Services and Questions

The UCA Archives provide many services to both the University and to the community at large. Listed below are the Archives services and prices.  Copyrights do apply and such material can only be used for educational purposes unless permission is granted for other uses.

Please make all checks payable to UCA Archives.

A $3.00 shipping and handling fee does apply to all mailed materials.


Photograph Services

If you have found a photograph in a manuscript or photo collection, we can scan or photocopy the image.  We do not have a photo printer, so we cannot print out photos in high quality.  Our scanner also has the capability to scan 35mm negatives or slides.  There are some negatives in our collections that are large format, and therefore, cannot be scanned in the archives.  Other arrangements may be made so please contact us with any questions.

Below are the prices for our photograph services:

  • Scan and send a jpeg file of photo by e-mail  - $2.00/photo
  • Scan and place jpeg file of photo on CD - $1.00/CD and $2.00/photo
  • Photocopy a photo - .25 cents/ per photo

Mailing any material through the USPS - additional $3.00 shipping & handling


Audio Services

If you have found a audio recording in a collection that you would like a copy of we can duplicate the recording, depending on the source.

  • Duplicating tape or CD: $5.00 per transfer
  • Mailing any material through the USPS - additional $3.00 shipping & handling

Other Forms Quoted at time of order

NOTE:  Some of our oral histories are recorded on audio tapes, but are also transcribed into bound volumes.


Printed Document Services

Here in the archives we have a vast collection of various printed material.  This material can be duplicated by photocopying or scanning the document.

  • Photocopied by staff - .25 cents/page
  • Photocopied by patron - .05 cents/page
  • Photocopied to flash drive by patron - free up to 15 images/files

We can show you how to use our copier if you choose this method; be sure to bring your own flash drive

  • Scanned/emailed in the archives - $2.00/page

Mailing any material through the USPS - additional $3.00 shipping & handling


For any other requests, please contact us (501-450-3418).  We are happy to try and accommodate any researcher.