M86-04 – Eva Burkett

A former English Professor from UCA, Eva Mae Burkett, donated material relating to the English department and her own research on dialect and literary writers, 1963-1971.

M86-08 – Ted R. Worley

Ted Worley held a position at ASTC (UCA) and was Executive Secretary of the Arkansas History Commission until the 1960s. His collection contains both personal papers, published material, and unpublished material on UCA and Arkansas history.

M87-01 – Faulkner County Probate Records, 1873- 1917

This collection contains papers pertaining to the estates of deceased persons filed in Faulkner Count Probate Court, 1873-1917.

M87-02 – Rose Publishing Company Records

This was an Arkansas based publishing company that specialized in Arkansas subjects and titles. This collection contains business records, copyrights, manuscripts, and correspondence, 1973-1981.

M87-09 – Chronicles of Arkansas Series

This is the complete set of the a historical series as published in the Arkansas Gazette, 1958-1968.

M88-10 – Stephen Wheeler

Mr. Wheeler worked as clerk for two courts including the Arkansas Hanging Judge, Isaac C. Parker. This collection contains letters addressed to Wheeler in his capacity as Clerk, U.S. District Court, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 1875-1897.

M88-12 – Walter Nunn

During the Arkansas Constitution Convention of 1969-1970, he was hired to conduct research for the state. Mr. Nunn was a Little Rock publisher, political scientist, and revisionist, and his collection holds correspondence, books, and research materials from this 1940-1983.

M89-03 – Betty Young / Arkansas Folklore

Betty Young worked as a UCA Professor doing research in folklore and place names. Her collection reflects her love of local myths, 1958-1984.

M89-15 – Arkansas Art Pottery Research

This collection contains research notes and materials used in compiling the UCA Archives publication Arkansas Art Pottery Bibliography.

M89-18 – Leon McClinton

This collection contains the rough draft and manuscript of a Cross-Country Runner, 1970-1973.

M89-22 – E. L. Higgins Book Manuscript

The collection contains original manuscripts of Mr. Higgins, a French revolution expert, including primary sources, personal correspondence with publishing companies, research notes, World War I and World War II memorabilia, chronological history of Arkansas, hand written French diaries from 1791, and teaching materials gathered while he was a professor at the University of Central Arkansas.

M91-05 – Cloie Smith Presley

Cloie Smith Presley (1922-2004) worked as a professional genealogist in Searcy Arkansas. This collection holds a wealth of genealogical information from the family trees she mapped.

M91-13 – Robbins-Gifford Family

This collection contains correspondence dating back to 1918, and historical information on Rose Bud and Heber Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1985.

M91-17 – Clyde D. Dollar

Professor Clyde Dollar from the University of Arkansas history department also worked on archeological digs and as film consultant. His collection holds photographs, archeological materials, film material, writings, speeches, interviews, books, and audio visual materials.

M92-01 – Horace A. Adams

Horace Adams was a UCA history professor from 1945-1971. This collection holds speeches, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings, 1937-1986.

M92-02 – Creo A. Jones

Creo A. Jones writes about his days as a boy growing up in the hills of Arkansas. This collection contains manuscripts, material on public health in Arkansas, maps, and photographs, 1912-1989.

M92-05 – Frank Williamson

Frank Williamson collected material on Arkansas history including the French and Spanish possession and the history of Jefferson county, 1541-1963.

M93-10 – Arkansas Historic Bridge Inventory

This collection contains the documentation resulting from the Arkansas Historic Bridge Inventory, conducted by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department and the Arkansas Preservation Program in 1988. (1987,1988, and 1996)

M94-02 – Corrine Hodges

Corrine Hodges worked as editor of the Crowley’s Ridge Chronicle and left behind clippings of her career, 1967-1977.

M94-07 – David W. Bizzell

David W. Bizzell collected historical material on the Spanish land grant, Faulkner county Greathouse, and Tennessee Military Institute Yearbooks, 1791-1994.

M94-13 – Bill Sayger

This collection contains correspondence, genealogy, research materials, photographs, original manuscripts and books written by Bill Sayger on various Arkansas city and county histories, late 1800’s to 1993.

M95-06 – David W. Bizzell Maps

This collection contains city, county, and state maps of Arkansas.

M96-07 – Foy Lisenby

Dr. Foy Lisenby collected research material on Arkansas Governor Charles H. Brough and Arkansas’ problem with its image.

M98-04 – Waddy W. Moore

Mr. Moore established the UCA Oral History department and was instrumental in the creation of the UCA Archives. His collection contains oral history, Conway school board meetings, business correspondence, and black history.

M98-06 – Coal Hill Materials

The Mrs. Anita Elias family was a prominent family in Johnson county Arkansas. This collection reflects their lives through family papers, yearbooks, newspapers, and photographs, 1880-1969.

M98-07 – Kathleen Bell

The Kathleen Bell collection contains historical information relating to Clay, Cross and St. Francis counties in Arkansas, 1930-1988.

M99-03 – Evalyn King

Evalyn King taught school all over the state of Arkansas including the Japanese relocation center in Rohwer. Her collection also contains her family genealogy research.

M99-06 – Guy Murphy

Guy Murphy was a progressive leader in Conway and a co-founder of the Faulkner County historical Society. His papers reflect his interest in both the growth and the development of Conway, 1958-1998.

M99-13 – Frank Winburne Rare Newspaper Collection

A collection of rare newspapers spanning from the late 19th century to the late 20th century.

M01-15 – World Trade Center

The collection contains newspaper articles, first hand accounts, reactions inside Arkansas, and information on Osama Bin Laden, 2001.

M03-04 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

This is a collection of news articles from the moment in time when the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated in mid-air.

M03-10 – Jimmie Lee Williams III

The Jimmie Lee Williams III collection contains information and historical material used in the creation of some of the AETN programs.

M03-21 – Charles H. and Elaine I. Carter Newspapers

This is a collection of papers from Illinois and New York spanning from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

M05-05 – UCA/Ozark Heritage

The Ozark Heritage existed at UCA due to the efforts of Jimmy Driftwood. Its goal was to educate people about the music and heritage of the Ozarks. The center has closed, and its material is now being kept in this collection.

M08-05 – Claudia Massey

Mrs. Massey was an Arkansas State Teachers College (UCA) graduate, an elementary school teacher in Searcy, and a genealogist. Her collection contains her personal and work papers as well as some of her genealogical research.