Ken Barnes

Professor, History

Irby 105B

(501) 450-3158

Ken Barnes received his bachelor’s degree from UCA and then studied for a master’s degree in European history at the University of East Anglia (England) and a Ph.D. in history at Duke University. He taught at Concordia University – Chicago and the University of Southern Mississippi before returning to UCA as a faculty member in 1992. He teaches German history and the intellectual, cultural, and religious history of modern Europe. But since returning to Arkansas he has produced scholarship on Arkansas and Southern history including Who Killed John Clayton?: Political Violence and the Emergence of the New South (Duke University, 1998); Journey of Hope: The Back-to-Africa Movement in Arkansas (North Carolina, 2004), and Anti-Catholicism in Arkansas: How Politicians, Religious Leaders, the Press, and the Klan Imagined an Enemy (University of Arkansas, 2016). In his spare time, Ken loves music, cooking, and travel to exotic places.