Black Box Exhibition Schedule

Spring 2015

Spring Season of Exhibitions coming soon.


How to Submit Your Works:

1. Fill out an Exhibition Entry Form for each work available here or in the Black Box Gallery

2. Attach the entire form to your work with tape.

3. Bring works to the Black Box Gallery between by 4:00 pm, and leave them on the table in the middle of the room or against the wall.

Types of Shows

  • small group show - a few students create their own show with some assistance from the directors, a great opportunity for upper-level students who have a cohesive body of work (contact a director to apply)
  • class show - one of our studio professors creates a show in order to exhibit work from a particular course
  • juried show - an opportunity for ALL UCA STUDENTS to submit work to a theme competitive show, which will be juried by the Black Box directors.
  • solo show-features the work of one artist

Entry Form

Click here to download Blackbox Submission Form