M86-09 – Mary Caviness

This collection contains personal papers, correspondence, and business papers of Ms. Caviness, a Hot Springs African American benefactress, 1895-1986 (view finding aid)

M88-07 – Diana Sherwood

Diana Sherwood worked as a freelance writer and journalist. She also did research on early settlers in Arkansas, 1936-1951 (view finding aid)

M88-08 – Lucille Babcock

A Little Rock poet, editor, Carnegie Hero, and a former Women’s Army Corps member, she was recognized for saving a young woman from a would be rapist, 1987-1988 (view finding aid)

M89-08 – Dr. William G. Holland

Dr. William Holland ran a successful drug store and left behind store records, physician’s visiting list, and a register from “Friends of Temperance” (Temperance Movement) 1868-1938 (view finding aid)

M89-25 – Daughters of the American Revolution

The Arkansas branch of the Daughters of the Revolution held its first meeting in 1908. This collection consists of programs and minutes from their annual conferences, 1911-1931 (view finding aid)

M89-26 – United Daughters of Confederacy

This collection consists of programs and printed materials from their annual conventions, 1905-1925 (view finding aid)

M89-31 – Effie Finley / Garden Club Records

This Pine Bluff Women’s club attempted to educate amateur gardeners and to help protect the native plant life in Arkansas. This collection contains administrative records, project materials, and scrapbooks, 1935-1960 (view finding aid)

M90-03 – Conway Home and Garden Records

This collection contains correspondence, awards, newspaper articles, and photographs of a Conway women’s club, 1951-1988 (view finding aid)

M90-07 – L. Dorothy Lester

Dorothy Lester supervised missionary work in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, and she was the first female ordained into the Presbyterian ministry in these three states, 1932-1956 (view finding aid)

M90-11 – Carol Griffee

Carol Griffee is a well-known Little Rock journalist, editor, and environmentalist. Her collection contains environmental related papers, reports, and research material, 1975-1992 (view finding aid)

M92-03 – Kimberly Collins

The Kimberly Collins collection contains material from an Arkansas business woman and pro-choice activist, 1989-1991 (view finding aid)

M92-06 – Pine Bluff Women’s Center

This organization formed in 1975 with the purpose of serving the needs of women in Jefferson county. They also collected the oral interviews of several women for their book, Women Of The Arkansas Delta, 1976 (view finding aid)

M93-06 – UCA University Women’s Club

This collection consists of official record and memorabilia of the University of Women’s Club, which provided a social forum for women associated with UCA, 1966-1991 (view finding aid)

M93-09 – Arkansas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

The Arkansas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union formed in 1878. The collection contains a few of their periodicals, annual reports, and convention programs, 1908-1984 (view finding aid)

M94-02 – Corrine Hodges

Corrine Hodges worked as editor of the Crowley’s Ridge Chronicle and left behind clippings of her career, 1967-1977 (view finding aid)

M95-02 – Church Women United in Arkansas

Church Women United brings together a wide range of Christian women in order to express their faith and improve their world, 1942-2000 (view finding aid)

M95-03 – Arkansas Women’s Project

This collection documents a women’s organization that promotes women’s, minority, gay, and lesbian rights. Suzanne Pharr also donated a good deal of material on her leadership of this organization and her fight for lesbian rights, 1980-present (view finding aid)

M96-02 – Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Helen Walton organized the Arkansas committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The goal of the committee is to promote Female artists working in the state of Arkansas, 1989-present (view finding aid)

M96-04 – Annie Laura M. Jaggers

The Jaggers papers contain the research material for the book, A Nude Singularity: Lily Peter of Arkansas, by Annie Laura Jaggers on Miss. Lily Peter: teacher, poet, plantation owner, author, and photographer, 1891-1991 (view finding aid)

M02-01 – WAC Veterans Association / Sue Evans

The Sue Evans WAC Veterans Association collection contains minutes, information on national conventions, association handbook, and the annual bulletin of WAC, 1979-2001 (view finding aid)

M02-05 – Beth Brickell

Beth Brickell is an actress, producer, and director who appeared in such films as Posse Deadly Game, and The Only Way Home. She attended the Arkansas State Teacher College and has been very active in the Arkansas political system, 1954-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-06 – Dorris Curtis

Dorris Curtis was a school teacher before World War II, an industrial worker, and an award winning artist. Her collection contains sheet music that dates back to 1893, songs written by Dorris Curtis, and some of her paintings.1893-2002 (view finding aid)

M04-07 – Betty Fowler

Betty Fowler is a local entertainer in radio and television. She is a jazz singer and has been the musical director of the Miss Arkansas Pageant since the 1950’s. This collection contains sheet music from the early 1900’s to 1970’s (view finding aid)

M04-10 – Waves National

Women were first allowed into the navy during World War II in order to increase the number of able bodied men in active military duty on the seas. This collection contains newsletters written after the war about the Waves members’ experiences (view finding aid)

M06-03 – Sharon Priest

Sharon Priest was the first woman elected to the office of Secretary of State in Arkansas. This collection reflects her years of service to the people of Arkansas (view finding aid)

M08-04 – Lencola Sullivan

Lencola Sullivan was the first African American Miss UCA and Miss Arkansas. Her collection contains newspaper clippings, awards, and photographs that chronicle her career (view finding aid)

M09-04 – Anne Jansen

Anne Jansen retired as news anchor for KTHV news in 2008 after 25 years of service. Her collection contains correspondence, photographs, and other documents relevant to her career (view finding aid)

M09-15 – Janet Gathright Collection

This collection includes articles and pamphlets about education, workforce training, educational legislation and information specific to Arkansas school statistics and curriculum (view finding aid)

M10-01 – Della Tyson Collection

Della (Del) Tyson served as the secretary for Governor Orval Faubus for eleven years (1957-1968). While serving in this capacity she typed untold numbers of letters for Faubus and consequently became friends with some of those whom Faubus corresponded with, including Governor George Wallace of Alabama. Her collection contains memorabilia from the time Orval Faubus served as governor including letters from President Lyndon B. Johnson, TX Gov. John B. Connally, Sargent Shriver, and hand written notes by Faubus (view finding aid)

M10-02 – Vicki Wyeth Collection

This collection contains a scrapbook intitled “The Arkansas Story” (a sixth grade school project by Vicki Hahn (view finding aid)

M11-06 – Dr. Sally Roden Collection

Dr. Sally Roden has been a leader in her professional associations and has been the recipient of many honors. An educator at UCA since 1969, she currently serves as associate provost and dean of undergraduate studies and director of the living and learning communities program. Her collection includes awards, correspondence, photos, and books (view finding aid)

M11-07 – Dr. Mary Mosley Collection

Retired educator, Dr. Mary Mosley, spent 20 years involved with the UCA Reading Center as it’s director, as well as being on the Board of Directors for the Literacy Action for Central Arkansas Council and the Faulkner County Literacy Council Board of Directors. She worked to study and improve the center’s research-based lesson plan and shared her findings in publications and presentations in hopes of improving instruction of struggling readers. Her collection includes correspondence, photos, publications on reading, books, calendars, and awards (view finding aid)

M11-08 – Margaret Dixon-Anderson Collection

Arkansas State Normal School Alumni, Margaret Dixon-Anderson worked as a teacher in Arkansas for over 50 years.  Her collection contains personal files on her and her family and also professional material about teaching in Arkansas (view finding aid)

M11-09 – Myrna Smetzer-Weiland Collection

Myrna Smetzer was one of hundreds of young women who, during World War II, received basic training at Arkansas State Teachers College with the Women’s Army Corp between March 1943-1944.  Her collection contains pictures of her time at ASTC and abroad with the Women’s Army Corp (view finding aid)

 M13-02 – State Representative Betty Pickett Collection

Betty Pickett served for six years in the Arkansas House of Representatives and represented District 45 in Faulkner County from 2002 to 2008.  Her collection contains material from her time in office including information on the Arkansas Legislature, Arkansas education, legislative committees and Arkansas financial materials.  The collection also contains material from her time working with the Conway School District and the Arkansas State Board of Education (view finding aid)