College of Education Lighthouse Beacons hosts Beacon Days

Expressing both amazement and appreciation, College of Education students were treated to “Beacon Bites” on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 9 and 10. Volunteer faculty and staff, known as Lighthouse Beacons, gave away cookies, bookmarks, and the spring final exam schedules for two mornings to let their students know that the Lighthouse Beacons are available to help them register for summer and fall courses and navigate through the rest of the spring semester. The College of Education Lighthouse Beacons is a group of 27 faculty and staff who provide student support services for students in all three departments: Early Childhood/Special Education, Teaching and Learning, and Leadership Studies.

Led by Drs. Patty Kohler-Evans, Nancy P. Gallavan, and Angela Webster-Smith, the Lighthouse Beacons seek to improve students’ academic progress and professional development by collaborating with student support services at UCA and in Arkansas communities, enhancing academic understanding, course completion, and program graduation rates of all COE and PEU students, expanding the number and professionalism of educators produced by UCA so the educator population is more inclusive of all people, and building stronger bridges with educators in all capacities across the state of Arkansas. To locate a Lighthouse Beacon, look for the large welcome signs illustrated with a lighthouse displayed proudly by the office door letting students know, “It is your time to shine.” For more information about the College of Education Lighthouse Beacons, please contact Nancy Gallavan at