KPED Assistant Professor Presents Research at Australian Conference

ADAM BRUENGERDr. Adam Bruenger presented two papers at the 2012 International Society of Sports Biomechanics (ISBS) Conference in Melbourne, Australia this past summer. The papers, “Comparison of Muscle Activity During Step Ups and Single Leg Squats” and “Comparison of Moments and Shear Forces of the Hip and Knee During Step Ups and Single Leg Squats” were co-authored by fellow KPED faculty member Dr. Steven Tucker and Jason Carruth, a former KPED master’s student. The research that was presented was supported by a URC grant awarded him by UCA. The ISBS has membership of biomechanists from over 50 different countries and represents the only biomechanics organization whose focus is sports performance.

Dr. Bruenger has been an integral part of the Kinesiology department since 2008.