M87-04 – Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra has been educating people on music since 1938. This collection documents their success through administrative records, correspondence, audio-visual material, and memorabilia, 1938 (view finding aid)

M87-08 – Harold Sherman

Harold Sherman was a prominent Stone County leader, author, lecturer, and expert in the paranormal whose work can be seen through publications, correspondence, memorabilia, audio-visual material, manuscripts and writings, 1907-1987 (view finding aid)

M88-06 – Leo P. Bott

Leo Bott created Bott Advertising and became recognized for his work with direct mail advertising. He also made several trips to Alaska and created some of its earliest promotional material, 1914-1968 (view finding aid)

M89-09 – Ray Poindexter Jr.

This collection contains the papers of Ray Poindexter Jr. an Arkansas radio personality, teacher, and author 1940-1980 (view finding aid)

M89-15 – Arkansas Art Pottery Research

This collection contains research notes and materials used in compiling the UCA Archives publication Arkansas Art Pottery Bibliography (view finding aid)

M89-30 – Arkansas Repertory Theater

A.R.T. helps to bring the performing arts to Arkansas. This collection contains correspondence, production material, administrative materials, and financial records, 1977-1988 (view finding aid)

M90-14 – “Glory” Movie Records

This collection consists of correspondence, press releases, and other materials relating to the UCA Blue/Gray Association’s participation in the motion picture “Glory”, 1987-1990 (view finding aid)

M91-17 – Clyde D. Dollar

Professor Clyde Dollar from the University of Arkansas history department also worked on archeological digs and as film consultant. His collection holds photographs, archeological materials, film material, writings, speeches, interviews, books, and audio visual materials (view finding aid)

M92-04 – Milton F. Davis Cartoons

Milton Davis produces original cartoons for the Conway Log Cabin as well as other Arkansas newspapers, 1982-2004 (view finding aid)

M94-09 – Glen Gant

Glen Gant’s collection holds biographical information and artist”s sketches of Eureka Springs, 1985 (view finding aid)

M96-02 – Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Helen Walton organized the Arkansas committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The goal of the committee is to promote Female artists working in the state of Arkansas, 1989-present (view finding aid)

M98-02 – Jimmy Driftwood

Jimmy Driftwood was an educator, folklorist, and Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter from Arkansas. While he was a teacher he wrote a song to help his students remember the facts on the Battle of New Orleans. This song was picked up by famous singer Johnny Horton and Jimmy Driftwood received a Grammy Award for it (view finding aid)

M98-05 – Joe Goss

This collection contains twelve Army sketchbooks from the Civil War correspondent and illustrator Edwin Forbes, 1894 (view finding aid)

M99-02 – James Dombek

Dr. James Dombek was a mathematics professor and later Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UCA. His collection contains Faculty Council papers from 1970-1982; vocational, educational, and technical programs; KUCA radio station information; and research proposals (view finding aid)

M99-05 – The Professors

The Professors was a Bluegrass group made up of five UCA Science professors. This is a record of their work together as a band and some of the materials they created, 1967-1985 (view finding aid)

M99-14 – James Bridges

James Bridges is best known for films such as “The China Syndrome”, “Urban Cowboy”, and “The Paper Chase”. His collection contains information on the James Bridges performing arts scholarship fund, manuscripts, photographs, audio and visual media forms, and films from the director, writer, and former UCA student James Bridges (view finding aid)

M00-08 – Gene Hatfield

Gene Hatfield ‘s family has been an active part of UCA for many years. He attended UCA before being drafted into Word War II. After the war Mr. Hatfield finished his education in the field of art, andbecame one of the most distinguished professors at UCA, 1925-2005 (view finding aid)

M01-05 – Ray Neilson / Celebrity Interviews

The Ray Neilson collection contains interviews of the host of the “Good Time Picture Show” made with famous actors, actresses, and film directors, 1978-1981 (view finding aid)

M01-12 – Conway Orpheus Club

The Conway Orpheus Club sponsors musical events, and they help to provide music and musical instruments to educational institutions of Conway, 1913-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-05 – Beth Brickell

Beth Brickell is an actress, producer, and director who appeared in such films as Posse Deadly Game, and The Only Way Home. She attended the Arkansas State Teacher College and has been very active in the Arkansas political system, 1954-2002 (view finding aid)

M02-06 – Dorris Curtis

Dorris Curtis was a school teacher before World War II, an industrial worker, and an award winning artist. Her collection contains sheet music that dates back to 1893, songs written by Dorris Curtis, and some of her paintings.1893-2002 (view finding aid)

M04-01 – Craig O’Neill

The telephone prank became the hallmark of Little Rock’s once number one disc jockey Craig O’Neill. His collection holds not only his famous pranks from KLAZ, KKYK, and KURB, but also pictures, books, scrapbooks, magazines, stories written by him, and personal and professional correspondence (view finding aid)

M04-07 – Betty Fowler

Betty Fowler is a local entertainer in radio and television. She is a jazz singer and has been the musical director of the Miss Arkansas Pageant since the 1950’s. This collection contains sheet music from the early 1900’s to 1970’s (view finding aid)

M05-08 – Sue Evans

Sue Evans was a professor of music at UCA. This collection contains old holiday, and children and songs (view finding aid)

M05-12 – Tom Bonner

Tom Bonner served at KARK Channel 4 Little Rock both in front and behind the camera. His jobs ranged from weather man to station manager. He is currently working as Senior Vice President at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (view finding aid)

M06-04 – Jim Elder

Jim Elder was Sports Director for KARN radio and the voice of the Arkansas Travelers (view finding aid)

M07-02 – KCON

KCON -AM was a local AM radio station located on the grounds of The University of Central Arkansas. The building was torn down in 2007 (view finding aid)

M07-10 – Lois Lenski Collection

Lois Lenski was a well respected illustrator and author of children’s books. This collection contains a few of her illustrations from 1929 -1963 (view finding aid)

M07-15 – Garland W. Griffith

This collection contains information from a UCA music professor (view finding aid)

M08-04 – Lencola Sullivan

Lencola Sullivan was the first African American Miss UCA and Miss Arkansas. Her collection contains newspaper clippings, awards, and photographs that chronicle her career (view finding aid)

M09-04 – Anne Jansen

Anne Jansen retired as news anchor for KTHV news in 2008 after 25 years of service. Her collection contains correspondence, photographs, and other documents relevant to her career (view finding aid)

M09-21 – BJ Sams

BJ Sams retired from broadcasting after 56 years in radio and television. At the time of his retirement he was a news anchor for KTHV. His collection contains photographs, news articles, and awards that span his career (view finding aid)

M09-22 – Conway Symphony Orchestra

This collection includes a Conway Symphony Orchestra history, budget and financial information, correspondence, photos, concert programs, and minutes from the Board of Directors meetings. Some items date back to 1982 (view finding aid)

M11-06 – Dr. Sally Roden Collection

Dr. Sally Roden has been a leader in her professional associations and has been the recipient of many honors. An educator at UCA since 1969, she currently serves as associate provost and dean of undergraduate studies and director of the living and learning communities program. Her collection includes awards, correspondence, photos, and books (view finding ai

M11-13 – Dr. Faril Simpson Collection

Dr. Faril Simpson was a Chemistry professor at the University of Central Arkansas for 30 years.  His collection focuses on his interest in music by containing recordings of his various music projects.  He was a member of UCA’s bluegrass band called The Professors as well as various other side and solo projects (view finding aid)

M12-05 – Phillip H. McMath Collection

Phillip McMath is an Arkansas lawyer who uses his interest in history, southern culture, and his military experience to create unique fiction, drama and journalism.  He attended Hendrix College and University of Arkansas graduating with a BA in 1967.  He then went on to graduate from University of Arkansas Law School in 1973.  His collection contains materials from 2 of his plays: Dress Blues and The Hanging of David O. Dodd (view finding aid)