Two students win prizes at Chinese Competition

Alex Peebles and Savannah Barlow

Alex Peebles and Savannah Barlow

Savannah Barlow, and Alex Peebles, two students who study Chinese at UCA won the Third Place and Honorable Mention, respectively, at the 2013 “Chinese Bridge”— Preliminary Chinese Competition for College Students in the Southern States held in Houston on April 21.

The competition is sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters and organized by Chinese Consulate in General in Houston. The first prize winner will go to China to contest in the Semi-Final Chinese Competition.

This year, fourteen college students representing eleven Confucius Institutes and three regional Chinese programs in eight southern states participated in the completion.

Savannah Barlow, a UCA junior who is working on her Chinese minor, impressed the judges and the audience with her eloquent speech and accurate pronunciation. Her lively and graceful Tibetan dance in her talent show won a loud applause from the audience.

Alex Peebles, a UCA senior, gave a very witty speech on his experience in China which won him most laughs from the attendees. His talent show with his nunchuks greatly amazed the judges and audience.

UCA Confucius Institute collaborated with the Chinese instructors in the World Languages Department to screen and prepare UCA contestants for the 2013 “Chinese Bridge”—Preliminary Chinese Competition.