M86-05 – Faulkner County Educational Records

These county records pertain to the inner workings of the educational system in Faulkner county between the years 1880-1939 (view finding aid)

M86-08 – Ted R. Worley

Ted Worley held a position at ASTC (UCA) and was Executive Secretary of the Arkansas History Commission until the 1960s. His collection contains both personal papers, published material, and unpublished material on UCA and Arkansas history (view finding aid)

M87-01 – Faulkner County Probate Records, 1873- 1917

This collection contains papers pertaining to the estates of deceased persons filed in Faulkner Count Probate Court, 1873-1917 (view finding aid)

M87-05 – Steed Family

Charles R. Steed was a farmer from Mayflower, Arkansas, who served as Faulkner County sheriff from 1941 to 1942. His wife, Velma Steed, graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1929, and taught science at Conway High School for twenty-five years. This collection documents their experiences in Faulkner county, 1919-1985 (view finding aid)

M87-07 – Clayton-Wade Family

The Clayton family was a prominent Conway family, who operated a local grocery store. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and business papers , 1901-1980 (view finding aid)

M89-23 – Eva Patton

This collection contains photographs, personal materials, and correspondence of a Faulkner county homemaker, 1907-1966 (view finding aid)

M89-24 – Conway Junior Shakespeare Club

The Junior Shakespeare Club was organized in 1926 and it disbanded in 1989. This collection consists of correspondence, minutes, program material, photographs, and yearbooks from 1928-1989 (view finding aid)

M90-03 – Conway Home and Garden Records

This collection contains correspondence, awards, newspaper articles, and photographs of a Conway women’s club, 1951-1988 (view finding aid)

M90-04 – Conway Council of Garden Clubs

This council’s purpose was to coordinate the actives of all the Conway area garden groups in order to maximize their effectiveness.1974-1987 (view finding aid)

M94-07 – David W. Bizzell

David W. Bizzell collected historical material on the Spanish land grant, Faulkner county Greathouse, and Tennessee Military Institute Yearbooks, 1791-1994 (view finding aid)

M95-07 – Conway Shakespeare Club

The Conway Shakespeare club was established in order to study the works of Shakespeare, and it also aided the community by its push to create a library in Conway, 1908-present (view finding aid)

M96-05 – Faulkner County School History

In 1989 the Faulkner County Historical Society and the Faulkner county Retired Teachers Association began the Faulkner county school history project dealing with the history of the original 100 plus school districts in Faulkner county (view finding aid)

M96-09 – Conway Rotary Club

The Conway Rotary Club was formed in Arkansas in 1921. Much of this collection details the club activities from 1963-2000 (view finding aid)

M98-04 – Waddy W. Moore

Mr. Moore established the UCA Oral History department and was instrumental in the creation of the UCA Archives. His collection contains oral history, Conway school board meetings, business correspondence, and black history (view finding aid)

M99-06 – Guy Murphy

Guy Murphy was a progressive leader in Conway and a co-founder of the Faulkner County historical Society. His papers reflect his interest in both the growth and the development of Conway, 1958-1998 (view finding aid)

M99-08 – Senator Guy H. “Mutt” Jones

Guy Jones served as an Arkansas state senator, was a World War II Veteran, and was a prominent Conway attorney. His collection contains personal papers, military records, financial material, correspondence, legal material, and memorabilia, 1925-1985 (view finding aid)

M99-12 – First State Bank Newspaper Clippings

A newspaper collection on the First State Bank in Conway, Arkansas covering the time periods of 1946-1973, 1985-1994, and 1996-1997 (view finding aid)

M00-01 – The Old Texas Church

The old Texas Church papers hold partial records of a 19th century Faulkner County Baptist church, including a transcription of the original documents, 1869-1895 (view finding aid)

M00-06 – Oakland United Methodist Church

The Oakland United Methodist Church was founded in 1849 by James Ford near Holland in Faulkner County. This collection contains a membership book, church history, Sunday school registers, and quarterly conference records, 1852-1926 (view finding aid)

M01-12 – Conway Orpheus Club

The Conway Orpheus Club sponsors musical events, and they help to provide music and musical instruments to educational institutions of Conway, 1913-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-11 – Conway School Board Records, 1878-1891

The Conway School Board collection displays some of Conway’s early history with a ledger from 1830-1845 and the minutes of the Conway School Board from 1878-1892 (view finding aid)

M02-12 – Four Witt Brothers

The Witt brothers were early settlers in Conway and became prominent in the business community. Their collection begins with materials from the 1880’s (view finding aid)

M02-13 – Vivian Hogue

Vivian Hogue collected information and photographs on the original homes in old down-town Conway, and also wrote articles for the Log Cabin Democrat (view finding aid)

M03-05 – Joyce Garrison

This collection consists of Faulkner County Quorum court proceedings, county budget, and other county business papers, 1989-2002 (view finding aid)

M03-20 – Bill Johnson

Mr. Johnson is the president of the Simmons First National Bank of Conway and has been spots announcer for the UCA Bears since 1961. This collection contains material from both his personal and professional life (view finding aid)

M06-01 – Sam Fausett

Mr. Fausett was a professional photographer and the first Master of Photography in Arkansas. He lived from January 29, 1901 to May 9, 1979. He married Alice Spencer on April 26, 1935. His photography studio was located on Parkway Street in Conway, and he also had a studio in Little Rock, Arkansas (view finding aid)

M07-06 – Harold Helton

Mr. Helton is a local business owner and frequent participant in Conway city affairs. His papers include Conway Chamber of Commerce materials (view finding aid)

M07-07 – John Ward

John Ward was the managing editor of the Log Cabin Democrat, and taught at U of A before becoming the Vice President of Public Affairs at UCA. His collection contains photographs, correspondence, records, and documents that chronicled his diverse career (view finding aid)

M07-14 – Conway Human Development Center

CHDC was opened in 1959 as Arkansas Children’s Colony to house and teach mentally handicapped children. Today the center also serves adults. This collection is made up of news clippings about the center from 1959-1974 as well as photographs and negatives from that time (view finding aid)

M08-07 – Oak Grove Cemetery

The Oak Grove Cemetery is located in Conway, Arkansas and has been in existence since the 1800’s. The collection contains business and financial papers for the cemetery, records of some of those interred, as well as a list of graves of known Civil War soldiers (view finding aid)

M08-08 – Juanita White Campbell Collection

Juanita White Campbell attended Conway High school, and Arkansas State Teachers College. She was a librarian for Conway public schools for fifteen years, and her husband Ben Campbell was a Faulkner County game warden (view finding aid)

M09-07 – Bedford Chapel C.M.E. / Mt. Olive Baptist Church Collection

This collection includes Bedford Chapel C.M.E. Church’s Quarterly Conference Records dating back to 1881. Also included in the church record, Sunday school register, financial records, C.M.E. Church history, and religious book, pamphlets and hymnals (view finding aid)

M09-19 – Callis Childs / Detco Collection

Callis Childs is a lawyer in Conway and his collection contains material on two civil court cases he participated in. Series I contains materials on the DETCO fire for which he represented the plaintiff, Brenda Alexander and Series II contains records on the Shipman v. Wortman case for which Mr. Childs represented the defendant Bill Wortman (view finding aid)

M09-22 – Conway Symphony Orchestra Collection

This collection includes a Conway Symphony Orchestra history, budget and financial information, correspondence, photos, concert programs, and minutes from the Board of Directors meetings. Some items date back to 1982 (view finding aid)

M11-04 – Jim Brewer Collection

Collection James H. Brewer, who is well known for serving 26 years as general manager of Conway Corporation, was a student at UCA, then known as Arkansas State Teachers College. His collection contains personal & professional correspondence, materials on nature and travel, awards from his various organizations, newspaper clippings, photos, Conway Corporation statements & speeches, and telephone directories from 1965-1992. He was also the president of the Arkansas Industrial Development Foundation, past chairman of the Conway Planning Commission, president of the Conway Rotary Club, state board member of the Boy Scouts of America, president of the Conway Development Corporation, and director of Worthen National Bank in Conway (view finding aid)

M12-01 – Conway Corporation Collection

According to retired Conway Corporation Chief Operating Officer Roger Mills, the announcement of electric lights coming to Conway was published in the June 27, 1895 local newspaper.  Although going through many name & technology changes, Conway Corporation has supplied the Conway area with electricity since that time.  This collection contains billing and usage ledgers for their electric, water, and sewage services, plant activity ledgers, miscellaneous business materials, and photographs for Conway Corporation dating from 1909-1990 (view finding aid)