Elaine McNiece

elainem[1]1. What’s been the most significant change you’ve seen at UCA?
The beautification of the campus (landscaping, new buildings, consistent architecture)
When I came in 1975 there were very few trees except the large ones in from of McAlister, Irby and the library and there were no flowers, much less landscaping that is changed with the seasons! Building architecture included a white administration building with blue panels and there certainly was no campus master plan.

2. What was your greatest accomplishment at UCA?
Approval for four PhD programs and one professional doctorate with another one pending.
Growth of graduate level productivity – 48% increase in fall graduate headcount, 81% increase in annualized graduate full-time equivalency, and a 72% increase in the number of graduate degrees awarded annually.

3. What are your plans for retirement?
Spending more time with my grandchildren and spoiling my 3-year old granddaughter rotten, traveling, relearning to play the piano, and reading

4. What will be your greatest memory about working at UCA?
I will remember that I loved coming to work each and every day. UCA has provided me with wonderful opportunities as a university faculty member and administrator. I will miss working with and learning from UCA faculty and staff colleagues and students.

5. What words of advice could you offer to your successor?
It is all about relationships. Graduate deans depend on others both on and off campus to accomplish the goals of the Graduate School. Get to know well college deans, department chairs with graduate programs, graduate coordinators/advisors, and other graduate deans. Depend on your very competent and professional staff to get the job done with the utmost integrity. All these folks will make you look good!