M86-04 – Eva Burkett

A former English Professor from UCA, Eva Mae Burkett, donated material relating to the English department and her own research on dialect and literary writers, 1963-1971 (view finding aid)

M86-05 – Faulkner County Educational Records

These county records pertain to the inner workings of the educational system in Faulkner county between the years 1880-1939 (view finding aid)

M87-05 – Steed Family

Charles R. Steed was a farmer from Mayflower, Arkansas, who served as Faulkner County sheriff from 1941 to 1942. His wife, Velma Steed, graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1929, and taught science at Conway High School for twenty-five years. This collection documents their experiences in Faulkner county, 1919-1985 (view finding aid)

M87-06 – Maude H. Boen

Mrs. Boen worked in the Japanese Relocation center at Jerome, Arkansas and this collection contains some of her memories from that experience in the form of correspondence, educational materials, photographs, and memorabilia, 1942-1945 (view finding aid)

M87-07 – Clayton-Wade Family

The Clayton family was a prominent Conway family, who operated a local grocery store. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and business papers , 1901-1980 (view finding aid)

M88-02 – Richard C. Butler

Richard C. Butler defended the Little Rock School board on the Central High Crisis Integration. This collection contains personal and biographical material, photographs, business material and litigation papers of an Arkansas lawyer, 1956-1984 (view finding aid)

M89-01 – Will A. Berry

This collection contains workbooks from Arkansas Normal School, teaching licenses, contracts, and poetry from a school teacher and his sister, 1893-1929 (view finding aid)

M89-19 – Arkansas Educational Association

The AEA is the oldest professional group in Arkansas, starting in 1869. This collection contains programs and printed materials from the annual AEA meetings, 1905-1953 (view finding aid)

M89-20 – Arkansas Department of Education Publications

This collection consists of pamphlets and typescript lists from the Arkansas Department of Education, 1917-1972 (view finding aid)

M89-28 – Ada Jane Harvey

Ada Jane Harvey was a UCA foreign language professor who donated her personal correspondence, last will and testament, and poetry to UCA 1972-1981 (view finding aid)

M89-29 – Constance Mitchell

This collection contains the last will and testament of a University of Central Arkansas educator and librarian, 1970-1989 (view finding aid)

M90-01 – Madge Clayton

Mrs. Clayton taught Latin and French at Conway High School in Arkansas, and her collection contains letters to and from her while she was away at Ouachita Baptist College and Columbia University, 1927-1970 (view finding aid)

M91-12 – Terry A. Humble

Terry Humble worked as both a principal and superintendent in Morrilton, Harrison, and Hot Springs, Arkansas. This collection holds school records and court cases from the previously mentioned schools, 1960-1988 (view finding aid)

M91-17 – Clyde D. Dollar

Professor Clyde Dollar from the University of Arkansas history department also worked on archeological digs and as film consultant. His collection holds photographs, archeological materials, film material, writings, speeches, interviews, books, and audio visual materials (view finding aid)

M93-03 – Arkansas State Communication Association

This collection contains the records of the A.S.C.A., known as the Arkansas State Communication Association since the late 1980’s. The A.S.C.A. has gone through many name changes, but its purpose has remained the same. The group has encouraged speech education on the elementary, secondary, college, and university level (view finding aid)

M93-04 – Mary Jane Scott

Mary Scott was the chair woman of the Home Economics Department at the Arkansas State Teachers college in Arkansas. This collection contains some of her grade books from 1949-1966 and some home economic guides, 1949-1980 (view finding aid)

M93-05 – Arkansas Libraries

This collection contains information on libraries in Arkansas from 1972-1993 (view finding aid)

M94-01 – Arkansas Teaching History Materials

The Arkansas Teaching History materials were created in order to facilitate the instruction of Arkansas History through lesson plans, educational publications, and miscellaneous educational materials, 1970-1993 (view finding aid)

M94-05 – Arkansas Association for Childhood Education

Administrative materials, correspondence, and programs of AACE meetings, newsletters, and memorabilia, 1939-1978 (view finding aid)

M96-05 – Faulkner County School History

In 1989 the Faulkner County Historical Society and the Faulkner county Retired Teachers Association began the Faulkner county school history project dealing with the history of the original 100 plus school districts in Faulkner county (view finding aid)

M98-02 – Jimmy Driftwood

Jimmy Driftwood was an educator, folklorist, and Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter from Arkansas. While he was a teacher he wrote a song to help his students remember the facts on the Battle of New Orleans. This song was picked up by famous singer Johnny Horton and Jimmy Driftwood received a Grammy Award for it (view finding aid)

M98-04 – Waddy W. Moore

Mr. Moore established the UCA Oral History department and was instrumental in the creation of the UCA Archives. His collection contains oral history, Conway school board meetings, business correspondence, and black history (view finding aid)

M99-16 – Arkansas Reading Association

This collection contains planning guides, budgets, proposals, goals, correspondence, scrapbooks, board meetings, photographs and video cassettes of an Arkansas literacy group (view finding aid)

M01-03 – Jim McKim

Jim McKim worked at UCA as a Professor of Mathematics and as the UCA’s Coordinator of Continuing Education Credit Programs at Little Rock Air Force Base and the Arkansas Correctional Department, 1979-1999 (view finding aid)

M02-11 – Conway School Board Records, 1878-1891

The Conway School Board collection displays some of Conway’s early history with a ledger from 1830-1845 and the minutes of the Conway School Board from 1878-1892 (view finding aid)

M02-19 – Arkansas School Psychology Association

This is a collection of newsletters, correspondence, memos, and business papers covering the time span of 1977-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-24 – Harry Readnour

Dr. Harry Readnour is a retired history professor of the University of Central Arkansas (view finding aid)

M03-15 – Daniel David Maddox Newspapers

This is a small collection of The National School Newspaper during the year 1938 (view finding aid)

M04-04 – Beulah Griffin Mann

Beulah Mann and her daughter Carolyn graduated from UCA. This collection contains scrapbooks from UCA in the 1920’s, family albums, trips, and teacher’s material (view finding aid)

M07-07 – John Ward

John Ward was the managing editor of the Log Cabin Democrat, and taught at U of A before becoming the Vice President of Public Affairs at UCA. His collection contains photographs, correspondence, records, and documents that chronicled his diverse career (view finding aid)

M07-13 – Arkansas Rural Education Association

The AREA was formed in 1965 by leaders of rural school districts to oppose consolidation efforts by the state government. It still exists today to represent the concerns & meet the needs of rural schools (view finding aid)

M08-08 – Juanita White Campbell

Juanita White Campbell attended Conway High school, and Arkansas State Teachers College. She was a librarian for Conway public schools for fifteen years, and her husband Ben Campbell was a Faulkner County game warden (view finding aid)

M09-07 – Bedford Chapel C.M.E. / Mt. Olive Baptist Church

This collection includes Bedford Chapel C.M.E. Church’s Quarterly Conference Records dating back to 1881.  Also included in the church record, Sunday school register, financial records, C.M.E. Church history, and religious book, pamphlets and hymnals (view finding aid)

M09-17 – Arkansas Conference of the American Association of University Professors

The A.A.U.P. is a national organization who’s purpose is “to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good.” This collection contains papers from the Arkansas chapter dating from the late 1990’s to present (view finding aid)

M09-20 – Phi Alpha Theta Mu Chapter

Phi Alpha Theta in a national history honor society, the Mu Chapter is active at UCA. This collection contains records and correspondence of the group (view finding aid)

M10-07 – Arkansas Education Collection

This collection contains documents published by the Arkansas Department of Education including handbooks, reports, surveys, and curriculum examples. It covers from the 1890’s to the early 1980’s. Within are documents on the Department of Education for the Department of Education (view finding aid)

M11-01 – Lakeview School District 25 vs. Governors of Arkansas Collection

Started in 1992, this historical case started when the Lakeview School District claimed that they did not receive their share of the Arkansas education funds and that the state school-funding system was unconstitutional under both the Arkansas and the US constitution. This collection contains court documents from the years 1992-2004 including court proceeding transcripts, court notes, intervention notes and court exhibits. The Lakeview School District 25 was later dissolved but the implications of this court case are still seen in the state’s school funding practices (view finding aid)

M11-02 – George Thompson Collection

A former Hendrix professor of History, Thompson’s collection includes pamphlets and books on American History, as well as reading and teaching guides on the subject. This collection also contain copies of Civil War letters from both Union and Confederate soldiers and political figures (view finding aid)

M11-03 – Community Development Institute of UCA Collection

Created in 1987, the Community Development Institute is endorsed by the Community Development Society, and international group of development educators and practitioners. The main purpose of the group is to train people in the techniques of modern leadership and management of community development efforts. This collection contains handbooks, enrollment records, yearbooks, board meeting minutes, and other material about the group (view finding aid)

M11-06 – Dr. Sally Roden Collection

Dr. Sally Roden has been a leader in her professional associations and has been the recipient of many honors. An educator at UCA since 1969, she currently serves as associate provost and dean of undergraduate studies and director of the living and learning communities program. Her collection includes awards, correspondence, photos, and books (view finding aid)

M11-07 – Dr. Mary Mosley Collection

Retired educator, Dr. Mary Mosley, spent 20 years involved with the UCA Reading Center as it’s director, as well as being on the Board of Directors for the Literacy Action for Central Arkansas Council and the Faulkner County Literacy Council Board of Directors. She worked to study and improve the center’s research-based lesson plan and shared her findings in publications and presentations in hopes of improving instruction of struggling readers. Her collection includes correspondence, photos, publications on reading, books, calendars, and awards (view finding aid)

M11-08 – Margaret Dixon-Anderson Collection

Arkansas State Normal School Alumni, Margaret Dixon-Anderson worked as a teacher in Arkansas for over 50 years.  Her collection contains personal files on her and her family and also professional material about teaching in Arkansas (view finding aid)

M11-12 – Dr. James Brodman Collection

Professor of History at the University of Central Arkansas for over 30 years, much of Dr. James Brodman’s collection includes information on Medieval Spain, medieval social welfare policy, and medieval religion.  In the collection there are a number of articles, papers, reviews, and encyclopedia entries on the topic.  The collection also includes information on the Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) to which Dr. Brodman created for UCA (view finding aid)

M11-13 – Dr. Faril Simpson Collection

Dr. Faril Simpson was a Chemistry professor at the University of Central Arkansas for 30 years.  His collection focuses on his interest in music by containing recordings of his various music projects.  He was a member of UCA’s bluegrass band called The Professors as well as various other side and solo projects (view finding aid)

M12-03 – Dr. Cecil McDermott Mathematics Education Reference Collection

Dr. Cecil McDermott is a native Arkansas who established the computer science program at Hendrix University.  He also served as the director of the IMPAC (Instructional Microprocessors in Arkansas Classrooms) State Technology Program for Schools, as well as being on the board of directors for the Arkansas STEM Coalition.  His collection consists of various mathematic education reference books and booklets dating from 1926-1984 (view finding aid)

 M13-02 – State Representative Betty Pickett Collection

Betty Pickett served for six years in the Arkansas House of Representatives and represented District 45 in Faulkner County from 2002 to 2008.  Her collection contains material from her time in office including information on the Arkansas Legislature, Arkansas education, legislative committees and Arkansas financial materials.  The collection also contains material from her time working with the Conway School District and the Arkansas State Board of Education (view finding aid)

M13-05 – Dr. Donald E. Culwell Collection

Dr. Donald E. Culwell was a biology professor the the University of Central Arkansas for 38 years.  His collection includes information on plants and plant taxonomy, class materials, including his biology field trip courses, and professional publications by Dr. Culwell, as well as other experts.  Information on the Jewel E. Moore UCA Nature Reserve and the Arkansas Native Plant Society can also be found in Dr. Culwell’s collection (view finding aid)