This collection consists of a journal about the lives of two men, Solomon Morgan Brian and his son William S. Brian.  The journal is divided into two parts:  the first, covering the years 1861-1864, is written by Solomon Brian, and the second part, which covers 1878-1904, is written by his son.

Solomon M. Brian was born in South Carolina in 1792, but moved with his family to Louisiana at the age of eighteen.  He fought in the War of 1812 and participated in the Battle of New Orleans.  After the war, he built a saw mill and grew cotton and sugar cane.  He was married twice and was the father of 11 children.  His son, William S. Brian was born on June 10, 1854 and because he kept a less organized diary, we know little about him.  His work apparently involved much travel because many of his diary entries are made at locations across the South and West.  In the diary, he makes many references to his children and perhaps intended the diary for their use.

The diary entries with Arkansas settings are mostly written by William S. Brian.

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Box 1

File 1 – Typed transcripts of Solomon M. Brian’s and William S. Brian’s early journal entries

File 2 – Journal of Solomon M. Brian, June 1861 and January 1864 (Civil War years)

File 3 – Journal of William S. Brian, April 1878-1884

File 4 – Journal of William S. Brian, July 1884-July 1896

File 5 – Journal of William S. Brian, August 1896-January 1904

File 6 – Journal notes, will, plans, newspaper articles

End of Box 1

End of Collection