M87-03 – Arkansas Ecology Center Records

This organization was a non-profit environmental group, which worked to provide information to the public though research. A large portion of this collection deals with the Cache River, 1970-1981 (view finding aid)

M88-11 – Arkansas VISTA

This collection contains research materials and publishing information from Marvin Schwartz, In Service to America: A History of Vista in Arkansas, 1965-1985 (view finding aid)

M89-02 – Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association

The ASAA seeks to further knowledge in sociology and anthropology. Their collection holds newsletters, correspondence, minutes, and programs from annual meetings, 1971-2000 (view finding aid)

M89-04 – Arkansas Conservation Coalition

This organization attempted to address conservation and environmental issues in Arkansas, 1981-1988 (view finding aid)

M89-24 – Conway Junior Shakespeare Club

The Junior Shakespeare Club was organized in 1926 and it disbanded in 1989. This collection consists of correspondence, minutes, program material, photographs, and yearbooks from 1928-1989 (view finding aid)

M89-25 – Daughters of the American Revolution

The Arkansas branch of the Daughters of the Revolution held its first meeting in 1908. This collection consists of programs and minutes from their annual conferences, 1911-1931 (view finding aid)

M89-26 – United Daughters of Confederacy

This collection consists of programs and printed materials from their annual conventions, 1905-1925 (view finding aid)

M89-27 – Arkansas Libraries Association

This collection contains project materials, pamphlets, library directories, and programs for annual conferences, 1945-1986 (view finding aid)

M89-31 – Effie Finley / Garden Club Records

This Pine Bluff Women’s club attempted to educate amateur gardeners and to help protect the native plant life in Arkansas. This collection contains administrative records, project materials, and scrapbooks, 1935-1960 (view finding aid)

M90-03 – Conway Home and Garden Records

This collection contains correspondence, awards, newspaper articles, and photographs of a Conway women’s club, 1951-1988 (view finding aid)

M90-04 – Conway Council of Garden Clubs

This council’s purpose was to coordinate the actives of all the Conway area garden groups in order to maximize their effectiveness.1974-1987 (view finding aid)

M91-01 -Arkansans for the Arts

The founders of the AFTA hoped the group would assist in promoting the arts in Arkansas, but internal problems led to its disbandment, 1981-1990 (view finding aid)

M91-13 – Robbins-Gifford Family

This collection contains correspondence dating back to 1918, and historical information on Rose Bud and Heber Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1985 (view finding aid)

M92-06 – Pine Bluff Women’s Center

This organization formed in 1975 with the purpose of serving the needs of women in Jefferson county. They also collected the oral interviews of several women for their book, Women Of The Arkansas Delta, 1976 (view finding aid)

M93-03 – Arkansas State Communication Association

This collection contains the records of the A.S.C.A., known as the Arkansas State Communication Association since the late 1980’s. The A.S.C.A. has gone through many name changes, but its purpose has remained the same. The group has encouraged speech education on the elementary, secondary, college, and university level (view finding aid)

M93-06 – UCA University Women’s Club

This collection consists of official record and memorabilia of the University of Women’s Club, which provided a social forum for women associated with UCA, 1966-1991 (view finding aid)

M93-09 – Arkansas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

The Arkansas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union formed in 1878. The collection contains a few of their periodicals, annual reports, and convention programs, 1908-1984 (view finding aid)

M94-08 – Harry Steinberg

Harry Steinberg served in both World War I and II; he was also a member of the Free Masons and a prominent lawyer, 1897-1971 (view finding aid)

M95-03 – Arkansas Women’s Project

This collection documents a women’s organization that promotes women’s, minority, gay, and lesbian rights. Suzanne Pharr also donated a good deal of material on her leadership of this organization and her fight for lesbian rights, 1980-present (view finding aid)

M95-07 – Conway Shakespeare Club

The Conway Shakespeare club was established in order to study the works of Shakespeare, and it also aided the community by its push to create a library in Conway, 1908-present (view finding aid)

M96-09 – Conway Rotary Club

The Conway Rotary Club was formed in Arkansas in 1921. Much of this collection details the club activities from 1963-2000 (view finding aid)

M96-10 – Alsa Chester Howard

Born March 7, 1884, Alsa Howard served in World War I and was an active Mason from Pope county. This collection contains Mason correspondence, photographs, and research material, 1900-1979 (view finding aid)

M99-16 – Arkansas Reading Association

This collection contains planning guides, budgets, proposals, goals, correspondence, scrapbooks, board meetings, photographs and video cassettes of an Arkansas literacy group (view finding aid)

M01-12 – Conway Orpheus Club

The Conway Orpheus Club sponsors musical events, and they help to provide music and musical instruments to educational institutions of Conway, 1913-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-19 – Arkansas School Psychology Association

This is a collection of newsletters, correspondence, memos, and business papers covering the time span of 1977-2002 (view finding aid)

M03-08 – Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals

This collection is an array of information concerning the UCA branch of the Library Paraprofessional of Arkansas including conferences, awards, and correspondence, 1992-present (view finding aid)

M05-11 – Arkansas Chapter Of The American Fisheries Society

This collection contains the by-laws, minutes, and photographs of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (view finding aid)

M07-06 – Harold Helton Collection

Mr. Helton is a local business owner and frequent participant in Conway city affairs. His papers include Conway Chamber of Commerce materials (view finding aid)

M07-13 – Arkansas Rural Education Association

The AREA was formed in 1965 by leaders of rural school districts to oppose consolidation efforts by the state government. It still exists today to represent the concerns & meet the needs of rural schools (view finding aid)

M09-22 – Conway Symphony Orchestra

This collection includes a Conway Symphony Orchestra history, budget and financial information, correspondence, photos, concert programs, and minutes from the Board of Directors meetings. Some items date back to 1982 (view finding aid)

M11-03 – Community Development Institute of UCA

Created in 1987, the Community Development Institute is endorsed by the Community Development Society, and international group of development educators and practitioners. The main purpose of the group is to train people in the techniques of modern leadership and management of community development efforts. This collection contains handbooks, enrollment records, yearbooks, board meeting minutes, and other material about the group (view finding aid)\

M13-01 – Larry Kressley – VISTA Materials

Larry Kressley worked as a VISTA volunteer at Warren, Arkansas in the summer of 1969.  His collection contains information about the work he did with VISTA, as well as the reception of VISTA into the Warren community (view finding aid)