Angela Webster-Smith Releases New Book

Associate Professor of Leadership Studies, Dr. Angela Webster-Smith, is pleased to announce the release of her new book, In the Presence of a King (self-published by Author House).

A great feature of this book is that it there are many life lessons and values to be examined and discussed with children that include but are not limited to honoring parents, respecting authority, leadership, work ethic, the various types of work in the community, American ideals, people who are unlike ourselves, matters of right and wrong, gratitude for individual and societal progress, the success model of believing, thinking/imagining, speaking, and taking positive actions, and how the reader might handle situations differently than the characters in the story. The book offers a Glossary that defines what may be unfamiliar words and the questions in A Challenge to the Readers allow children to begin or continue the process of thinking through the higher intentions of this book.

Although the book can speak to children of all ages, it is especially helpful for children in Grades 3-8. Parents and educators can seize rich opportunities to help identify children’s talents, gifts, and abilities and to connect their geniuses to their dreams, to their life’s purposes, and to helping others. In essence, In the Presence of a King is an historical account of some of the adventures of the Civil Rights Movement. It is a story of self-sacrifice, a story of possibility, hope, promise, and a story of self-love and self-discovery.