Internship Opportunities

To facilitate on-the-job experience and future employment contacts, the UCA anthropology minor program offers an elective internship course (SOC 4370) to senior students for which they can earn academic credit while applying classroom knowledge to a particular work setting.  Past internships have included placement in such settings as a Native American center, an archaelogical dig site, the CAAH! garden project, and working with the UCA pre-Columbian museum collection.



Internships in Wildlife/Forestry and Fisheries Management, Interpretation and Environmental Education, Biological Research and Monitoring, Fiscal, Communications, and Environmental Law are a few of the areas available to college and graduate students through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Internship Program. AGFC’s internship programs allow students to obtain practical experience and meet hands-on training requirements necessary to earn their degrees and gain valuable career oriented experiences. Students will be required to apply through their universities.