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Collection Contents:

Series I—Sub-Series I—ACIV—Business Correspondence, Grants, Daily Activity, Etc. (21 Boxes)

Series I— Sub-Series II—Europe Visitors—Asia=China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam (12 Boxes)

Series I— Sub-Series III—Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine Visitors (6 Boxes)

Series II—Financial (7 Boxes)

Series III—UALR (4 Boxes)

Series IV—Oversized Flat Box (1 Box)



Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 1

Item 1—Arkansas Council for International Visitors scrapbook—1982-’85

Item 2—ACIV scrapbook—1985-‘87

Item 3—ACIV scrapbook—1988-‘92




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 2

File 1—International Visitor Program-U.S. Dept. of State History and General Info.

File 2—President’s Youth Initiative Exchange Program—1982

File 3—ACIV—Director—Susan Wilkes—1983-1986

File 4—Arkansas International Center established at UALR with federal grant of $59,106.00 from U.S. Information Agency Sept. 13, 1983

File 5—AIC—Arkansas International Center—Pamphlets

File 6—AIC—Arkansas International Center—Program Reports—1983-1984

File 7—AIC 2nd and 3rd Year Report to the United States Information Agency—1984-1985 & 1985-1986 and 3rd year Grant Proposal—1985

File 8—ACIV—Program—Grants, Funding 1984-1986 (Arkansas International Center)

File 9—Arkansas International Directory (2 copies)—1985

File 10—Newsletter—“Arkansas International Center”—Vol. 1, No. 1—May 1, 1985

File 11—Interpreters and Translators—1980s

File 12—UALR Project Proposal to Fund Arkansas International Center—April 3, 1987

File 13—AIC—Handbook for Volunteers—1988

File 14—“The Living Textbook: Where Does All the Money Go? Your Community and World Trade”—The Arkansas International Center—1988

File 15—Legislative Proposal—An Appropriation Bill for Funding to Support The Arkansas International Visitor Center—1988-1992

File 16—Draft—“My Air, Your Rainforest: An Interdisciplinary, International Simulation of on Environmental Negotiations”—Field Test Version by Barbara Stanford with assistance from Jaime Rollans—Property of the Arkansas International Center—1989

File 17—Nonprofit Resources—1980s




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 3

File 1—Walter Nunn—Director Arkansas International Center—1990

File 2—Business Cards

File 3—Roster (2 copies)—Arkansas Interpreters and Translators—A Roster of 215 Listings for 47 languages—1990—by Arkansas International Center

File 4—Escort Interpreter Manual—by the Office of Language Services, United States Department of State in Cooperation With the United States Information Agency, Washington, D.C.—c. 1995

File 5—Workshop Planning—1990

File 6—Committee Guide—1990 ACIV Banquet

File 7—Central Arkansas Council for International Visitors Program Committee Meetings 1990-1991

File 8—Arkansas International Directory (3 copies)—1991—by a grant from Southwestern Bell Telephone

File 9—Nonprofit Resources—1990s

File 10—AIC (Arkansansas International Center) Budget and Funding—1990-1997

File 11—Arkansas International Center (AIC) at UALR—1991-1997

File 12—AIC (Arkansas International Center—Financial—1999-2000

File 13—Aid for Social Studies—Thinking Through the Heart: Writing Poetry to Promote higher Order Thinking In Social Studies—by Brenda Ball and Dr. Anita Bahrami—published by Arkansas International Center—Series Editor Dr. Barbara Stanford—1991




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 4

File 1—Newspapers—AIC (Arkansas International Center) and ACIV Articles—1980s-1990s

File 2—AIC—Arkansas International Center—Mission, About Us, and Projects—2001

File 3—Arkansas International Center Monthly Report—2002-2004

File 4—AIC Financial Receipts—Jan. 2004-June 2006

File 5—Arkansas International Center—PowerPoint Presentation and Membership Forms—April 11, 2007

File 6—AIC—Budget—2007-2008

File 7—AIC Reimbursement Forms—Aug-Sept 2008

File 8—AIC Reimbursement Forms—Oct-Dec 2008

File 9—AIC—Forms—2009

File 10—Photos—2005, 2007

File 11—Misc. Material Not Related to Arkansas International Center




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 5

File 1—Training In Culture Awareness for Business (T-CAB) 1981

File 2—Targeted Culture Awareness for Business—T-CAB Seminar 1989

File 3—Targeted Cultural Awareness for Business (T-CAB) 1990-1992

File 4—ACIV—Visitors to Arkansas—1983-1985, 1987-1989

File 5—ACIV—By-Laws—1989

File 6—ACIV Stationary

File 7—ACIV Donation Forms

File 8—ACIV Survey Forms

File 9—The Arkansas Endowment for the Humanities (AEH) Funding—1987-1994

File 10—ACIV—Grant Application—1988-1989

File 11—Publication/Newsletter—“Arkansas World Links” Vol.1 No.1 to Vol.3 No.2

File 12—Marketing and Publications 1984, 1988-1992

File 13—Arkansas Council for International Visitors—Associate Communities in Arkansas—Little Rock, Blytheville, Harrison, Hot Springs, Jonesboro, Marianna, Monticello, and Russellville (Jan. 1988)

File 14—Hot Springs, Arkansas Community Profile—1988-1993

File 15—ACIV Associate Community—Blytheville—1st Assoc. Community—Feb 1987, 1989, 1991-1992

File 16—ACIV Associate Community—Harrison, Hot Springs, Monticello—1987-1989

File 17—Lee County Schools—Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation—Grant #88-119 (Grant Year #3 of 3, Phase II)—1989-1990

File 18—ACIV Associate Community—Lee County School District No. 1 (Marianna, Ark) 1991

File 19—ACIV Associate Communities Program Training and Guidelines –1991

File 20—ACIV Associate Community—Russellville, Ark—1989-1992

File 21—Jonesboro (Ark.) Council for International Visitors—1990, 1992, 1994-1997

File 22—“The Associate Community Program of the Arkansas Council for International Visitors”—1991




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 6

File 1—ACIV—1990

File 2—Information about International Visitor Program and Directories—1990-1991

File 3—ACIV—Information for Volunteers—1991 & 1992

File 4—Handbook—ACIV—A Handbook for Volunteers—1991

File 5—ACIV Alphabetical Volunteer List

File 6—ACIV “U.S. Environmentalists Issues and the Political Process”—Program for Yugoslavia Visitors—Little Rock, Ark—May 15-19, 1991

File 7—Photos and Slides—1987-1992

File 8—ACIV—1992

File 9—ACIV—1993

File 10—Business Directory—Little Rock-No. Little Rock for Japanese for Asia—1993




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 7

File 1—ACIV—History, Annual Reports, etc.—1991-1994

File 2—ACIV—1995

File 3—Manual—ABCs of Fundraising—1995

File 4—Analysis of ACIV (SWOT) = Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats—1996

File 5—A Handbook for Volunteers—Revised—1996

File 6—ACIV—1996

File 7—ACIV—1997

File 8—Book—Fodor’s How to Pack: Experts Share Their Secrets—by Laurel Cardone—1997

File 9—ACIV—1998

File 10—By-Laws of the Arkansas Council for International Visitors Revised—Sept. 25, 1998

File 11—ACIV—Address and E-mail List—1989-1999

File 12—Newspapers—1990s




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 8

File 1—Hot Springs International Visitors Program—Program Coordinator’s Handbook—1994

File 2—ACIV—1994—Hot Springs and Community Connections

File 3—ACIV—Grant Application—Business for Russia—1995-1996—Community Connections

File 4—Hot Springs (Ark.) International Visitors Program 1995-2005

File 5—Sister Cities Conference—Youth Committee—April 27, 1998

File 6—ACIV—1999—Hot Springs and Community Connections

File 7—Sister Cities International Annual Conference—July 22-24, 1999

File 8—ACIV—Sister Cities Grant—2001-2003

File 9—Sister Cities—2004-2007

File 10—Grant Proposal—Community Connections Program—Feb. 27, 1997

File 11—ACIV—Grant Application Community Connections Program—1997-1998

File 12—Community Connections—Jan-June 1998

File 13—Community Connections—July-Dec 1998

File 14—Community Connections—1999




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 9

File 1—ACIV—Grant Applications—Community Connections

File 2—Financial—Community Connections—2000-2003—Bank Statements—Invoices

File 3—Nonprofit Resources—2000

File 4—Little Rock Area Hotel Agreements

File 5—PowerPoint Presentation—The International Visitors Program at North Arkansas College

File 6—Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges (AATYC) Conference—North Arkansas College—Springdale, Ark.—Oct. 10-12, 2004

File 7—Telephone Reference Guide and Voicemail System

File 8—ACIV—Activity, Programs—2000-2002, 2004

File 9—Restructuring of International Program—2004-2005

File 10—Volunteer Experiences—2005

File 11—Manual—“The Art of Programming International Visitors” (37 pages)—2005

File 12—Visitors List—2000-2005

File 13—ACIV—Budget

File 14—ACIV—Visitors and Programs—May-Aug, 2006

File 15—International Visitors—Evaluations—C.2006

File 16—ACIV—Volunteers—2006




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 10

File 1—ACIV—Marketing—2006-2007

File 2—ACIV—Address and E-mail List—2000-2007 and undated

File 3—ACIV—Budgets—2007-2010

File 4—Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice—A Guide for Charities and Foundations (28 page Booklet)—Oct. 2007

File 5—ACIV—Programs—2009-2010

File 6—ACIV—Visitors List—2005-2010

File 7—Mailing List—2010

File 8—ACIV—Fundraising—2010

File 9—ACIV—History and 1st Grants—1983-2010

File 10—ACIV—Host Families—May 25, 2010-March 2011

File 11—ACIV—Visitors List—2011

File 12—Newspapers—2005-2012

File 13—Economical Fun Things to do in Central Arkansas

File 14—Book (paperback)—“Adventure Tales of Arkansas: A Cartoon History of a Spirited People”—1986

File 15—Arkansas Exports—1998-2003

File 16—Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum at North Little Rock, Ark.




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 11

File 1—Bill Clinton: 42nd President of the United States of America—Jan 20, 1993

File 2—Magazine—Arkansas Times—Nov. 11, 2004—Article—pg 17—101—“The Center of Attraction at Last. The Clinton Presidential Center and Park Opens”

File 3—Newspaper—Arkansas Democrat Gazette—Sunday Nov. 14, 2004—Special Section—“Clinton Presidential Center”

File 4—14 page booklet—“The University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service”

File 5—National Historic Site—Central High School—Little Rock, Arkansas—1957-2007

File 6—Magazine—Arkansas Times—Sept. 20, 2007—Special Issue—“Fifty Years After: The Little Rock School Crisis and What it Wrought”

File 7—Memphis, Tennessee—Home of Elvis Presley’s Graceland and The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn. with map of Memphis

File 8—Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park Plum Bayou Trail, The Griggs Canoe

File 9—Things Japanese in Arkansas

File 10—“Life Interrupted: The Japanese-American Experience in WWII Arkansas”—Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Grant, Advisory Board 2002

File 11—Robert Whiting, Author—2003-2004—Books on Japanese Culture

File 12—Horace Mann Arts/Science Magnet Middle School—1000 East Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, Arkansas

File 13—Directorate of Military Support (DOMS)—Arkansas National Guard—FY2009

File 14—International Visitor Program—Other State’s Pamphlets




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 12

File 1—International Visitor Program Overview—The Role of the National Program Agency and Staff Lists 2006

File 2—International Visitors Leadership Program—2006—Turkey—Aug. 14-Sept. 1, 2006

File 3—International Leadership Program—Food Safety, A Project for Ukraine—Sept. 11-29, 2006

File 4—International Visitor Leadership Program—Multi-Regional Project

File 5—International Visitors Leadership Program Oct.-Nov. 2008

File 6—International Visitors Leadership Program—Jan-March 2009

File 7—International Visitors Leadership Program—April 2009

File 8— International Visitors Leadership Program—May 6-August 16, 2009

File 9— International Visitors Leadership Program—Aug. 15-Oct. 7, 2009

File 10— International Visitors Leadership Program—Contemporary Challenges in Higher Education—participants from Indonesia, Norway, Russia and West Bank—in Little Rock, Arkansas—Oct. 5-23, 2009

File 11— International Visitors Leadership Program—New Approaches In Energy Efficiency/Sustainable Building Technologies—A Project for Czech Republic—Little Rock, Ark.—Oct. 22-27, 2009

File 12— International Visitors Leadership Program—Local Government and Meeting Constituent Needs in the U.S. –A Project for Armenia—Little Rock, AR—Nov. 8-12, 2009

File 13— International Visitors Leadership Program—The U.S. Higher Education System—Special Project for Turkey—Jonesboro and Little Rock, Ark.—Nov. 16-18, 2009

File 14— International Visitors Leadership Program—Managing Public Health and Promoting Healthy Living—A Sub-Regional Project for Latin America and the Caribbean—Little Rock/Pine Bluff, Ark.—Nov. 17-21, 2009

File 15— International Visitors Leadership Program—Project for Romania, Estonia, and Others—2009

File 16—International Visitor Leadership Program—Trade Relations—U.S. & Europe—Jan. 25-Feb. 12, 2010

File 17-- International Visitors Leadership Program—Mr. Alastair Urquhart MASSER, Defense Researcher—Parliamentary Resources Unit, House of Commons, United Kingdom—Little Rock, Ark. Visit Feb. 1-19, 2010

File 18— International Visitors Leadership Program—U.S. European Foreign Policy Challenges (II)—A Regional Project for Europe—Arkansas dates Feb. 28-March 3, 2010

File 19— International Visitors Leadership Program—Mr. Andrea Luzi Rassel, German and English Language Secondary School Teacher—Switzerland—Little Rock, Ark.—March 6-10, 2010

File 20— International Visitors Leadership Program—Examine U.S. national security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism efforts, etc.—Mr. Erlan Karin, Secretary, Nur Otan Party, Kazakhstan—Little Rock, Ark., Feb 22-March 12, 2010

File 21— International Visitors Leadership Program—Religious and Public Education—A Project for Saudi Arabia—Arkansas dates March 23-27, 2010

File 22— International Visitors Leadership Program—A Project for Georgia—Minority Rights In A Democracy—March 29-April 16, 2010

File 23— International Visitors Leadership Program—Insights on American Politics and Policy Making—A Project for Turkey—Arkansas dates April 28-May 2, 2010

File 24— International Visitors Leadership Program—Mr. Robby Alexander Strait—Staff Expert, Economy, Finance and Banking System Committee, Indonesian House of Representatives, Indonesia—Arkansas visit May 13-18, 2010

File 25— International Visitors Leadership Program—Agriculture and Sustainable Development in the U.S. and Africa—A Regional Project for Africa—Little Rock, Ark. Dates May 16-20, 2010




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 13

File 1—International Visitor Leadership Program—Ms. Anna Ursula Wisniewska, Deputy Director, Legal Office for International Cooperation, National Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Poland—Little Rock, Ark. Visit May 19-22, 2010

File 2— International Visitor Leadership Program—Mr. Huang Chao-Hsing, Deputy Director, Food Warehousing and Transportation Division, Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan—Arkansas dates May 22-26, 2010

File 3— International Visitor Leadership Program—Arkansas Program for Ms. Nurseha Dewagong, Head Planning and Finance, Health Unit, Enrekang Local Government, South Sulawesi—A Project for Indonesia—Arkansas date May 30—June 4, 2010

File 4— International Visitor Leadership Program—Mr. Hassan Aghmari, Governor/Director of Elections, Ministry of Interior, Rabat, Morocco—Little Rock date June 26-30, 2010

File 5— International Visitor Leadership Program—American Libraries—A Multi-Regional Project—Little Rock, Ark. Date July 1-6, 2010

File 6— International Visitor Leadership Program—Food Security and Disaster Management—A Project for Bangladesh—Little Rock, Ark. Date July 20-24, 2010

File 7— International Visitor Leadership Program—Local Government: Serving Citizens and Planning for Community Needs—A Project for Afghanistan—Little Rock, Ark. July 22-27, 2010

File 8— International Visitor Leadership Program—Judiciary—Professional Objective: To Understand U.S. Judicial System—Thailand and Russian Judges—Sept. 7-24, 2010

File 9— International Visitor Leadership Program—Alumni Association Leadership Development I: A Multi-Regional Project—Arkansas dates Sept. 9-14, 2010

File 10— International Visitor Leadership Program—U.K. Parliament—Sept 9-14, 2010

File 11— International Visitor Leadership Program—Current U.S. Political Trends—A Project for Germany—Sept. 18 to Oct. 9. 2010

File 12— International Visitor Leadership Program—Current U.S. Social, Political and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders—Sept. 20 to Oct. 8, 2010

File 13— International Visitor Leadership Program—Mr. Bruno Ripoche, Foreign Policy Journalist, France—Oct. 3-6, 2010

File 14— International Visitor Leadership Program—Empowering Women in Society and Combating Violence—A Project for Pakistan—Oct. 3-7, 2010

File 15— International Visitor Leadership Program—Minority Integration Across Borders—Sub-Regional Project for Estonia and Latvia—Oct. 5-9, 2010

File 16— International Visitor Leadership Program—Social Integration of Minority Communities—A Project for Hungary—Oct. 13-16, 2010

File 17— International Visitor Leadership Program—Ms. Clare Cattleya DeGuzman Amador—The Philippines—Oct. 25-Nov. 12, 2010

File 18— International Visitor Leadership Program—Insights on America: An Overview of U.S. Politics, Society, Culture and History—A European Regional Project—Nov. 1-19, 2010

File 19— International Visitor Leadership Program—Primary and Secondary Education—A Regional Project for the Near East and North Africa—Feb. 22 to March 11, 2011

File 20— International Visitor Leadership Program—Early Childhood Education—A Multi-Regional Project—Angola, Bahrain, Mexico, Oman, Russia—March 9-13, 2011

File 21— International Visitor Leadership Program—Young European Leaders—May 8-11, 2011

File 22— International Visitor Leadership Program—Agricultural Issues in the U.S.—A Project for India—May 16 to June 3, 2011

File 23— International Visitor Leadership Program—Promoting Good Governance and Decentralization—A Project for Indonesia—June 8-14, 2011

File 24— International Visitor Leadership Program—Pluralism and Democracy—A Project for Indonesia—July 27-30, 2011

File 25— International Visitor Leadership Program—The Role of Spokespersons in the U.S.—A Project for Tajikistan—July 25-Aug. 12, 2011

File 26— International Visitor Leadership Program—Disaster and Crisis Management—A Project for Nepal—Sept. 7-10, 2011

File 27— International Visitor Leadership Program—Mr. Absalon Alvaro, General Director, Rural Academic Unites, Bolivian Catholic University, Bolivia—Sept. 11-Oct. 1, 2011

File 28— International Visitor Leadership Program—U.S. Journalism for Editors from Southern Provinces of Vietnam—A Project for Vietnam—Oct. 24 to Nov. 1, 2011

File 29— International Visitor Leadership Program 2011—Chiefs of State and Heads of Government—Africa, South Africa, East Asian and Pacific

File 30— Newspapers—Haiti’s Earthquake—Spring 2010

File 31—Community Partnership (CPG) Grant— International Visitor Leadership Program—2010-2011




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 14

File 1—The Arkansas Council for International Visitors Receives NCIV (National Council for International Visitors) Statewide Leadership Award—Feb. 7, 1990

File 2—NCIV—“The Effective Board: A Self-Help Manual” (2 copies)—for the NCIV Network—First Edition—1994

File 3—Manual—“ABC’s of Fundraising: Building Resources”—1995

File 4—National Council of International Visitors—Report and Grant Application—1995

File 5—National Council for International Visitors: Standards and Guidelines—1996 (2 copies) and 1999 (2 copies)

File 6—NCIV Manuel—“A Public Relations Primer”—1996

File 7—“The Art of Programming for International Visitors” (2 copies)—1997

File 8—National Council for International Visitors—Grants and Reports—1990-1997

File 9—Guide—“ Special Day at School: Suggestions for International Visitors Planning Visits to U.S. Classrooms”—2000

File 10—NCIV—“International Exchange Programs for Teachers”—summer 2002

File 11—NCIV—Nonprofit Management Resource Directory—Fall, 2002

File 12—Report—“Fee-for-Service Programs: A Report”—National Council for International Visitors—Feb. 2003




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 15

File 1—“Handbook for International Guest”—2004—by International Education Institute

File 2—NCIV (National council for International Visitors)—International Exchange Programs for Teachers—Scholarships, Awards, Travel—U.S.-Japan/Asia, east-West Center’s Asia Pacific Ed. Program—2002-2004

File 3—NCIV—Southern Regional Meeting—Dallas, Texas—Aug. 5-7, 2004

File 4—NCIV—National Council for International Visitors—Annual Report—2004, 2005

File 5—NCIV—National Council for International Visitors Grant Application—2005

File 6—International Visitor Leadership Program—2004-2006

File 7—NCIV National meeting—Washington, D.C.—Feb. 16-18, 2006

File 8—NCIV Southern Regional Meeting—Hunstville, Alabama—June 21-23, 2006

File 9—Newsletter—The New York Times—“Anti-Americanism Prompts Push for ‘Citizen Diplomacy’”—by Bernd Debusmann—Reuters—July 26, 2006

File 10—Community Partnership Grant—2006

File 11—NCIV—Phyllis Layton Perry Educator of the Year Award—Vicki Gonterman of Gibbs Magnet School—Dec. 2006

File 12—NCIV—National Council for International Visitors—Annual Report—2006, 2007

File 13—NCIV—Community Partnership Grant—2007

File 14—NCIV—National Meeting—Renaissance Washington, D.C. Hotel—Feb. 14-17, 2007

File 15—“The Art of Programming International Visitors”—Feb. 2007

File 16—NCIV—National Council for International Visitors—community Partnership Grant—2008

File 17—2 CD-R—National Council of International Visitors—Citizen Diplomacy—Walter Nunn & Joe Karan—2008




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 16

File 1—NCIV (National Council for International Visitors) Meeting—Washington, D.C.—Feb. 14-16, 2008

File 2—NCIV—Southern Regional Meeting—Atlanta, GA—Aug. 6-8, 2008

File 3—NCIV—National Council for International Visitors Meeting—Washington, D.C.—Feb. 11-14, 2009

File 4—NCIV Grants and Reports—Community Partnership—2009

File 5—NCIV—Meeting—Washington, D.C.—Feb. 10-12, 2010

File 6—NCIV—Correspondence—2009-2010

File 7—NCIV—Community Partnership Grant—2010

File 8—NCIV—Southern Regional Meeting—Miami, Fla.—June 3-4, 2010

File 9—NCIV—Midwestern Regional Meeting—Rapid City, South Dakota—Aug. 24-26, 2011

File 10—NCIV—Citizen Diplomacy Summit—Clinton Presidential Center and Central Arkansas Library System—Little Rock, AR—Nov 6-7, 2011




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 17

File 1—Arkansas Fulbright International Awards Banquet—Arkansas State Capitol—May 6, 1988

File 2—India Program—Fulbright Academy Summer Institute—July 3-Aug. 3, 1990

File 3—Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (United States Department of State)—2002

File 4—Workshops—2003

File 5—Fulbright International Exchange of Teachers in Mid-Atlantic—Arlington, VA—Sept 25-27, 2005

File 6—Fulbright Teacher Exchange—Fall Regional Meeting—Oct. 23-25, 2005

File 7—Fall Regional Workshop—Participant Contact List—2006

File 8—Fulbright Teacher Exchange Workshop—Correspondence—July-Oct. 2006

File 9—Registration—Fall Regional Workshop—Oct. 15-17, 2006

File 10—Fulbright Teachers Exhnage Programs—Southern Fall Regional Workshop—Little Rock, Ark—Oct 15-17, 2006

File 11—“NCIV Network News”—vol. XLVI—No. 10—Nov. 2006—Article “NCIV Host Premier of Fulbright Documentary at Meridian International Center”—Fulbright: The Man, the Mission, and the Message




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 18

File 1—Fulbright Teachers Exchange Program—Fall Southern Regional Meeting—Little Rock, Ark.—Oct. 14-16, 2007

File 2—Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program—Fall Regional Meeting—Oct. 4-7, 2008

File 3—Rockefeller Foundation Project—1983-1985

File 4—Rockefeller Foundation Project Proposal & Application—March 1 to July 1, 1988

File 5—Rockefeller Foundation Grant--$450,000 for Global Studies—Oct. 18, 1988

File 6—Global Education—Rockefeller Foundation Proposal—July 1987-1988

File 7—Vitas—(Rockefeller Foundation)

File 8—Rockefeller Foundation Proposal—1988-1989

File 9—The Atlas (Advancing Teaching and Learning in Arkansas Schools ) Project in International Education—May 1989

File 10—Dissertation Proposal—“Evaluation of the ATLAS Project”—by Walter Nunn—Fall 1989




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 19

File 1—ATLAS Project Evaluation—Rockefeller Foundation correspondence—1989-1990

File 2—ATLAS (Advancing Teaching and Learning in Arkansas Schools)—underwritten by the Rockefeller Foundation and Michael Cowan Stanford Memorial Fund—Walter Nunn, Director—1989-1990

File 3—Budget—July 1, 1989-June 30, 1990

File 4—The ATLAS Project (Advance Teaching and Learning in Arkansas Schools)—1990-1991

File 5—The ATLAS Project (Advance Teaching and Learning in Arkansas Schools)—1991-1992

File 6—Interdisciplinary Teams Participating in the Arkansas global Education Program—Crosett, Dardanelle, Eudora, Fouke, Little Rock’s Central Marianna, Perriville and Pine Bluff Schools—c. 1990s

File 7—The ATLAS Project—1993-1994

File 8—CHART (Collaboratives for Humanities and Arts Teaching) Conference—Hosted by The Rockefeller Foundation & ATLAS—Capitol Hotel, Little Rock—Oct. 11-14,1990

File 9—CHART—funding from The Rockefeller Foundation—1989-1991

File 10—CHART (Collaboratives for Humanities and Arts Teaching)—1991-1994




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 20

File 1—Building an Effective Board of Directors

File 2—ACIV Board of Directors Meetings—1990

File 3—ACIV Board of Directors Meetings—1991

File 4— ACIV Board of Directors Meetings—1992-1993

File 5—ACIV Agenda and Board Meetings—1994-1995

File 6—ACIV Agenda and Board Meetings—1996

File 7—Board of Trustees Meetings—1997

File 8—Board of Trustees Meetings—1998

File 9—Board of Trustees Meetings—1999

File 10—Board of Trustees Meetings—2000




Series I

Sub-Series I

Box 21

File 1—ACIV—Board of Directors Meetings—2001

File 2—ACIV—Board of Directors—2002

File 3—ACIV—Board of Directors Meetings—2003

File 4—NCIV (National Council for International Visitors)—“Boards that Make a Difference”—PowerPoint presentation—March 15, 2003

File 5—ACIV—Board of Directors Meetings—2004

File 6—ACIV—Board of Directors minutes—2005

File 7—ACIV—Board of Directors minutes—2006

File 8—ACIV—Board of Directors Meetings—2007

File 9—ACIV—Board of Directors Meetings—2008

File 10—ACIV—Board Meetings—2009

File 11—ACIV—Board of Directors—2010




Series I

Sub-Series I and Sub-Series II

Box 1

Sub-Series I

File 1—ACIV Arkansas/European Partnership—(for Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and United Kingdom)—1988-1991

File 2—“Report on Economic Development in Albania (2 copies)—(south-western Europe)—by Genci Jorgoni—Arkansas International Center—Oct. 11, 1993

File 3—Partners for International Education and Training (PIET)—Lithuania Program—Alytus, Lithuania—March 24-April 22, 1995

File 4—Mr. Samuel Laine, France—Oct. 8-11, 2006

File 5—a 2 CD set—Songs of ETHNOLOGY: Georgia: Europe Started Here—for the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Economic Development of Georgia—2007

File 6—DVD—“Ethnic Mosaic”—television series about ethnic minorities of Estonia (Europe)—2007

File 7—Map of Europe—2007

Sub-Series II

File 1—Japan Seminars—early 1983-1989

File 2—AIC (Arkansas International Center)—Arkansas Japan Project—Japanese Culture Awareness for Business—c. 1988

File 3—The Arkansas Japan Project Program Description (2 copies of report)—Director, Bill Holloway—May 11, 1989

File 4—Report—Arkansas Japan Project—“The Internship Experience” by Mary Ann Hart—June 1989

File 5—Arkansas Japan Project Annual Report (2 copies)—Aug. 1, 1989

File 6—Japan/United States Friendship Commission—Correspondence—1988-1989 and Jan.-June 1990

File 7—Arkansas Japan Project—Interim Report—Aug. 1989-Feb. 1990

File 8—U.S./Japan Foundation—1st year proposal—1990

File 9—Expansion of the Japan Project to the Pacific Rim: A Preliminary Proposal—Aug. 30, 1990

File 10—The Japan Center of Arkansas—“The Pacific Rim Project”—Agenda for the 1990s

File 11—U.S./Japanese Musical—“Labor of Love”—1991

File 12—Japan Reports—1991

File 13—Midsouth Japan in the Schools Proposal—U.S.-Japan Foundation—1991

File 14—U.S.-Japan Foundation—Grant for ”Midsouth Japan in the Schools Program”—1991

File 15—Midsouth Japan in School Project—Trip to Japan—1991

File 16—Japan Seminars—1991-1994

File 17—“Japanese Culture Through the Arts: West Meets East”—“A Presentation by Arkansas Art Teachers Who Visited Japan Last Summer”—Dec. 1991

File 18—Japan Summer Institute—1991, 1992




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 2

File 1—8-8½”/11 pen & ink drawings of Japan—by Don Kitz—July 1992

File 2—Midsouth Japan in the Schools Proposal—U.S.-Japan Foundation—1992

File 3—Midsouth Japan in Schools Project—Trip to Japan 1992

File 4—U.S.-JAPAN Foundation—1992-1995

File 5—Japanese Professor Tadahisa Uozumi and Graduate Students Visit to Little Rock, Arkansas—Oct. 6-10, 1992 and Nov. 18, 1996

File 6—Japanese Host Families—1992-1996

File 7—Midsouth Japan in the Schools Proposal—U.S.-Japan Foundation—1993

File 8—Midsouth Japan in Schools Project—Trip to Japan 1993

File 9—The U.S.-japan Foundation—African American/Japan Relations—Minority Issues—1993

File 10—Evaluation of Midsouth Japan in the Schools Project—for First Three Years—1994

File 11—Norman Kato—Japanese Artist—Lost or Stolen Goods at Little Rock, Arkansas Airport—Aug. 1995

File 12—Japan Exchange Teachers Program—Sept. 5-12, 1995

File 13—Newspaper from Japan Trips—1995

File 14—Southern Community Colleges—Japan Trip—May 20-June 6, 1996

File 15—Southern Community Colleges in Japan—Third Year—July 8, 1996

File 16—UALR-Japanese Language Lesson—Fall, 1996

File 17—Newsletter-“Clippings” (A Newsletter of the Japan-American Society of Ark.)—1996

File 18—J.A.P.A.N. ’96—Japan Awareness Project for Arkansas in the Nineties—submitted by Christ D. Gonterman and Edgar K. Riddick III

File 19—Midsouth Japan in the Schools Project—Japan Teachers and Itinerary—1996-1997

File 20—U.S.-Japan Foundation—Urban Teachers in the South seminars—1997-1998

File 21—U.S.-Japan Foundation—1st year—Urban Teachers in the South—Japan in the Schools Program—Budget, Report, Financial—1997-1998




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 3

File 1—Center for Global Partnership (CGP)—Southern Community College—Grant Proposal—1992-1993

File 2—Center for Global Partnership by AIC (Arkansas International Center)—“Southern Community Colleges in Japan” Grants—1994-1995

File 3—Trip to Japan—May 23-June 9—1995

File 4—Center for Global Partnership (CGP)—Southern Community Colleges in Japan Project—Dissemination Report—1995-1996

File 5—Center for Global Partnership by AIC—Grant Proposal—1996-1997

File 6—Shimane, Japan Teachers Group in Little Rock, Ark.—1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

File 7—Urban Teachers in the South—Japan in the Schools Project—1998

File 8—U.S.-Japan Foundation—Urban Teachers in the South Project Proposal—1998-1999

File 9—U.S.-Japan Foundation—Urban Teachers in the South—Japan in the Schools Project—Seminars/Conferences—1998-1999

File 10—Shimane Education Program in America (SEPA ’99)—1999

File 11—Urban Teachers in the South—Japan in the Schools Program—June 15-July 1, 1999

File 12—Japan Travel—Correspondence—1999

File 13—Japan Travel—Financial—1999




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 4

File 1—Nagoya, Japan—School Visits—1999, 2000

File 2—US Japan Foundation—Osaka, Japan Visit—1999, 2000

File 3—U.S./Japan Foundation—Financial—1999, 2000—University of Tennessee

File 4—Urban Teachers in the South: Japan in the Schools Project—Secondary Schools in Major Southern Urban Centers: Memphis, Birmingham, New Orleans—Financial—1999-2001

File 5—Urban Teachers in the South: Japan in the Schools Trip—1999-2000

File 6—Japan Travel—Correspondence—2000

File 7—Japan Travel—Financial—2000

File 8—Urban Teachers in the South: Japan in the Schools Program—Japan Itinerary—June 13-29, 2000

File 9—Japan in the Schools Tour—June 13-29, 2000—Maps, Memorabilia

File 10—Togo, Japan—Teacher’s Visits—Little Rock, Arkansas—Aug. 16-19, 2000




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 5

File 1—Report (11 pages)—“Introduction to Japan”—by Grand Voyages & Expeditions—2000

File 2—American Teachers in Matsue, Japan—2000, 2001

File 3—U.S./Japan Foundation—Financial—2000-2001, Year 4

File 4—US Japan Foundation—Shimane, Japan Trip for Teachers from Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee—June 13-29, 2001

File 5—Urban Teachers in the South: Japan in the Schools Project—Interim Activity Report for 3rd Year—1999-2001—June 12-28, 2001

File 6—ISEI—International Society for Educational Information—(Founded 1958)

File 7—Japanese Travel Information—Japan/English Phrases, Japan Customs, Maps, History, Interpreters, How to Pack, Travel Comfort, Etc.

File 8—Memories of WWII—“The Pacific War from Japanese Perspective”—by Hiroshi Yoshino (age about 75)—June 25, 2001, Tokyo, Japan

File 9—Post-War Memories—U.S. Army Far-East Signal Supply Center—General Depoe, Japan APO 503—Negishi Area, Yokohoma, Japan

File 10—Post War Memories of a 10 year old Male—“My Experience of the World War”—by Nobuo Shiihashi (age about 66, 2001)

File 11—Testimony of 14 year old Survivor of WWII Hiroshima—Junior High School—Mr. Akihiro Takahashi (Now about age 71, 2002)

File 12—Testimony of 16 year old Worker from Eba Plant, Mitsubishi—Shipbuilder—Mr. Akira Onogi (Now about age 73, 2002)

File 13—Japan Travel—Correspondence—2001 Trip

File 14—Japan Travel—Financial Report—Grant No. 98-31—for June 12-28, 2001 Trip

File 15—U.S./Japan Foundation—Midsouth Japan in Schools Project—Financial—2002-2002 and 2002-2004

File 16—Midsouth Japan in the Schools Project—2001-2003

File 17—U.S./Japan Foundation—The Midsouth Japan in the Schools Project—2002-2003 school year

File 18—Urban Teachers in the South: Japan in Schools Program—1997-2001—Final Report—Feb. 14, 2002

File 19—Mid-South Japan in the Schools Project—June 15-29, 2002

File 20—Japan Travel—Correspondence—2002

File 21—Japan Travel—Financial Report—2002

File 22—Directory—International Exchange Program for Teachers—Fall 2002

File 23—Research Paper—“In Search of the Meaning of the Civil Rights Movement”: A Perspective Drawn from Three Case Studies of Local Civil Rights Struggles (Including Research on Little Rock Central High)—by Masaki Kawashima—Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan—2002

File 24—Seminar on Japan—UALR Stabler Hall—April 5, 2003

File 25—Midsouth Japan in Schools Project—June 11-28. 2003

File 26—Japan Travel—Correspondence—2003

File 27—Japan Travel—Financial—2003




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 6

File 1—Japan Workshop for Mississippi Teachers—Mississippi College, Clinton, Mississippi—Jan. 30-31, 2004

File 2—Things Vietnam—2004

File 3—Vietnam Doctors—Rural Health Care—April 14-18, 2004

File 4—Arkansas Teachers—Midsouth—Japan in the Schools Project—2005

File 5—Oyatsu Company Ltd.—Japan Snack Food Culture Seminar—July 12-16, 2005

File 6—ORSP—Grant Information—Power Point Presentation—Oct. 6, 2005

File 7—Japan Weekend Institute—Applicants Attending—Little Rock, Ark.—April 21-23, 2006

File 8—Japan Weekend Institute—UALR, Little Rock, Ark.—April 21-23, 2006

File 9—Japanese-American Internment in WWII—2002, 2004, 2006

File 10—Other Japanese Internment Camps

File 11—Newspapers—Japanese Internment Camps—2002-2004

File 12—2 CDs—Hiroshima—Nagasaki, Japan Atomic Bomb Exhibition

File 13—Japanese Cultural Immersion

File 14—Traditions and Beliefs in Japan: Creation Mythology

File 15—Japanese/Asian Religion of Shinto—Lessons—2006

File 16—Animals in Art of Korea

File 17—Haiku Poetry from Japan

File 18—(2) Kamishibai Storytellers of Japan

File 19—(2) “The Tail of GenJi”—Japanese Literature

File 20—Merchant Class in Edo Period Japan

File 21—Japan-America Society—Programs—2000s



Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 7

File 1—Center for Global Partnership (CGP)—Grant Proposals—2000-2003

File 2—Global Challenge—Shimane, Japan Educators Tour—Visits Little Rock Schools—Feb. 7-10, 2003

File 3—Center for Global Partnership (CGP)—Visit to Little Rock, Ark.—Jan.28-29, 2004

File 4—Center for Global Partnership (CGP)—Grant Proposals—2004-2005

File 5—Center for Global Partnership –Advance Instruction on Japan—University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Ark.—July 1, 2005

File 6—Center for Global Partnership—Grant Proposal—2006

File 7—Center for Global Partnership –Japan Weekend Institute—April 21-23, 2006

File 8—Travel Reimbursement—April 21-23, 2006

File 9—Center for Global Partnership—Japan Weekend Workshop—June 9-11, 2006

File 10—Center for Global Partnership—Books—2007

File 11—CGP Proposed Budget and Japan Institute—June 7-8, 2007

File 12—CGP—Financial—2007

File 13—Japan Foundation—Center for Global Partnership (CGP)—2008

File 14—The Japan Foundation—Center for Global Partnership—2010-2011




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 8

File 1a—Japan-America Society of New York—Fall Caravan Conference—Program: “Japan’s Changing Attitudes, Ethics, and Priorities”—Sept. 22-24, 1993

File 1b—U.S./Japan Tourism Exchange Promotion Program—A Two Nation Tourism Promotion Initiative—1994-2000

File 2—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Employer Identification Number (EIN)—71-0751600—1994

File 3—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Mission Statement—Established 1994

File 4—2 Copies JASA By-Laws—April 2, 1994

File 5—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Membership Drive—1995

File 6—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meeting—March 29, 1993 to Dec. 13, 1994

File 7—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meetings—1995

File 8—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meeting—Jan.-June 1996

File 9—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meetings—July-Dec. 1996

File 10—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Annual Meeting—May 15, 1997

File 11—The National Association of Japan-America Societies—Annual Conference—June 11-14, 1997—Atlanta, GA.

File 12—Japan-American Society of Arkansas—Board Meetings—Jan.-June 1997

File 13—Japanese NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations)—1997

File 14—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—1998-1999—Board Meetings

File 15—JASA Programs—1996-1997, 1997-1998




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 9

File 1—Japan-America Society Arkansas—Financial and Membership—1996-1999

File 2—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Financial—2001-2004

File 3—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—2000-2002—Membership, Board Meeting, Correspondence, Etc.

File 4—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meetings—2003-2004

File 5—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meetings—2005

File 6—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meeting and Membership List—2006

File 7—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Financial—2005-2006

File 8—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Board Meetings—2007

File 9—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Financial—2007-2008

File 10—Japan-America Society of Arkansas—Bank of America Account #6953 Closed—Nov. 1, 2010

File 11—JASA—Newsletters—2003-2004

File 12—(JET) Japan Exchange and Teaching Program Applications—2003, 2005

File 13—(JIAM) Japanese Inter-Cultural Academy for Municipalities—Tom Gittins—1997-1998

File 14—(JIAM) Japanese Inter-Cultural Academy for Municipalities—2003-2004

File 15—Japan Outreach Initiative Handbook (JOI)—2003-2004

File 16—Japan Outreach Initiative Handbook—2004-2005

File 17—Japan Outreach Initiative—2004-2005—New Orleans, LA.




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 10

File 1—Chinese Language for Beginners—by Lee Cooper—Copied

File 2—Bringing China to Arkansas: A Development Program for Secondary Teachers—2000-2003

File 3—Correspondence—Freeman Funded Programs—2004-205

File 4—China—“Changing the Face of China”

File 5—Chinese Cinderella: Modeling Character Analysis

File 6—The Three Perfections of China: Painting, Calligraphy, and Poetry

File 7—China and Afghanistan: The Opium Debate

File 8—K’ang Hsi’s “Sacred Edict”

File 9—NCTA (National Consortium for Teaching about Asia)—Statewide Teachers Seminar—Registration—Dec. 18-22 and Jan. 8-12

File 10—National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA)—Teachers and Schedules—2001

File 11—NCTA—Participants—Spring 2002

File 12—NCTA—Participants—2003

File 13—Statewide Teacher Seminar on East Asia History and Culture—2003, 2004

File 14—NCTA—Grants—2004

File 15—Evaluation Questionnaire—For University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia—From Chinese Faculty Members Who Stayed at UGA for One Semester—2004

File 16—Seminar on East Asian History and Culture—Walnut Ridge—June 2004—NCTA =National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

File 17—Workshop—Follow-up to Asian Studies—Nov. 2004—Walnut Ridge

File 18—Fourth International NAJAS/NAAJAS Symposium—Japan Society of Boston 100th Anniversary—Pacific Conference—Oct. 25, 2004

File 19—NCTA—Working Meeting in New York—Dec. 2-3, 2004

File 20—NCTA—Grants—2005




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 11

File 1—NCTA (National Consortium for Teaching about Asia)—Workshop—Summer 2005—July 11-20, 2005

File 2—NCTA—Example Lessons—2005

File 3—Japan Weekend Workshop—June 9-11, 2006

File 4—NCTA—Workshop—East Asian history and culture—July 10-19, 2006

File 5—Freeman Foundation—Annual Report—2006

File 6—Arkansas NCTA (National Consortium for Teaching about Asia) Budget and Grant—Awarded by the Freeman Foundation—2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009

File 7—The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership—Grant Approval—12/6/2006

File 8—Waltern Nunn and Takeo Suzuki—Trip to China—Jan. 20-29, 2007

File 9—The China Report—Jan. 21-29, 2007

File 10—NCTA—National Consortium for Teaching About Asia—June 18, 29, 2007

File 11—Seminar on East Asia History and Culture—Fort Smith School District—June 2007

File 12—Fifth Annual Symposium on Asia in the Curriculum—Columbia University—Sept. 27-28, 2007

File 13—China Visits—Preparation

File 14—Japan Trip Souvenirs—2007-2008

File 15—Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Photo Poster—Exhibition in the USA—2007-2008




Series I

Sub-Series II

Box 12

File 1—NCTA (National Cosortium for Teaching about Asia)—Study Tour Applications—2008

File 2—NCTA—National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Diane Beilby—Kirksey Middle School—Rogers, Benton Co., AR

File 3—NCTA—National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Gail Boyle—Butterfield Junior High School—Van Buren, Crawford Co., Ark.

File 4—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Karla Bradly—Fayetteville School District

File 5—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Karla walden Caraway—Springdale High School, Washington Co., Ark.

File 6—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Melynda Kay Cobel—Cedarville High School, Crawford Co., Ark

File 7—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Pat Cromment—Caddo Hills High School, Norman, Montgomery Co., Ark

File 8—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Mary Christine Dietz—Dunbar Magnet School, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark.

File 9—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Stephanie Gean—Union Christian Academy—Ft. Smith

File 10—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Vicki Stroud Gonterman—Gibbs International Magnet School—Little Rock School District

File 11—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Mary Susan Jeffries—Bryant Middle School—Saline Co., Ark.

File 12—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Gena P. McGee—Fayetteville School District

File 13—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: W. J. (Jody) Musgrove—Pulaski Academy—Little Rock

File 14—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Elizabeth Hail-Nix—Jacksonville High School—Pulaski Co., Ark.

File 15—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Brian Schuller—Wicks School District—Polk Co., Ark.

File 16—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Lisa Schuller—Acorn High School—Mena, Scott Co., Ark.

File 17—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Francine S. Skotko—Little Rock School District

File 18—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Cynthia Smith—University of Arkansas Fayetteville—Washington Co., Ark.

File 19—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Gloria Williams Tran—Fort Smith School District

File 20—NCTA— National Consortium for Teaching about Asia—2008 Study Tour of China and Japan—Applicant: Mary Boyd Trulock—Westwood Elementary, Springdale, Washington Co., Ark.

File 21—NCTA Study Tour—China-Japan Orientation—April 18-20, 2008

File 22—NCTA—Arkansas Teachers’ Group—China-Japan Study Tour—June 28-July 18, 2008

File 23—NCTA East Asia Seminar—July 28-Aug. 7, 2008

File 24—China-Japan Study Tour—Follow-up—Nov. 1, 2008

File 25—Guizhou Normal University (Guiyang, Guizhou, P. R. China) and Southern Arkansas University (Magnolia, Arkansas) Establish a “Sister” Institution—Dec. 15, 2008

File 26—NCTA—East Asia History Course and Annual Report—2008-2009

File 27—Lesson Plans—2009

File 28—NCTA—Correspondence—2009-2010

File 29—NCTA—Online Seminars on Asia—2010

File 30—World Learning Visitors Exchange—Chines Lawyers Group—March 5-9, 2007

File 31—Japan—Newspaper—2011




Series I

Sub-Series III

Box 1

File 1—Open World Program—Homestay Host Family—1992-1999

File 2—Russian Proposal & Grant—Terri McLendon—1993-1994

File 3—“A Foreign Visitor’s Guide to Fladmir, Russia—by Serendipity Russian Tours—publication (20 page)—1994

File 4—Russia Program Application—Business for Russia—1994

File 5—Russia, Group 1—March-May—Community Connections—1995

File 6—Russia, Group 2—Business for Russia—Oct.-Nov., 1995

File 7—Russian Leaders Expense—1995

File 8—Amendment to the Business for Russia Grant—May 13, 1996

File 9—Russia, Group 3—March-May Community Connections—1996

File 10—Russia, Group 1—Oct.-Nov, Community Connections—Fall 1997

File 11—Russia—Group 2: Feb-March Community Connections—Group 3:  July-Aug.—Fall Group: Sept.-Oct.—1998

File 12—World Learning—(Russian, Croatian project)—1999-2001

File 13—Russian Leaders Expense—1999-2000

File 14—Russian Leaders Program—2000

File 15—Russian Leadership Program—Nov. 29-Dec. 7, 2001

File 16—Open World Schedules and Host Families—2000, 2002-2003




Series I

Sub-Series III

Box 2

File 1—Open World Russian Leadership Program—May 1-9, 2002

File 2—Open World Russian Leadership Program—May 25-June 2, 2002

File 3—Russian Leaders Expense—2002

File 4—Open World—Russian Leadership Program—July 17-25, 2003

File 5—Open World Program—Youth Organization—Nov. 15-23, 2003

File 6—Open World Program—Russia—Rule of Law—Dec. 12-20, 2003

File 7—Open World Program—Russia—Rule of Law—July 16-24, 2004

File 8—Open World Program—Uzbek—Agri/Economic Development—Oct. 9-17, 2004

File 9—Russian Leaders Expense—2003-2004

File 10—Open World Program—Russian—Health Care Administration—July 9-17, 2005

File 11—Open World Program—Russian—Local City Governance—Oct. 21-29, 2005

File 12—Open World Program—Russian youth Health Issues—Nov. 5-13, 2005

File 13—Open World Program—Russian—Accountable Governance and Youth—June 24-July 2, 2006

File 14—Open World Program—Russian—Rule of Law—Sept. 16-24, 2006

File 15—Open World Program—Russian Doctors—Preventive Health—Oct. 28-Nov. 5, 2006

File 16—Russian Leaders Expense—2005-2006

File 17—Open World Program—Russian Physicians—Health Care Administration—June 2-10, 2007




Series I

Sub-Series III

Box 3

File 1—Open World—Homestay Host Family—2004-2008, 2009

File 2—Open World Program—Tajikistan—Clean Water/City Government—March 8-15, 2008

File 3—Open World Program—Ukraine—Accountable Governance—July 26-Aug. 3, 2008

File 4—Open World—Russian Judges—Sept. 13-20, 2008

File 5—Open World Delegation from Turkmenistan—Feb. 28-March 7, 2009

File 6—Open World—Georgia—Education—May 15-23, 2009

File 7—Russian Culture Leaders Program—Grant Procedures—2009-2010

File 8—Open World—Russia—March 26-April 3, 2010

File 9—Open World—Kazakhstan—Correspondence—Jan.-May, 2010

File 10—Open World Program—Delegation from Kazakhstan—June 5-13, 2010

File 11—Open World—Ukraine—June 11-19, 2010

File 12—Open World—Georgian Ambassador Kutelia Visit—Aug. 30-31, 2010

File 13—AED (Academy for Education Development)—Open World Agreement Letter—Feb. 2, 2011

File 14—Grant Agreement between the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation and ACIV—Feb.-April, 2011

File 15—Open World—Ukraine—March 11-19, 2011

File 16—Open World Program—Georgian Accountable Government—April 1-9, 2011

File 17—Open World—Russia—2011




Series I

Sub-Series III

Box 4

File 1—U.S./Ukraine Community Partnerships for Local Government Training and Education—1997-2000

File 2—Ukraine Trainees—Community Connection—April 1997

File 3—U.S./Ukraine Foundation—1998

File 4—U.S./Ukraine Grant—1998-2000

File 5—Community Connections—Ukrainian Group—(Carolyn Lobron, U.S. Information Agency (USIA) Community Connection Program Officer)—Little Rock, Ark.—visit—Jan. 26-March 1, 1999

File 6—U.S./Ukraine Community Partnerships—Coordinating Conference—Sept. 1999

File 7—Ukraine Trainees—(Pediatricians)—Community Connections—Jan.-Feb., 2000

File 8—Grant Agreement—on behalf of UALR and the U.S./Ukraine Foundation—2000-2002

File 9—Community Connections, 1999—Belarus: Aug-Sept—Ukrainian: Nov-Dec

File 10—Kalush/Little Rock, Arkansas Partnership—1998-2001

File 11—Kalush—Ukraine Trip—Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 1998

File 12—Little Rock/Kalush Project Evaluation—Mission Statement—1999

File 13—Kalush, Ukraine Trip to United States—Feb. 1-2, Feb. 22-25, 1999

File 14—Kalush, Ukraine Trip to United States—March & Oct. 2000

File 15—Kalush, Ukraine Strategic Planning—1999-2001

File16—Kalush, Ukraine—Case Studies—Sept. 1998-Nov. 2000

File 17—Investigation and Training Program for 8 Croatians—(Increased Capable & Responsive criminal investigation processes & stronger prosecutorial strategies—Sept. 9-23, 2000




Series I

Sub-Series III

Box 5

File 1—“Plowshares Institute”—Community Conflict Transformation—Training Program in U.S. cities—Oct. 3, 2001

File 2—Kalush, Ukraine—Trip to United States—March & October 2001

File 3—Kalush, Ukraine—Interns—May 16-30, 2001

File 4—Kalush Travelers—Kathleen Cook & Joe Foglia—Nov. 2-11, 2001

File 5—Kalush, Ukraine Trip—June 14-23, 2002

File 6—Kalush, Ukraine Interns Visit Little Rock—Aug. 11-25, 2002

File 7—Trainers Trip to Kalush, Ukraine—Sept. 8-20, 2002

File 8—Ukraine Mayors visit—Oct. 27-Nov. 10, 2002—and Aug. 10-14 & Aug. 18-21, 2003

File 9—Kalush, Ukraine—2004

File 10—U.S./Ukraine Community Partnerships Project—April 17-24, 2005

File 11—Bosnia Trip—June 29-July 6, 2006

File 12—Professor Nobushige Imatani—Dept. of Social Circumstances—Faculty of Human Development—Kobe University—Little Rock, Ark. Visit—Sept 4-8, 2006

File 13—Turkmen Group—Higher Education—Little Rock, Ark. Visit—Sept. 20-23, 2006

File 14—World Learning—Croatia Advocacy—Sept. 23-30, 2006

File 15—Lebanese Group—Youth Organizations—Sept. 24-27, 2006

File 16—Books for Africa (BFA)—Little Rock schedule—Oct. 18-22, 2006—Mr. Makhsut Shakyel—Mongolia, Africa

File 17—Iraqi Youth Leadership Development—Little Rock visit—sponsor: Meridian international Center—July 15-22, 2009

File 18—Iraqi Youth Leadership—Budget-Expense—July 2009

File 19—Mr. Huang Chao-Hsing—Taiwan—May 23-26, 2010

File 20—Nepal Parliament—(cancelled July 27, 2010)

File 21—Ukraine—Free Media—Community Partnerships Project—Oct. 2-16, 2010

File 22—New Zealand (and others)—Civil Rights—Oct. 3-6, 2010

File 23—Dr. Salim Louafi—April 28, 2011

File 24—Turkmenistan—Early Childhood—June 23-28, 2011

File 25—Iraqi Youth Leadership Exchange Program (IYLEP)—July 16-26, 2011

File 26—Iraqi Youth Leadership—Budget-expense—Summer 2011

File 27—ACIV—Legislative Fellows from Georgia, Russia, & Ukraine—Sept. 21 to Oct. 18, 2011

File 28—Surveys of Participants—2010-2011




Series I

Sub-Series III

Box 6

File 1—Experience America—Correspondence—2009

File 2—ROSHNI Development Organization (RDO)—Striving for a Positive Change—Peshawar, Pakistan—2009

File 3—Experience America!—Pakistani Group—Proposal—2009

File 4—Conflict Transformation Training—Budget May-Oct., 2009—“Experience America!”

File 5—Experience America—Pakistani Schedule—2009

File 6—Experience America—Program for Pakistani students—Sept 2 to Oct 20, 2009

File 7—Experience America—Pakistan Group—Action Plan for Their Country—Oct. 2009

File 8—Experience America!—Pakistani Group—Financial—2009

File 9—Experience America—Evaluation Form—2009

File 10—Experience America—Final Report—Sept 2-Oct 20, 2009

File 11—Academy for Education Development (AED)—Experience America!-A Cultural Interacing Program for FATA Youth—Aug. 2009

File 12—Experience America—Vitas—Interpretation—c. 200-2009

File 13—Experience America—2010




Series II

Box 1

File 1—Arvest Bank—Money market Acct., #--1715—2007

File 2—Arvest Account—#--1715—2008

File 3—Arvest Bank—Monkey Market Acct. #--1715—2009

File 4—Arvest Account--#--1838—2007

File 5—Arvest Account—#--5884—2007

File 6—Arvest Account—#--5884—2008

File 7—Arvest Account—No. –5884—check-register—2008-2009

File 8—ACIV—Financial—Checks no. 1107 to 1163—Arvest Banck acct. #--5884—Jan.-April 2009

File 9—ACIV—Financial—Checks no 1164-1207—Arvest Bank acct. #--5884—May-July, 2009




Series II

Box 2

File 1—ACIV Financial—Checks no. 1208-1227 (Aug 4-31, 2009)—and Checks no. 1228-1278 (Sept. 1-30, 2009)—Arvest Bank acct. #--5884

File 2—ACIV—Financial—Checks no. 1279 to 1374—Oct. 1-27, 2009

File 3—ACIV—Financial—Checks no. 1375-1401 (Nov. 5-24, 2009)—and Checks no. 1402-1429 (Dec. 2 to Jan. 5, 2010)

File 4—Arvest Account 5884—2009

File 5—ACIV—Russian Leaders Checking—acct #--6560—2000-2002

File 6—ACIV—Russian Leaders Checking Acct #--6560—2005-2006

File 7—Arvest Acct. #--8039—2007

File 8—(JASA)—Bank of America Acct. #--6953—Payments and Receipts—2000-2005

File 9—Bank of America Bank Statement—Account #--6935—Jan. 2006 to Jan. 2009




Series II

Box 3

File 1—Regions Bank—account #75-1138 (2003)—and #27-4311 (2003)

File 2—First Commercial Bank (name changed to Regions Bank 11/30/1998)—statements June 1996-Dec. 1998—Acct. #293407

File 3—ACIV—Financial information—2000-2006—Regions Bank—Acct. #3407

File 4—First Commercial Bank (now known as Regions)—acct. #867837—2002-2005

File 5—UARK Federal Credit Union—statement—acct. #6129—200-2001

File 6—UARK Federal Credit Union—statement—acct. #6129—2002-2003

File 7—UARK Federal Credit Union—statement—acct. #471016-129—2004-2006

File 8—UARK Credit Union—statement—acct. #471016-506—2003-2005

File 9—UARK Credit Union—statement—account #471016-506—2006




Series II

Box 4

File 1—Dept. of Information Systems (DIS)—(Telephone)—1998-1999

File 2— Dept. of Information Systems (DIS)—(Telephone)—2000-2001

File 3— Dept. of Information Systems (DIS)—(Telephone)—2002-2003

File 4— Dept. of Information Systems (DIS)—2004 to March 2005

File 5— Dept. of Information Systems (DIS)—(Telephone)—2006-2009

File 6—ACIV Financial—2000

File 7—ACIV Financial—2001




Series II

Box 5

File 1—ACIV Financial—2002

File 2—ACIV Financial—2003

File 3—ACIV Financial—2004

File 4—ACIV Financial—2005

File 5—ACIV Financial—2006

File 6—ACIV Financial—2007

File 7—Forgery—2007




Series II

Box 6

File 1—ACIV Financial—2008

File 2—ACIV Financial—2009

File 3—Payroll—July-Aug. 2009

File 4—ACIV Financial Information—2010

File 5—Corporate Financial Outsourcing Network, LLC. (CFO)—2010

File 6—Alltel—2003-2004

File 7—Cingular Wireless—2001-2008

File 8—SouthWestern Bell Telephone—1998-2000




Series II

Box 7

File 1—Budget Information—1995-2000

File 2—Budget Information—2001-2005

File 3—Budget Information—2006-2008

File 4—United States Information Agency (USIA) Audit Information—1995-2000

File 5—Financial Statements and Additional Information with Independent Auditors Report (2 copies)—year ended June 30, 1996

File 6—Financial Statements and Additional Information with Independent Auditors Report (2 copies)—years ended 1997 and 1996

File 7—Financial Statements and Additional Information with Independent Auditors Report (2 copies)—years ended June 30, 1998 and 1997

File 8—Financial Statements and Additional Information with Independent Auditors Report (2 copies)—years ended June 30, 1999 and 1998

File 9—Invoices of 1997-1998—from Audit on 12/31/1999

File 10—Financial Statements and Additional Information with Independent Auditors Report (2 copies)—years ended 2001 and 2000

File 11—Financial Audit—2008

File 12—ACIV Audit file—2008




Series III

Box 1

File 1—Management Development and Appraisal—Employee Performance—1980s

File 2—University of Arkansas at Little Rock—Letter of Agreement—Contracts and Amendments—1995-1998

File 3—Personnel Action Forms—1998-1999

File 4—Personnel Action Forms—2000-2003

File 5—Personnel Action Forms—2004-2006

File 6—ACIV/University of Arkansas at Little Rock—Employee-Personnel Action Forms/Time Sheets—2006-2007

File 7—PAF (Personal Action Form)—UALR—all employees 2007-2009

File 8—Employment Vitas

File 9—Jason H. Houk

File 10—Xuyan Ma

File 11—Martha Morton

File 12—Performance Evaluation—Walter Nunn—Oct. 23, 1990

File 13—Tommy Priakos

File 14—ACIV—Employee Records—Barbara Stanford—1987-1994

File 15—Takeo Suzuki

File 16—Employee-Michael Yang—1994-1999




Series III

Box 2

File 1—University of Arkansas at Little Rock—Reimbursement Forms—2001-2005

File 2—ACIV/UALR—Travel Expense Reimbursement—2005-2006

File 3—University of Arkansas at Little Rock—Employee Timesheets—Reimbursement Forms—2006-2010

File 4—ACIV/UALR—Account—2007-2010

File 5—ACIV/UALR—Business Travel Acct. (BTA)—2007

File 6—Employee Sign-In Sheets—July 2009-June 2010

File 7—Restructuring of International Program—2009-2010

File 8—ACIV/UALR—Financial—Check Request Forms—Jan.-Sept 2010

File 9—ACIV/UALR—Financial—Check Request Forms—Oct.-Dec. 2010

File 10—ACIV/UALR—Financial—Check Request Forms—2011




Series III

Box 3

File 1—Book—The Elements of Style (Third Edition)—by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White—1979—composition/writing

File 2—55 page booklet—“Without a Nickel: The Challenge of Internationalizing the Curriculum and the Campus”—by Gerald Leinwald—Nov. 1983

File 3—Standards for Accreditation—Arkansas Public Schools—Adopted by the State Board of Education—Feb. 1984

File 4—Introduction to State and Local Government Class—Walter Nunn, Professor, UALR—1986

File 5—Arkansas Political Science Association—1988-1989

File 6—Handbook—“Runing for Public Office: A ‘Plain English’ Handbook for Candidates”—published by the State Board of Election Commissioners—2007

File 7—paper—“The Impact of Increasing Foreign Student Enrollment”—by Walter Nunn—May 1, 1990

File 8—“Life in Sierra Leone, West Africa”—a teaching unit—by Dr. Rich Corby—c. 1990

File 9—manuscript (autobiography)—“My Life, My Japan”—by Kinko Ito, Ph.D., Department of Sociology and Anthropology, UALR—1990

File 10—UALR—“Seminar In Management Development and Appraisal in Higher Education”—Dr. James O. Hammond—summer, 1990

File 11—magazine—“Teamwork: A Publication of Arkansas Power and Light Co. Presenting News of Economic Growth—spring 1990

File 12—UALR—Time Management Course—1990

File 13—A Proposal for a Teikyo University Component at UALR—1994

File 14—UALR—Correspondence—1995-2002

File 15—43-page document—“Preparing Your Community for the 21st Century Series: Harnessing the Power of Vision: Creating a Strategic Vision and Action Plan for Your Community—by Mark Peterson, University of Ark., LR.—c. 2000

File 16—University of Arkansas Foundation—2000-2002

File 17—Constitution of the State of Arkansas of 1874, 2003 Edition—Office of Secretary of State—Charlie Daniels

File 18—Arkansas Department of Education (DOE)—2005-2007

File 19—China Opening Up to U.S. Business—2006

File 20—UALR Program for International Students—2007

File 21—Asian Studies—2007-2008

File 22—Office of Rural Health—2009

File 23—dissertation—“High School Principals’ Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Gifted Students and Gifted Programs”—with PowerPoint print-out—by Carla Dell Bryant—March 2010

File 24—Arkansas Constitution—Syllabus—2011—UALR Bowen School of Law




Series III

Box 4

File 1—Racial and Culture Diversity Commission (RCDC)—1994-1999—(By-Laws 1999)

File 2— Cultural and Book Allowance Receipts—Belarus NGOS (Non-Government Org.) Fundraising/Lobbying—Aug 16-Sept 6, 1999

File 3—RCDC (Racial and Culture Diversity Commission)—2000-2001 & 2002-2003

File 4—Manual—“Peace Skills: Manual for Community Mediators”—by Ronald S. Kraybill with Robert A. Evans and Alice Frazer Evans—2001

File 5—“Racial Attitudes in Pulaski County: A Study by the Institute of Government” (2 copies)—UALR—March 2004

File 6—RCDC (Racial and Culture Diversity Commission) Education Committee—2004

File 7—RCDC  (Racial and Culture Diversity Commission)—2004

File 8—RCDC  (Racial and Culture Diversity Commission)—2005

File 9— Report—Racial and Culture Diversity Commission Education Committee—Annual Report—2006

File 10—YDC (Youth Diversity Council) Mini-Grants—2006-2007

File 11—Newsletter (copy)—“Past Forward (of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute): ‘The Rwandan Tutsi Genocide: Preserving Survivors’ Memories’”—summer 2008

File 12—Race Relation Interviews—2009




Series IV

Box 1

Item 1—18”x24” Poster—Arkansas Art Pottery: Art, Tradition, and Industry—June 23, 2000-June 17, 2001—Old State House Museum

Item 2—18”x24” Poster—Send You Back to Arkansas: Our Own Sweet Sounds—Opening March 28, 2003—Old State House Museum

Item 3—18”x24” Poster—A Circus Hitched to a Tornado: Arkansas Politics in the 20th Century—Old State House Museum

Item 4—22”x28” Poster—Arkansas Heritage Month—2007—Old State House Museum

Item 5—22”x28” Poster—Arkansas Heritage Month—2008—Old State House Museum