Athletic Training faculty featured speakers at AATA Symposium

Two Athletic Education Training Program (ATEP) faculty members were featured speakers at the Arkansas Athletic Trainers’ Association (AATA) Annual Meeting and Symposium held in Rogers, Ark. A third was a participant in a round table discussion.

Dr. Steven Tucker presented a lecture and lab on “Treating Common Shoulder Muscle-Length Deficiencies.” In the laboratory portion, participants had the opportunity to get some hands-on experience in new techniques of stretching and caring for shoulder injuries.

Hollie Whittaker, ATEP Clinical Coordinator/ Clinical I Instructor, presented a lecture entitled “Identifying and Treating Rhabdomyolysis.” This topic was an informative look at a condition that is often misdiagnosed. The material provided was designed to equip athletic trainers with signs and symptoms that would assist them in making this critical diagnosis.

David Strickland, Head Athletic Trainer/ Clinical II Instructor, participated in a roundtable discussion titled “Implementing Emergency Policies & Procedures.” Strickland was a major contributor to discussions that ranged from concussion policies to developing Emergency Action Plans. David has helped develop new policies and revised older ones designed to assist in improving the medical care of the athletes at UCA.

Two athletic training students were elected for positions on the AATA Athletic Training Students Association executive board. Andrew Tacket was elected president-elect and Rebecca Rockenhaus was elected representative for UCA.

Other UCA staff members that assisted with the lab portion were Lauren Erickson, Ellen Epping, Allen Crawford, and Steve Hornor.