M86-06 – W. H. Newton

This collection consists of personal papers, political commissions, and correspondence of Mr. Newton, a Lincoln County farmer and politician, 1862 -1914 (view finding aid)

M86-11 – Hampton Roy

Dr. Roy is a prominent Little Rock, Arkansas ophthalmologist, historic preservation advocate, founder of the World Eye Foundation, author of books on ophthalmology and history, philanthropist, and a 1986 candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas (view finding aid)

M86-12 – James K. Mackrell

This collection consists of personal papers, writings, photographs, and political materials of a Little Rock radio personality and Baptist minister, 1941-1972 (view finding aid)

M87-08 – Harold Sherman

Harold Sherman was a prominent Stone County leader, author, lecturer, and expert in the paranormal whose work can be seen through publications, correspondence, memorabilia, audio-visual material, manuscripts and writings, 1907-1987 (view finding aid)

M88-01 – John R. Hume

John R. Hume worked for the Arkansas Highway department from 1951-1981, during which, he collected a large amount of material on the history of Arkansas road construction. His collection contains personal papers, political papers, printed materials, and photographs related to the Arkansas Highway Department, 1928-1981 (view finding aid)

M88-02 – Richard C. Butler

Richard C. Butler defended the Little Rock School board on the Central High Crisis Integration. This collection contains personal and biographical material, photographs, business material and litigation papers of an Arkansas lawyer,1956-1984 (view finding aid)

M88-09 – Arkansas WPA Writers Project

The Arkansas WPA provided jobs for unemployed writers during the depression, and it also gathered information for a guidebook on Arkansas, 1935-1941 (view finding aid)

M88-10 – Stephen Wheeler

Mr. Wheeler worked as clerk for two courts including the Arkansas Hanging Judge, Isaac C. Parker. This collection contains letters addressed to Wheeler in his capacity as Clerk, U.S. District Court, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 1875-1897 (view finding aid)

M88-12 – Walter Nunn

During the Arkansas Constitution Convention of 1969-1970, he was hired to conduct research for the state. Mr. Nunn was a Little Rock publisher, political scientist, and revisionist, and his collection holds correspondence, books, and research materials from this, 1940-1983 (view finding aid)

M89-09 – Ray Poindexter Jr.

This collection contains the papers of Ray Poindexter Jr. an Arkansas radio personality, teacher, and author 1940-1980 (view finding aid)

M89-10 – Washington County Circuit Court Records

This collection contains transcribed court records from Washington County Circuit Court, March 1829 to June 1836 (view finding aid)

M89-13 – Governor George W. Hays Pardon Records

This collection contains petitions, letters of recommendation, personal letters from convicts, applications for pardons, prison records, and official documents from the Hay administration 1914-1916 (view finding aid)

M89-32 – George Bently

This collection contains information on the Pulaski County Quorum Court, Arkansas Bar Association, Linda Nooner court case, and other court cases, 1977-1988 (view finding aid)

M90-02 – Jane E. Stern

Jane Stern of Pine Bluff, Arkansas was a prominent environmental leader and activist. The majority of her papers deal with her environmental work between 1965-1987 (view finding aid)

M91-02 – Judge Morris S. Arnold

Morris S. Arnold is currently a Judge for the United States Court of Appeals/Eighth Circuit. His collection holds family scrapbooks, memorandum opinions, and other legal papers, 1903-2004 (view finding aid)

M91-10 – Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Libraries & Information Services

This conference was held in Little Rock in order to find ways to improve the library system in Arkansas, This collection holds the records of that meeting, 1990-1991 (view finding aid)

M91-16 – Pulaski County Voter Registration Lists

This list represents all registered voters who paid their poll tax for the years 1951-1960 (view finding aid)

M92-03 – Kimberly Collins

The Kimberly Collins collection contains material from an Arkansas business woman and pro-choice activist, 1989-1991 (view finding aid)

M92-04 – Milton F. Davis Cartoons

Milton Davis produces original cartoons for the Conway Log Cabin as well as other Arkansas newspapers, 1982-2004 (view finding aid)

M95-03 – Arkansas Women’s Project

This collection documents a women’s organization that promotes women’s, minority, gay, and lesbian rights. Suzanne Pharr also donated a good deal of material on her leadership of this organization and her fight for lesbian rights, 1980-present (view finding aid)

M95-05 – Emmett Sanders

Emmett Sanders was a prominent Pine Bluff Community leader who left both personal and city related records, 1942-1984 (view finding aid)

M96-01 – Virgie Britt Diaries

Virgie Britt was the mother of the late Maurice “Footsie” Britt, Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas. These diaries tell of her daily accounts, 1963-1967 (view finding aid)

M96-06 – Ralph D. Scott

Governor Winthrop Rockefeller named Scott the Director of the Arkansas State Police in 1968. This collection contains information relating to his service in law enforcement, 1968-1975 (view finding aid)

M96-08 – St. Francis Levee District

Crittenden, Cross, Lee, Mississippi, Phillips, Poinsett and St. Francis counties established the St. Francis Levee district in order to build and maintain levees on the Mississippi River. It was once a powerful political body, but has since lost its political power, 1913,1960-1990 (view finding aid)

M96-11 – Osro Cobb

Osro Cobb was a former State Representative; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District during the 1957 Little Rock Central High Crisis; former State Chairman for the Republican party of Arkansas; Arkansas Supreme Court Judge; and oil and business man, 1929-1980 (view finding aid)

M98-08 – Senator Stanley Russ

Stanley Russ served in the Arkansas State Senate from 1975-1999. His collection contains: personal papers, military records, political tapes, photographs, and correspondence with political figures including Bill Clinton (view finding aid)

M99-08 – Senator Guy H. “Mutt” Jones

Guy Jones served as an Arkansas state senator, was a World War II Veteran, and was a prominent Conway attorney. His collection contains personal papers, military records, financial material, correspondence, legal material, and memorabilia, 1925-1985 (view finding aid)

M99-11 – Kathy Kunzinger Urwin

This collection contains taped interviews on the subject of former Governor Winthrop Rockefeller from Marion Burton, Sterling Cockrill, G. Thomas Eisele, Orval E. Faubus, Robert Faulkner, Everette Ham, Cal Ledbetter and John Ward (view finding aid)

M99-15 – Governor Ben T. Laney

Former Governor Ben Laney support states’ rights as one of the leaders of the Dixiecrats movement. His collection contains political papers, correspondence, speeches, photographs, personal correspondence, campaign issues, U.S. savings bond sales during world War II, Civil Rights issues, and many other important topics, 1942-1970 (view finding aid)

M01-04 – Weems Trussel

Weems Trussel was a lawyer, State Senator, State Representative and a banker from Fordyce, Arkansas. He served under Governors Carl Bailey, Ben Laney, Sid McMath, and Orval Faubus, 1936-1975 (view finding aid)

M01-16 – Jim Malone

Jim Malone, a fish farm owner, was President of the Arkansas Fish Farmers Association in 1956 and helped to push for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Fishing Farming Experimental Station in Stuttgart, Arkansas. He also wrote speeches for Governor Sidney McMath in 1950 and Governor Orval E. Faubus in 1954 and 1956 (view finding aid)

M03-02 – Julie McDonald

The Julie McDonald papers concern the processing and signing of a bill to remove words relating to race from the 1907 Act that had originally created the Arkansas State Normal School. It also holds awards given to the Echo from 1953-1962 (view finding aid)

M03-05 – Joyce Garrison

This collection consists of Faulkner County Quorum court proceedings, county budget, and other county business papers, 1989-2002 (view finding aid)

M04-11 – Wayne Cranford

Mr. Cranford was the Chairman of the President’s Advisory Committee for the Arts. This collection contains personal and professional correspondence and papers in regard to the political campaigns of Senator J. W. Fulbright and President Bill Clinton (view finding aid)

M05-10 – Vandiver L. Childs

Mr. Childs worked for the United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service for close to fifty years. This collection contains a copy of his field notes from 1934 to 1982 (view finding aid)

M06-03 – Sharon Priest

Sharon Priest was the first woman elected to the office of Secretary of State in Arkansas. This collection reflects her years of service to the people of Arkansas (view finding aid)

M07-06 – Harold Helton

Mr. Helton is a local business owner and frequent participant in Conway city affairs. His papers include Conway Chamber of Commerce materials (view finding aid)

M07-07 – John Ward

John Ward was the managing editor of the Log Cabin Democrat, and taught at U of A before becoming the Vice President of Public Affairs at UCA. His collection contains photographs, correspondence, records, and documents that chronicled his diverse career (view finding aid)

M07-12 – Arkansas Constitutional Convention 1979-1980

Information on the Arkansas Constitutional Convention of 1979-1980 (view finding aid)

M09-01 – Barack Obama Inauguration

This collection holds news stories from several major news services covering the inauguration of President Barack Obama in January of 2009 (view finding aid)

M09-03 – Willard A. Hawkins

Colonel Hawkins was in active and reserve military service for over 28 years, and retired from the Air Force in 1973. His collection contains his military records and correspondence as well as state political correspondence and papers from the 1960’s (view finding aid)

M10-01 – Della Tyson Collection

Della (Del) Tyson served as the secretary for Governor Orval Faubus for eleven years (1957-1968). While serving in this capacity she typed untold numbers of letters for Faubus and consequently became friends with some of those whom Faubus corresponded with, including Governor George Wallace of Alabama. Her collection contains memorabilia from the time Orval Faubus served as governor including letters from President Lyndon B. Johnson, TX Gov. John B. Connally, Sargent Shriver, and hand written notes by Faubus (view finding aid)

M10-03 – Arkansas State Board of Health Collection

This collection includes pamphlets issued from the Arkansas State Board of Health, assessments of water, sewer, & solid waste conditions from various counties in Arkansas, the Weekly Morbidity Reports (human & animal), Division of Communicable Disease Control Annual Reports, Arkansas State Hospital Biennial Reports, and other information on sickness and the medical statistics in Arkansas (1920-1994) (view finding aid)

M10-05 – Arkansas Legislative Council Collection

The Arkansas Legislative Council was established by Act 264 of 1949 to collect data and information upon which legislative decisions will be made during regular session of the General Assembly. This collection contains various documents and reports about Arkansas policy and research on a multitude of subjects dating from 1971-77 (view finding aid)

M11-01 – Lakeview School District 25 vs. Governors of Arkansas Collection

Started in 1992, this historical case started when the Lakeview School District claimed that they did not receive their share of the Arkansas education funds and that the state school-funding system was unconstitutional under both the Arkansas and the US constitution. This collection contains court documents from the years 1992-2004 including court proceeding transcripts, court notes, intervention notes and court exhibits. The Lakeview School District 25 was later dissolved but the implications of this court case are still seen in the state’s school funding practices (view finding aid)

 M13-02 – State Representative Betty Pickett Collection

Betty Pickett served for six years in the Arkansas House of Representatives and represented District 45 in Faulkner County from 2002 to 2008.  Her collection contains material from her time in office including information on the Arkansas Legislature, Arkansas education, legislative committees and Arkansas financial materials.  The collection also contains material from her time working with the Conway School District and the Arkansas State Board of Education (view finding aid)

M14-01 – Dr. Donald E. Whistler Collection

Dr. Donald E. Whistler is a retired Political Science professor from the University of Central Arkansas who taught there since 1972.  His collection includes his book Citizen Legislature: The Arkansas General Assembly (2010) and an early manuscript (view finding aid)

M15-01 – William F. “Bill” Foster Collection

William Franklin “Bill” Foster was born in Lonoke County, Arkansas on August 2, 1916. Foster served as secretary and president of the England School Board and was Lonoke County Justice of the Peace. Foster was elected Arkansas State Representative in 1961 and served until his death July 10, 1992 at the age of 75. (view finding aid)

M16-01 – J. Bill Becker Collection

Bill Becker, the son of Russian immigrants, was born in Chicago. His father was a union member who cut suit patterns in a men’s clothing factory. J. Bill Becker served in World War II, and then earned his economics degree in Illinois. Becker moved to the South and began his life-long career in the labor movement. Becker led the Arkansas AFL-CIO from 1964 to 1997. Becker passed away in 1997. His collection contains letters, notes, reports, newspaper articles, and photos related to Becker’s work in the Arkansas labor movement. (view finding aid)