DSIA Reporting Group

Purposes: The Data Standards and Information Access (DSIA) initiatives exist to to establish, maintain, and communicate University of Central Arkansas data standards; to promote data quality both retrospectively and prospectively; to establish, maintain, and communicate consistent reporting standards; and, thus, to facilitate timely access to consistently reliable university data over time.

The DSIA Reporting Group is responsible for reporting standards, testing guidelines, and developer training.

Member NameArea | Module/Role
Bunn, GaryCandidate Services (CE)
Killion, JillStudent Financial Aid
Hall, SusanInformation Technology | General
Heffington, KristinInstitutional Research | General / Group Admin
Killion, ShonBear Card/Housing
Kinnison, JudyInformation Technology | General / Group Co-Chair
Nicholson, ValerieHuman Resources
Perry, JarrettAdmissions and Enrollment Services | Student / Group Co-Chair
Peten, AudrekaAR/Student Accounts
Smith, MichaelFinance

Page updated: April 20, 2016