Greek Village moving forward

The University of Central Arkansas Board of Trustees voted to move forward with plans to construct a Greek Village on the campus, starting with five 32-bed sorority houses and the first phase of a facility for additional sororities at its October 11 meeting.

The board unanimously approved an amended resolution authorizing an “economic feasibility study for the issuance of bonds, in an amount not to exceed $13.8 million, to finance the design and construction of Greek Village Phase I.”

The approval came after an amendment to a proposed resolution authorizing a feasibility study for the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $12 million, which would have allowed for 22 residents in each of the five sorority houses, rather than the now approved 32.

The Board of Trustees initially considered the 22-resident facilities, but several board members questioned whether they should look more to future growth in student enrollment and Greek membership, as well as the economic benefits.

The issuance of the bonds must now be approved by the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board, which will meet on October 25.

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