M86-02 – E.E. Cordrey

This collection contains records, ledgers, and papers of UCA chemistry Professor Everette E. Cordrey, 1914-1950 (view finding aid)

M86-04 – Eva Burkett

A former English Professor from UCA, Eva Mae Burkett, donated material relating to the English department and her own research on dialect and literary writers, 1963-1971 (view finding aid)

M86-08 – Ted R. Worley

Ted Worley held a position at ASTC (UCA) and was Executive Secretary of the Arkansas History Commission until the 1960s. His collection contains both personal papers, published material, and unpublished material on UCA and Arkansas history (view finding aid)

M87-05 – Steed Family

Charles R. Steed was a farmer from Mayflower, Arkansas, who served as Faulkner County sheriff from 1941 to 1942. His wife, Velma Steed, graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1929, and taught science at Conway High School for twenty-five years. This collection documents their experiences in Faulkner county, 1919-1985 (view finding aid)

M89-01 – Will A. Berry

This collection contains workbooks from Arkansas Normal School, teaching licenses, contracts, and poetry from a school teacher and his sister, 1893-1929 (view finding aid)

M89-03 – Betty Young / Arkansas Folklore

Betty Young worked as a UCA Professor doing research in folklore and place names. Her collection reflects her love of local myths, 1958-1984 (view finding aid)

M89-21 – UCA Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps

The WAAC existed on UCA campus from 1943-1945. The collection relates to the WAAC training at UCA (view finding aid)

M89-22 – E. L. Higgins Book Manuscript

The collection contains original manuscripts of Mr. Higgins, a French revolution expert, including primary sources, personal correspondence with publishing companies, research notes, World War I and World War II memorabilia, chronological history of Arkansas, hand written French diaries from 1791, and teaching materials gathered while he was a professor at the University of Central Arkansas (view finding aid)

M89-28 – Ada Jane Harvey

Ada Jane Harvey was a UCA foreign language professor who donated her personal correspondence, last will and testament, and poetry to UCA 1972-1981 (view finding aid)

M89-29 – Constance Mitchell

This collection contains the last will and testament of a University of Central Arkansas educator and librarian, 1970-1989 (view finding aid)

M89-33 – Milford Pete Atkinson

Milford Atkinson was stationed in India, flying in many air attacks in World War II. His collection consists of letters and photographs, 1943-1945 (view finding aid)

M90-14 – “Glory” Movie Records

This collection consists of correspondence, press releases, and other materials relating to the UCA Blue/Gray Association’s participation in the motion picture “Glory”, 1987-1990 (view finding aid)

M91-17 – Clyde D. Dollar

Professor Clyde Dollar from the University of Arkansas history department also worked on archeological digs and as film consultant. His collection holds photographs, archeological materials, film material, writings, speeches, interviews, books, and audio visual materials (view finding aid)

M92-01 – Horace A. Adams

Horace Adams was a UCA history professor from 1945-1971. This collection holds speeches, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings, 1937-1986 (view finding aid)

M93-04 – Mary Jane Scott

Mary Scott was the chair woman of the Home Economics Department at the Arkansas State Teachers college in Arkansas. This collection contains some of her grade books from 1949-1966 and some home economic guides, 1949-1980 (view finding aid)

M93-06 – UCA University Women’s Club

This collection consists of official record and memorabilia of the University of Women’s Club, which provided a social forum for women associated with UCA, 1966-1991 (view finding aid)

M94-03 – Maxine Stover Welter

Maxine Wetter graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1939, and left behind materials from his student days, 1935-1939 (view finding aid)

M94-05 – Arkansas Association for Childhood Education

Administrative materials, correspondence, and programs of AACE meetings, newsletters, and memorabilia, 1939-1978 (view finding aid)

M97-01 – UCA Press Records

The UCA Press printed a wide range of material from poetry to history. It functioned from 1985-1996 (view finding aid)

M97-02 – UCA Depression Era Construction

UCA President H. L. McAlister started the procedures necessary to secure federal money in order to promote local jobs and provide the building needed for an every growing school, 1933-1940 (view finding aid)

M98-01 – UCA Business Office Legers

This collection consists of departmental balances, budgets, bank accounts, and construction budgets, 1946-1981 and 1998 (view finding aid)

M98-03 – Student Congress

The Student Congress papers contain the organization’s constitution, by-laws, polices, resolutions and minutes, 1946-1988 (view finding aid)

M98-04 – Waddy W. Moore

Mr. Moore established the UCA Oral History department and was instrumental in the creation of the UCA Archives. His collection contains oral history, Conway school board meetings, business correspondence, and black history (view finding aid)

M99-01 – Official Records of the University of Central Arkansas

The University of Central Arkansas was established in 1907. This collection reflects the years of educational excellence UCA has provided for thousands of students (view finding aid)

M99-02 – James Dombek

Dr. James Dombek was a mathematics professor and later Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UCA. His collection contains Faculty Council papers from 1970-1982; vocational, educational, and technical programs; KUCA radio station information; and research proposals (view finding aid)

M99-04 – Tom McAnally

Tom McAnally was a UCA Mathematics Professor with a collection containing math books, State College of Arkansas and UCA Bulletins, and other information regarding both mathematics and UCA (view finding aid)

M99-05 – The Professors

The Professors was a Bluegrass group made up of five UCA Science professors. This is a record of their work together as a band and some of the materials they created, 1967-1985 (view finding aid)

M99-07 – African American Alumni Association (A.A.A.A.)

The African American Alumni Association collection contains photographs, newspaper articles, and information regarding the annual banquet and ball from 1998 to the present (view finding aid)

M99-09 – Michael Rapp

A professor of chemistry at UCA from 1968-1999, Michael Rapp’s papers contain a research paper for NASA as well as material over canoeing, travel, correspondence, and the Arkansas Science Teacher Association (view finding aid)

M99-10 – Greg J. W. Urwin

A history professor of UCA from 1984-1999, Professor Urwin established the Blue-Gray Association at UCA. His collection holds information on faculty life at UCA, papers from the Blue-Gray Association, and drafts of a few of his own books on history (view finding aid)

M00-08 – Gene Hatfield

Gene Hatfield ‘s family has been an active part of UCA for many years. He attended UCA before being drafted into Word War II. After the war Mr. Hatfield finished his education in the field of art, and became one of the most distinguished professors at UCA, 1925-2005 (view finding aid)

M00-09 – U.C.A. Alumni Association

The collection contains correspondence, and UCA Bulletins dating from 1932 to the present (view finding aid)

M01-03 – Jim McKim

Jim McKim worked at UCA as a Professor of Mathematics and as the UCA’s Coordinator of Continuing Education Credit Programs at Little Rock Air Force Base and the Arkansas Correctional Department, 1979-1999 (view finding aid)

M01-10 – Helen Titus Erwin

Helen Titus Erwin’s scrapbooks show campus life at UCA during the 1920s (view finding aid)

M01-11 – Sigma Tau Gamma

Sigma Tau Gamma is the oldest fraternity on the UCA campus. This collection contains the history of the organization from 1915-2003 (view finding aid)

M01-14 – Robert D. Covington

Robert Covington served in the Navy during World War II. This collection contains a diary, photographs, and discharge papers, 1942-1946 (view finding aid)

M01-15 – World Trade Center

The collection contains newspaper articles, first hand accounts, reactions inside Arkansas, and information on Osama Bin Laden, 2001 (view finding aid)

M01-16 – Jim Malone

Jim Malone, a fish farm owner, was President of the Arkansas Fish Farmers Association in 1956 and helped to push for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Fishing Farming Experimental Station in Stuttgart, Arkansas. He also wrote speeches for Governor Sidney McMath in 1950 and Governor Orval E. Faubus in 1954 and 1956 (view finding aid)

M01-17 – Richard E. Wood

Richard E. Wood is a World War II Veteran who publishes the 79th Airdrome Squadron Newsletter. His collection also contains several books on Worlds War II (view finding aid)

M01-18 – Ivor Parker / World War II

The Ivor Parker collection contains photographs, medals, information on India, allied newsletters, and a letter of Presidential Recognition from President Harry Truman during World War II (view finding aid)

M01-19 – Dorris Nunn Newspapers

The Dorris Nunn Newspaper collection spans from the 1960’s to the 1990’s with major headlines including the Space Race and Desert Storm (view finding aid)

M01-20 – Corrine Robinson

The Corrine Robinson papers contain photographs, letters, and newspapers from UCA, 1963-1994 (view finding aid)

M01-21 – UCA Search For 8th President / Lu Hardin

The UCA Presidential search comprises information on the search and selection of the 8th UCA President (view finding aid)

M01-22 – Hansel Lee

Hansel Lee graduated as a pilot from the Army Air Force in 1944. His collection contains a bomb group pilot album, and some copies of the Briefing: Journal of the International B-24 Liberator Club, 1977-2001 (view finding aid)

M02-03 – Fred Dalske

Dr. Fred Dalske was a well liked biology professor at the University of Central Arkansas. This collection contains newspapers articles, letters, and pictures concerning his life, 1999-2001 (view finding aid)

M02-04 – Phi Delta Kappa

This collection contains awards, forms, requirements, reports, and newsletters concerning the Phi Delta Kappa, 1970s-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-05 – Beth Brickell Collection

Beth Brickell is an actress, producer, and director who appeared in such films as Posse Deadly Game, and The Only Way Home. She attended the Arkansas State Teacher College and has been very active in the Arkansas political system, 1954-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-09 – Dan Estes

Dan Estes was a Professor of Mathematics, football coach, hunter, fisherman, and conservationist. His collection contains a large binder that chronicles his life, 1909-2001 (view finding aid)

M02-16 – Torreyson Library

This collection contains the business practices of the the UCA library by use of annual reports, fiscal report, staff meetings, and survey 1926-1979 (view finding aid)

M02-17 – UCA President Winfred Thompson

Winfred Thompson was the seventh President of the University of Central Arkansas from 1988-2001 (view finding aid)

M02-18 – Basketball Film

The Basketball Film collection is a series of recorded UCA Basketball games from 1972-1978 (view finding aid)

M02-23 – Mary Ferguson

The Mary Ferguson papers contain UCA memorabilia and UCA Alumni Bulletins from 1940-1999 (view finding aid)

M02-24 – Harry Readnour

Dr. Harry Readnour is a retired history professor of the University of Central Arkansas (view finding aid)

M03-02 – Julie McDonald

The Julie McDonald papers concern the processing and signing of a bill to remove words relating to race from the 1907 Act that had originally created the Arkansas State Normal School. It also holds awards given to the Echo from 1953-1962 (view finding aid)

M03-06 – Ruth Coster

Ruth Coster joined the WAC in 1943 and was transferred to New Guinea after completing her training. She became friends with Helen Kent who was trained at UCA. Helen died in a plane crash in the valley of Shangri-La along with seventeen other people (view finding aid)

M03-07 – Dr. Willie Hardin

Dr. Willie Hardin was Dean of the Library at UCA from 1964-2003 and his collection contains material from his career at the UCA library (view finding aid)

M03-08 – Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals

This collection is an array of information concerning the UCA branch of the Library Paraprofessional of Arkansas including conferences, awards, and correspondence, 1992-present (view finding aid)

M03-11 – Dr. Carl Forsberg

Dr. Carl Forsberg was a professor of music at UCA from 1949-1984 and the Chair of the Music department from 1970-1980 (view finding aid)

M03-13 – Jerrel K. Moore

Jerrel K. Moore was the director of Torreyson Library in the late 1970s and early 1980s. His collection holds material relating to Civil War medical practices (view finding aid)

M03-18 – UCA Band Alumni

This is a collection of photographs and newspaper clippings from the 1950’s to the present (view finding aid)

M03-19 – UCA President Lu Hardin

This collection holds personal and professional correspondence, including letters from Presidents and Chancellors of various universities congratulating President Hardin on his prestigious position of 8th President of the University of Central Arkansas (view finding aid)

M03-20 – Bill Johnson

Mr. Johnson is the president of the Simmons First National Bank of Conway and has been spots announcer for the UCA Bears since 1961. This collection contains material from both his personal and professional life (view finding aid)

M04-04 – Beulah Griffin Mann

Beulah Mann and her daughter Carolyn graduated from UCA. This collection contains scrapbooks from UCA in the 1920’s, family albums, trips, and teacher’s material (view finding aid)

M04-05 – Harold Edison

Harold worked as Disbursing Officer at the University of Central Arkansas 1943-1970 (view finding aid)

M04-08 – Jim Hoggard

Jim Hoggard was a devoted UCA football fan. His collection contains UCA football programs from 1980-2003 and video tapes from 1985-1991 (view finding aid)

M04-09 – UCA Board of Trustees

The UCA Board of Trustees collection contains information on meetings from 1972 to 1998 (view finding aid)

M05-05 – UCA/Ozark Heritage

The Ozark Heritage existed at UCA due to the efforts of Jimmy Driftwood. Its goal was to educate people about the music and heritage of the Ozarks. The center has closed, and its material is now being kept in this collection (view finding aid)

M05-08 – Sue Evans

Sue Evans was a professor of music at UCA. This collection contains old holiday, and children songs (view finding aid)

M05-09 – President Silas Snow

President Silas Snow was the President of UCA from October 29, 1953 until June 30, 1975 (view finding aid)

M06-05 – UCA World War II Alumni

This collection contains information on UCA alumni who were killed in World War II (view finding aid)

M07-02 – KCON

KCON -AM was a local AM radio station located on the grounds of The University of Central Arkansas. The building was torn down in 2007 (view finding aid)

M07-07 – John Ward

John Ward was the managing editor of the Log Cabin Democrat, and taught at U of A before becoming the Vice President of Public Affairs at UCA. His collection contains photographs, correspondence, records, and documents that chronicled his diverse career (view finding aid)

M07-09 – The Centennial History of The University of Central Arkansas Manuscript

This collection contains the research and materials collected by UCA Archivist, William J. Bryant while he was writing The Centennial History of The University of Central Arkansas, which was published in 2008 in celebration of the University’s first hundred years of operation (view finding aid)

M07-15 – Garland W. Griffith

This collection contains information from a UCA music professor (view finding aid)

M08-01 – Charlotte Barker

This collection contains two scrapbooks over UCA during the 1940’s (view finding aid)

M08-06 – 9th Presidential Search

This collection contains the resumes of all the candidates for President of the University of Central Arkansas in 2008 (view finding aid)

M08-08 – Juanita White Campbell

Juanita White Campbell attended Conway High school, and Arkansas State Teachers College. She was a librarian for Conway public schools for fifteen years, and her husband Ben Campbell was a Faulkner County game warden (view finding aid)

M08-09 – Block / Henderson

This collection news articles and letters of sympathy in memory of Chavares Block and Ryan Henderson, the two students who were shot and killed on UCA campus October 26, 2008 (view finding aid)

M09-02 – Lillian Keasler

Lillian Keasler attended Arkansas State Teachers College around 1929, at which time she acquired the photographs and materials she used to make a scrapbook commemorating her time there (view finding aid)

M09-06 – Pi Kappa Delta Debate/Forensic Club

Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary, made up of students, educators, and alumni dedicated to promoting good communication and forensic skills. The Arkansas Eta Chapter is located at UCA. This collection contains papers pertaining to the group as well as many awards that they have won in competition (view finding aid)

M09-08 – Phi Lamda Chi Fraternity

Phi Lamda Chi is a national fraternity that began at Arkansas State Teachers College in 1925. The collection contains the original constitution & documents, & notes on the first national convention (view finding aid)

M09-17 – Arkansas Conference of the American Association of University Professors

The A.A.U.P. is a national organization who’s purpose is “to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good.” This collection contains papers from the Arkansas chapter dating from the late 1990’s to present (view finding aid)

M09-20 – Phi Alpha Theta Mu Chapter

Phi Alpha Theta in a national history honor society, the Mu Chapter is active at UCA. This collection contains records and correspondence of the group (view finding aid)

M11-03 – Community Development Institute of UCA Collection

Created in 1987, the Community Development Institute is endorsed by the Community Development Society, and international group of development educators and practitioners. The main purpose of the group is to train people in the techniques of modern leadership and management of community development efforts. This collection contains handbooks, enrollment records, yearbooks, board meeting minutes, and other material about the group (view finding aid)

M11-05 – UCA Staff Senate Collection

The UCA Staff Senate’s mission is to provide communication and representation so that a positive attitude can be achieved within the university. This collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes and other materials dating from 1983-2010 (view finding aid)

M11-06 – Dr. Sally Roden Collection

Dr. Sally Roden has been a leader in her professional associations and has been the recipient of many honors. An educator at UCA since 1969, she currently serves as associate provost and dean of undergraduate studies and director of the living and learning communities program. Her collection includes awards, correspondence, photos, and books (view finding aid)

M11-07 – Dr. Mary Mosley Collection

Retired educator, Dr. Mary Mosley, spent 20 years involved with the UCA Reading Center as it’s director, as well as being on the Board of Directors for the Literacy Action for Central Arkansas Council and the Faulkner County Literacy Council Board of Directors. She worked to study and improve the center’s research-based lesson plan and shared her findings in publications and presentations in hopes of improving instruction of struggling readers. Her collection includes correspondence, photos, publications on reading, books, calendars, and awards (view finding aid)

M11-09 – Myrna Smetzer-Weiland Collection

Myrna Smetzer was one of hundreds of young women who, during World War II, received basic training at Arkansas State Teachers College with the Women’s Army Corp between March 1943-1944.  Her collection contains pictures of her time at ASTC and abroad with the Women’s Army Corp (view finding aid)

M11-10 – UCA Wesley Foundation Collection

The UCA Wesley Foundation is a on-campus ministry affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  The collection is composed of photo albums and newspaper articles chronicling the groups activities (view finding aid)

M11-11 – Rush Rhoades Collection

World War I veteran, Rush Olga Rhoades was an Arkansas State Normal School graduate and Arkansas/Oklahoma school teacher.  His collection contains a Normal School diploma, obituary, and photocopied photographs (view finding aid)

M11-12 – Dr. James Brodman Collection

Professor of History at the University of Central Arkansas for over 30 years, much of Dr. James Brodman’s collection includes information on Medieval Spain, medieval social welfare policy, and medieval religion.  In the collection there are a number of articles, papers, reviews, and encyclopedia entries on the topic.  The collection also includes information on the Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) to which Dr. Brodman created for UCA (view finding aid)

M11-13 – Dr. Faril Simpson Collection

Dr. Faril Simpson was a Chemistry professor at the University of Central Arkansas for 30 years.  His collection focuses on his interest in music by containing recordings of his various music projects.  He was a member of UCA’s bluegrass band called The Professors as well as various other side and solo projects (view finding aid)

M12-07 – Ralph Behrens Collection

Ralph Behrens was a professor of English at the University of Central Arkansas.  Not only did he teach here, he also attended the university, receiving his bachelor’s degree in the late 1930’s when UCA was known as Arkansas State Teacher’s College.  His collection contains early papers written by Ralph Behrens (view finding aid)

M12-11 – Audie J. Lynch Collection

Dr. Audie J. Lynch served UCA as a teacher in the Education department and as an administrator, both as department chair and assistant dean.  His collection includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs chronicling some of the milestones of his personal and professional career.  Also included in his collection are newspaper, newspaper clippings, and magazines dealing with Arkansas history, the Arkansas Sesqucentennial (1986), the moon landing (1969), Nixon’s resignation (1974), and the US Bicentennial (1976) (view finding aid)

M12-02 – University of Central Arkansas, Department of Nursing Collection

With it’s roots at Arkansas Baptist Hospital and Ouachita Baptist University, the UCA Department of Nursing has been in existence since 1967.  This collection contains information on the history of the department, undergraduate and master’s programs at UCA with meeting minutes, correspondence, self-study and accreditation reports, reunion information and news clippings (view finding aid)

M13-05 – Dr. Donald E. Culwell Collection

Dr. Donald E. Culwell was a biology professor the the University of Central Arkansas for 38 years.  His collection includes information on plants and plant taxonomy, class materials, including his biology field trip courses, and professional publications by Dr. Culwell, as well as other experts.  Information on the Jewel E. Moore UCA Nature Reserve and the Arkansas Native Plant Society can also be found in Dr. Culwell’s collection (view finding aid)

M14-01 – Dr. Donald E. Whistler Collection

Dr. Donald E. Whistler is a retired Political Science professor from the University of Central Arkansas who taught there since 1972.  His collection includes his book Citizen Legislature: The Arkansas General Assembly (2010) and an early manuscript (view finding aid)