Psychology Professor Publishes New Book

john murphyDr. John Murphy, professor of psychology at the University of Central Arkansas, has published a new book entitled, Conducting Student-Driven Interviews: Practical Strategies for Increasing Student Involvement and Addressing Behavior Problems (Routledge Press, 2013). The book helps school psychologists, counselors, and others talk with struggling students in respectful ways that build on their strengths, resilience, and other resources. Student-driven interviews are therapeutic conversations that invite students take charge of school behavior problems and participate in every aspect of their care from forming goals to evaluating the usefulness of services.

“Sometimes the very person everyone is concerned about is excluded from having a voice in his or her own care,” says Murphy. “This book encourages counselors to offer children and teens the same things that we all want when we consult a helping professional about a problem—to be heard, respected, and treated with dignity. The skills and strategies in this book provide a practical blueprint for doing that.” Helping professionals aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the ideas and techniques in this book—parents and teachers will also find the book useful in their efforts to connect with children and teens in positive and productive ways.

Dr. Murphy, who has been at UCA for 17 years, is an internationally recognized trainer and author on using strength-based therapy approaches with young people, families, and school problems. He has written two other books, both of which are in their second editions and have been translated into multiple languages. Dr. Murphy’s work has been featured in the New York Times bestseller Switch and the training series Child Therapy with the Experts. He continues to work with young people, families and schools, and is a sought-after workshop presenter who has taught thousands of mental health professionals, teachers, and parents in Arkansas, the United States, and overseas. Refer to for more information on Dr. Murphy’s books and other work.