Outstanding PR student award launched

The UCA Department of Communication introduced on Tuesday, April 2 the Alma O. Corley Outstanding PR Student Award, which recognizes outstanding public relations majors who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the university.

Rollin Potter, dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, unveiled the yearly award during a reception honoring Alma Corley, who has taught a wide range of courses in the communication department over the past 12 years.

Potter said, “Dr. Alma Corley has built and developed the public relations program at UCA, and it is very appropriate that we recognize her talent and dedication by establishing this award.”

Corley, a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi doctoral program in communication, worked in corporate public relations, advertising, and marketing for more than 20 years.

She was the public relations director of the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta; an assistant vice president at the American National Bank and Trust Company in Mobile, Ala.; and assistant production manager in Hoefer, Dieterich & Brown, an advertising agency in San Francisco.

Corley began her teaching career at Eastern New Mexico University and came to UCA in 2001 to develop the curriculum of the public relations (PR) major. She introduced and taught core courses such as PR Techniques, PR Cases and Campaigns, and PR Management.

James Hikins, chair of the communication department, praised Corley for her knowledge, experience, integrity, and invaluable contributions both as an educator and a mentor of students.

“Dr. Corley’s ideas in sustaining the department’s activities and programs and her tireless dedication as a teacher set an example for all of us,” Hikins said. “We wish her all the very best.”