M89-21 – UCA Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps

The WAAC existed on UCA campus from 1943-1945. The collection relates to the WAAC training at UCA (view finding aid)

M89-22 – E. L. Higgins Book Manuscript

The collection contains original manuscripts of Mr. Higgins, a French revolution expert, including primary sources, personal correspondence with publishing companies, research notes, World War I and World War II memorabilia, chronological history of Arkansas, hand written French diaries from 1791, and teaching materials gathered while he was a professor at the University of Central Arkansas (view finding aid)

M89-33 – Milford Pete Atkinson

Milford Atkinson was stationed in India, flying in many air attacks in World War II. His collection consists of letters and photographs, 1943-1945 (view finding aid)

M89-34 – Walter C. Hudson

Walter Hudson joined the state guard in hopes for fighting in the Spanish-American war, but saw no action until the Philippine Insurrection. This collection holds materials from his army and veteran organization experiences, 1878-1964 (view finding aid)

M90-06 – Brian Family Journal

Solomon M. Brian and his son William S. Brian both contributed to a journal about their daily lives from 1861-1964 (Civil War years) and 1878-1904 (view finding aid)

M90-12 – Ross Smith Letters

Ross Smith served as a private during World War I, and his collection contains his letters to his family from 1917-1920 (view finding aid)

M90-14 – “Glory” Movie Records

This collection consists of correspondence, press releases, and other materials relating to the UCA Blue/Gray Association’s participation in the motion picture “Glory”, 1987-1990 (view finding aid)

M90-16 – Freeman-Robbins Family

Allen Freeman fought in the Civil War. His letters which are written after the war had ended, tell of his experience during and after the war, 1883-1912. This collection also has the diary of Ruth Robbins, 1936-1949 (view finding aid)

M91-06 – Leister E. Presley

Leister Preslely joined the military in 1941during World War II, and served for over thirty years. His collection contains copies of the 5th Armored Division Association News Magazine from 1979-2005 (view finding aid)

M91-08 – Robert Armstrong Doyle

Robert Doyle served in both World War I and II. His collection holds letters, and military papers from both wars (view finding aid)

M94-08 – Harry Steinberg

Harry Steinberg served in both World War I and II; he was also a member of the Free Masons and a prominent lawyer, 1897-1971 (view finding aid)

M95-01 – Cochran Family

The Cochran family papers represent a family experience in Little Rock, Arkansas through correspondence, business and legal papers, and a Civil War Diary, 1859-1975 (view finding aid)

M96-10 – Alsa Chester Howard

Born March 7, 1884, Alsa Howard served in World War I and was an active Mason from Pope county. This collection contains Mason correspondence, photographs, and research material, 1900-1979 (view finding aid)

M96-11 – Osro Cobb

Osro Cobb was a former State Representative; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District during the 1957 Little Rock Central High Crisis; former State Chairman for the Republican party of Arkansas; Arkansas Supreme Court Judge; and oil and business man, 1929-1980 (view finding aid)

M98-05 – Joe Goss

This collection contains twelve Army sketchbooks from the Civil War correspondent and illustrator Edwin Forbes, 1894 (view finding aid)

M98-08 – Senator Stanley Russ

Stanley Russ served in the Arkansas State Senate from 1975-1999. His collection contains: personal papers, military records, political tapes, photographs, and correspondence with political figures including Bill Clinton (view finding aid)

M99-08 – Senator Guy H. “Mutt” Jones

Guy Jones served as an Arkansas state senator, was a World War II Veteran, and was a prominent Conway attorney. His collection contains personal papers, military records, financial material, correspondence, legal material, and memorabilia, 1925-1985 (view finding aid)

M00-02 – E. Howard Tipton / World War II

The personal accounts of P.O.W., Technical Sergeant Howard H. Tipton’s missions during the European campaign. Included are photocopies of medals received, photographs, and a small manuscript, describing month by month accounts of war activities (view finding aid)

M00-03 – Theodore Hood / World War II

The Chief Master Sergeant Hood collection contains World War II memorabilia, achievement awards, photographs, books, videos, World war II statistics, newspaper articles, magazines, and the 306th Echoes from 1979 to present (view finding aid)

M00-04 – William John Graff / World War II

William John Graff served in World War II and his father served in World War I. The Graff collection contains material and information from both wars, early 1900’s to 1960’s (view finding aid)

M00-05 – Marvin De Boer / World War II

Marvin De Boer served on the U.S.S. Essex during World War II and brought back memorabilia, naval information, certifications, photographs, and Japanese currency (view finding aid)

M00-07 – Omer LeMire / World War II

Sergeant Omer LeMire served in the United States Army during World War II and was one of the many who photographed the horrors of the Dachau concentration camp (view finding aid)

M00-08 – Gene Hatfield

Gene Hatfield ‘s family has been an active part of UCA for many years. He attended UCA before being drafted into Word War II. After the war Mr. Hatfield finished his education in the field of art, andbecame one of the most distinguished professors at UCA, 1925-2005 (view finding aid)

M00-10 – John P. Chopelas / World War II

John P. Chopelas enlisted in the Army Air Forces during World War II at the age of 18. His collection contains photographs, merits awarded, missions of a gunnery man, newspaper clippings, albums, and cartoons (view finding aid)

M01-01 – Neal King / World War II letters

The Neal King collection contains personal letters from Navel Officer Neal King to his sister Evalyn King and their parents during World War II (view finding aid)

M01-02 – David Ramage / World War II

Staff Sergeant David Ramage served in the European theater during World War II. His collection contains memorabilia, photographs, and letters (view finding aid)

M01-06 – Fred Hopkinson / World War II Letters

Fred Hopkinson fought in World War I and was a civilian in World War II. His collection contains letters, copies of medals, copies of foreign money, and gasoline and tire ration book (view finding aid)

M01-07 – Collins B. Isom / World War II

This collection holds primary sources from both World War II and the Korean War through telegrams, V-mail, National Service Life Insurance, six issues of “Stars and Stripes”, and two copies of “Yank” (view finding aid)

M01-08 – Earl Beadle / World War II

Earl Beadle served in the Navy on the U.S.S. Capps during World War II. His collection contains video, and audio tapes dealing with the war as well as the diaries of Earl Beadle, Stanley R. Goral, and John Hnatichin, 1942-1945 (view finding aid)

M01-09 – Darrell Aubrey Rook / World War II

This collection contains photographs from a championship football team in 1938, new Coast Guardsmen in 1942, and a book on SPARS (view finding aid)

M01-14 – Robert D. Covington

Robert Covington served in the Navy during World War II. This collection contains a diary, photographs, and discharge papers, 1942-1946 (view finding aid)

M01-17 – Richard E. Wood

Richard E. Wood is a World War II Veteran who publishes the 79th Airdrome Squadron Newsletter. His collection also contains several books on Worlds War II (view finding aid)

M01-18 – Ivor Parker / World War II

The Ivor Parker collection contains photographs, medals, information on India, allied newsletters, and a letter of Presidential Recognition from President Harry Truman during World War II (view finding aid)

M01-22 – Hansel Lee

Hansel Lee graduated as a pilot from the Army Air Force in 1944. His collection contains a bomb group pilot album, and some copies of the Briefing: Journal of the International B-24 Liberator Club, 1977-2001 (view finding aid)

M02-01 – WAC Veterans Association / Sue Evans

The Sue Evans WAC Veterans Association collection contains minutes, information on national conventions, association handbook, and the annual bulletin of WAC, 1979-2001 (view finding aid)

M02-07 – Shane C. Dunn

This collection contains information regarding Franz Ziereis the Commander of Mathauson and an overseer of many German concentration camps (view finding aid)

M02-08 – Edwin Ledbetter

This Edwin Ledbetter collection is a compilation of unpublished material by Edwin Ledbetter on his experiences during World War II and growing up in Conway during the great Depression (view finding aid)

M02-10 – Sam Laser / World War II

Sam Laser joined the navy in World War II and was present on the U.S.S. Yorktown when it was repeatedly hit by Japanese torpedoes before sinking (view finding aid)

M02-15 – Al Hiegel / World War II

Al Hiegel served on the U.S.S. Independence, CVL-22 during World War II. This collection contains information on the ship and its service men (view finding aid)

M03-01 – Rex L. Horn

Rex Horn joined the Army Air Corps in 1940 and died in a training exercise in 1941. His collection contains his obituary and the Presidential Memorial Certificate (view finding aid)

M03-03 – Carroll Williams

The Carroll Williams collection contains unpublished stories about his life including his father leaving for World War II and Carroll leaving for Korea (view finding aid)

M03-06 – Ruth Coster

Ruth Coster joined the WAC in 1943 and was transferred to New Guinea after completing her training. She became friends with Helen Kent who was trained at UCA. Helen died in a plane crash in the valley of Shangri-La along with seventeen other people (view finding aid)

M03-09 – Ed Stallcup / World War II

This collection contains a ration book, photographs, and the oral history of Ed Stallcup’s experiences during World War II (view finding aid)

M03-13 – Jerrel K. Moore

Jerrel K. Moore was the director of Torreyson Library in the late 1970s and early 1980s. His collection holds material relating to Civil War medical practices (view finding aid)

M04-02 – H. G. Foster Photographs

This collection contains two albums of both the China/Japan war and of the beautiful buildings and structures of China (view finding aid)

M04-06 – Hot Springs Village Eighth Air Force Veterans

This collection contains information on the 8th Air Force Historical society, James Walter, and World War II (view finding aid)

M04-10 – Waves National

Women were first allowed into the navy during World War II in order to increase the number of able bodied men in active military duty on the seas. This collection contains newsletters written after the war about the Waves members’ experiences (view finding aid)

M05-04 – Ron Smith / World War II

This collection contains World War II memorabilia (view finding aid)

M06-05 – UCA World War II Alumni

This collection contains information on UCA alumni who were killed in World War II (view finding aid)

M07-08 – Robert Collins / Pearl Harbor

Robert Collins was in the Army in World War II and his collection contains photographs he took of the damaged base and ships at Pearl Harbor (view finding aid)

M09-03 – Willard A. Hawkins

Colonel Hawkins was in active and reserve military service for over 28 years, and retired from the Air Force in 1973. His collection contains his military records and correspondence as well as state political correspondence and papers from the 1960’s (view finding aid)

M09-10 – Veterans of Foreign Wars

Veterans of Foreign Wars or VFW, is a national foundation. The materials in this collection include a charter and certification for the Conway, Arkansas chapter (view finding aid)

M09-12 – Kriegsbucherei der Deutschen Jugend / War Library for German Youth

The War Library for German Youth is a serial of comic size books written for children about German military affairs & published during World War II from approximately 1939-1943. This collection contains issue #1 through #154 and is believed to be the complete collection. All issues are completely in German (view finding aid)

M09-16 – YANK Magazines

A weekly magazine published by the United States military during World War II. The magazine was written by enlisted rank soldiers only and was intended to boost morale. The content included photographs of famous beautiful women and articles about military assignments, current events, and even politics etc (view finding aid)

M10-08 – Vietnam War Era Interviews Collection

This collection contains interviews of people who lived through the Vietnam War era done by students of an American Nations II class in Spring 2010 taught by Dr. Lorien Foote (view finding aid)

M11-02 – George Thompson Collection

A former Hendrix professor of History, Thompson’s collection includes pamphlets and books on American History, as well as reading and teaching guides on the subject. This collection also contain copies of Civil War letters from both Union and Confederate soldiers and political figures (view finding aid)

M11-09 – Myrna Smetzer-Weiland Collection

Myrna Smetzer was one of hundreds of young women who, during World War II, received basic training at Arkansas State Teachers College with the Women’s Army Corp between March 1943-1944.  Her collection contains pictures of her time at ASTC and abroad with the Women’s Army Corp (view finding aid)

M11-11 – Rush Rhoades Collection

World War I veteran, Rush Olga Rhoades was an Arkansas State Normal School graduate and Arkansas/Oklahoma school teacher.  His collection contains a Normal School diploma, obituary, and photocopied photographs (view finding aid)

M12-08 – Myron E. Rhodes, Sr. Collection

This collection contains atlases and newspapers dating from 1906-1947, with information on World War II and the Civil War (view finding aid)

M15-05 – William Emmett Davis Collection

Lieutenant William Emmett Davis, born in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 14, 1918, served in the Navy during World War II. He joined the Naval Reserve on February 12, 1942 and qualified as a Naval aviator on November 4, 1942. He was honorably discharged on December 7, 1945. Lieutenant Davis conducted 104 carrier combat missions; shot down four Japanese planes and destroyed two others on the ground; sailed 140,000 nautical miles. (view finding aid)