Library Resources

Welcome to Torreyson Library!

When new faculty on campus have questions about the library, I offer to set up an appointment to meet with them to discuss their research interests, the strength of Torreyson library’s collections, and how to utilize the library’s website for their maximum benefit, along with providing the new faculty members with a hands-on live demonstrations of all of the resources that the library has to offer.  Sometimes this conversation will begin over coffee or is initiated during a walking tour of Torreyson Library.  It is very important for me to build relationships with these new faculty members because I want to ensure that they have a good first experience with the library and, hopefully, will be excellent supporters of the library in the future.

Another option for new faculty members is an “introduction to the library” workshop that I do with the Director of the Library, Art Lichtenstein, each year for the Instructional Development Center.  This is a one hour seminar where we perform live database instruction and demonstrate how to use the library’s website.  We try to keep it flexible and allow the attendees to ask us questions at any point during the presentation.  Therefore, they can focus on the areas that are most important to them.  I also make sure that the new faculty members have my business card and contact information, so that they can follow up with me or contact me at any time.

Amber Wilson
Instructional Services