Maurice ‘Ernie’ Ness

1. What’s beeness[1]en the most significant change you’ve seen at UCA?
The size of the university. When I came in 1985 there were 6400 students. And look at us now!

2. What was your greatest accomplishment at UCA?
Contributing to the development of a first-rate counseling center that has served many thousands of students, faculty, and staff.

3. What are your plans for retirement?
To do what I want to do (within reason), when I want to do it. I am looking forward to more travel abroad, doing some writing, and (most immediately) cleaning out both the garage and the attic.

4. What will be your greatest memory about working at UCA?
The relationships I’ve enjoyed with so many faculty, staff, and administrators. There is nothing better than working with smart, competent, caring, trusting, helpful, and respectful people.

5. What words of advice could you offer to your successor?
Trust in your staff, be accessible, ask for assistance (things will go better when you do), and laugh whenever you can.