Creative Writing Professor Publishes New Book

mspitzer-105x140[1]Mark Spitzer, associate professor of creative writing, recently published a new book of literary translations: Films without Images, three radio plays by Blaise Cendrars, Green Integer Press, Copenhagen/Los Angeles. He also had an article entitled “Teaching Students to Show Not Tell” published in the Chronicle of Higher Education (see and an article entitled “Extreme Puppet Theater as a Tool for Writing Pedagogy at K-University Levels” was accepted for publication in Writing and Pedagogy. Other recent acceptances include his essay “Bromancing the Gar: In Pursuit of Trinity River Seven Footers” in the environmental journal Terrain and “Gar Rodeo in the Cajun Swamp: Judge Not, Lest Y’All Be Judged!” in the literary journal Animal. Recent poetry acceptances and publications include works in House Organ, Nude Bruce Review, and Angel on the Freeway.