LRCHS students visit UCA ATEP

Twenty-eight Little Rock Christian High School students visited the UCA campus on April 19. They were introduced to the profession of athletic training. The students were separated into three small groups that were then escorted to three different locations within the Farris Center.

Adam Bruenger, PhD, assistance professor, demonstrated the use of the pressure plate and how it is utilized in research. The students were able to perform tasks on the plate and then were shown the different data that can be seen on the computer.

Stephen Hornor, assistant athletic trainer/clinical I instructor, demonstrated the use of a vibration modality for treatment and care of athletic injuries. The students were able to all experience how the machine can increase their flexibility in a very short period of time.

Ellen Epping, ATEP program pirector and senior ATEP students, Emily Lacey and Taylor Mickelson showed a video that featured Emily in what it is like to be an ATEP athletic training student at UCA. The senior ATEP students discussed their experience in the program and fielded general questions about the profession of athletic training.

LRCHS teacher, Paula Pugh who escorted the students to UCA for this experience said this about their visit; “They all enjoyed learning about the “day in the life of an athletic trainer”, learning about research opportunities and the application to sport, and who can forget the vibrating machine! You have a wonderful staff, and the senior students were great! I hope we can do it again next school year.”