450 Movement Challenge 2017

WHAT is the challenge? 

  • Regular physical activity can produce long term health benefits. People of all ages, sizes and abilities can benefit from including movement into their day!  As part of our wellness initiative, we want to encourage you to aim for at least 450 minutes of movement each month.  “Movement” can include walking, jogging, swimming, gardening, lifting weights, etc.  Just about anything that gets you up and moving and gets your heart rate moving right along with you.

Note:  If you haven’t exercised in a while, or are recovering from a recent illness or injury, check with your doctor before starting a program.  Begin with lower intensity exercises and gradually work up to more structured workouts.

WHO can participate?

  • All faculty and staff. You do NOT have to be enrolled on the university’s health plan to participate.

HOW do I participate?

  • F/S enrolled in the medical plan:
    • Manually log your movement minutes in the Wellvibe Fitness Center within 7 days of completing your activity and before the last workday of the month.
    • OR Link to your Fitbit account by clicking Link Your Fitbit in the Wellvibe Fitness Center and following the instructions. Note: Any time you add/log time manually it will overwrite data that is auto populated by Fitbit.
    • OR log your movement minutes using this FORM by the last workday of the month.
  • F/S not enrolled in the medical plan:
    • Log your movement minutes using this FORM by the last workday of the month.


  • Logs with 450 minutes recorded and turned in by the last work day of the month will go into a drawing.
  • 5 names will be drawn each month, and each winner wins $50 in Bear Bucks!

Monthly Winners are posted here:

May 2017 August 2017
Lynn Baker Linda Horton
Regina Hall David O’Hara
Susan Hall Virginia Seamon
Betty Hubbard James Spickard
Michael Rubach Bradley Teague
June 2017 September 2017
C Shaneil Ealy Kenneth Barnes
Carole Good Riva Brown
Lesley Graybeal Patricia Phelps
Audreka Peten Gleb Polovtsev
Lauren Stout Jeff Young
July 2017 October 2017
Christina Bergmann Sharla Ashcraft
Sandra Burks Ryan Howard
Leigh Ann Denhartog Doris Carden
Chelsea Huckabay Natalie Shock
Charlotte Strickland Steve Ward