Linda Musselman

lmusselman[1]1. What’s been the most significant change you’ve seen at UCA?
Increase size in student body, plus campus expansion. I counted at least 18 new buildings or major building renovations during my tenure at UCA.

2. What was your greatest accomplishment at UCA?
I am most proud of the faculty with which I work. They have accomplished a great deal in achieving terminal degrees and developing as scholars. Moreover, their dedication to future generations of occupational therapists has been phenomenal.

3. What are your plans for retirement?
My husband and I plan to relocate to be much closer to our extended families in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

4. What will be your greatest memory about working at UCA?
The collegial relationships among chairs and faculty in my college.

5. What words of advice could you offer to your successor?
Prioritize your work so that the quality of the educational process is maintained.