and improve your personal health!

NOTE: If you wish to participate, but want to remain anonymous, please email for your options.

The Launch Into Health Challenge ended June 4th.

Week One Winners

  • Moriah Bruner
  • Melissa Pearson
  • Angela Jackson

Week Two Winners

  • Sharla Ashcraft
  • Jared Wood
  • Amber Wofford

Week Three Winners

  • Alice Barnes
  • Mary Ann Frisby
  • Suzanne Johnston

Week Four Winners

  • Duncan McKinnon
  • Leanna Mcclendon
  • Ron Duggins

Grand Prize Winners

  • Ary Servedio
  • Laci Lyons
  • Shawn Charlton
Launch into a Health Activity Challenge that will motivate you to get up and get moving. It’s not too late to join the first challenge! 
Each week, participants will be entered into a drawing for a prize if they meet the weekly goal. The weekly goals are outlined below.  Each weekly winner will earn $25 in BearBucks. Grand Prize to be announced soon!
  • Week One: Complete and track 75 total minutes of activity (almost 11 minutes/day)
  • Week Two: Complete and track 100 total minutes of activity (almost 15 minutes/day)
  • Week Three: Complete and track 125 total minutes of activity (almost 18 minutes/day)
  • Week Four: Complete and track 150 total minutes of activity (almost 22 minutes/day)
Launch Into Health runs through June 5.  Sign up on for this 4 week activity challenge.
To Register:
  • Log in at
  • Create your account! If you have created an account already, skip to next step
    • Enter your information
    • Use the last 4 of your UCA ID, not your SSN
    • Your company code is: UCARK
  • Click on “Challenges”
  • Click on “Launch into health” under “available challenges”
  • Click “join challenge”