Common Issues and Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Instructional Development Center (IDC)?

Click here to access the IDC website ( and learn about the programs and services available to support you as a teacher at UCA.

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As an adjunct faculty member, am I allowed to participate in IDC programs and services?

Yes!  We invite and encourage you to register for any of the programs and services that might interest you.  Click here to access the IDC Events page.

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Where can I locate a list of important academic dates and deadlines?

The UCA Academic Calendar ( lists key dates and deadlines with which you will want to be familiar.  Your department may maintain a list with additional dates, which are unique to the specific needs of your courses and programs.

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How do I obtain an ID card as a UCA employee?

Visit the BearCard Center on campus in Suite 110 of Bernard Hall.  They can also be reached by email at, online at, or by telephone at 450-5818.

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How do I obtain a key for the classroom where I will be teaching?

Contact your department chair or administrative specialist in order to obtain a key to the classroom where you will be teaching.  If appropriate, you will sign the required physical plant paperwork in order to execute the request that a key be assigned to you.

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What should I do if I become locked out of my classroom?

Contact the UCA Police Department at 501-450-3111.  The UCA PD is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Be prepared to identify yourself and provide your UCA BearCard for verification upon request.

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How often should I check my UCA email account?

Because email serves as a primary communication channel for UCA administration, faculty, staff, and students alike, you are strongly encouraged to check email on a daily basis.  A 24-hour response window is generally considered to be acceptable when a student or colleague emails you.  It is important to be responsive and maintain timely communications as an instructor and faculty member.

You can access your UCA Groupwise email account anywhere using a web browser by navigating to  If you are interested in connecting your UCA Groupwise email account with your mobile device, please visit the IT web page on this topic at and contact the IT Help Desk to get started (501-450-3107).

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Where can I locate my class roster?

You can obtain your class roster by logging into myUCA, then clicking on Self-Service, followed by Faculty.  On the left-hand side, choose "Summary Class List" to view and print a list of students registered for your section.

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What should I include in my syllabus?

The Academic Affairs web page at contains guidelines and requirements for course syllabi.  Some colleges (e.g., College of Education) have additional requirements.  Ask your department chair for more information.

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How do student course evaluations work?  How important are they for me as an adjunct instructor?

Part of your course syllabus should address the expectation that students will complete a course evaluation at the end of the semester.  See the following link on the Provost's website for the correct wording to incorporate into your syllabus:

Students complete their course evaluations through myUCA under the EVALS tab (which appears when evaluation forms are released for completion).  Instructors are able to see the results approximately two weeks after grades are posted.

Administrators value these evaluation results to inform future staffing decisions.  You will also want to review your student evaluations at the end of the semester to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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How do I obtain a copy of the textbook that is used for my course?

Check with the department chair or administrative specialist.  Also, instructor desk copies can usually be requested from the publisher's website.  When going directly through the publisher, you should make requests as early as possible in order to allow for a potentially delayed turnaround in request fulfillment.

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How do I request a Blackboard shell for a course I am teaching?

You will need to fill out the course request form on IT's website (  Once you fill in your username and select the term, the form will automatically populate your schedule based on what is currently listed in Banner.

Note: If you are a new faculty member and you do not yet have a username in the system, find out the CRN and course code for the class(es) you will be teaching and email to request that an empty Blackboard shell be created for your course.

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How do I log in to the Blackboard learning management system?

To access your courses on the learning management system, first log in to myUCA by clicking on the link at the top of the UCA homepage (  Once you are logged in to myUCA, click on the "My Courses" tab and locate the course(s) you are teaching in the current or upcoming term.  Clicking on the name of that course will take you to the learning management system.  If your courses are not connected to Blackboard, then you will need to first Once you know your CRN, email and request that an empty Blackboard shell be created for your course. submit the Blackboard Request Form.

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Where can I find resources and support to design and develop my course?

The IDC has a full-time instructional design specialist who is available for consultations on all aspects of course design, development, and delivery.  The IDC website also features a page with a variety of on-demand resources related to this topic ( Contact the IDC at or 501-450-5240 for more information.

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What technologies are available for use in teaching?

Each academic department has equipped its classrooms with varying types of software, hardware, and other technologies.  Available resources vary from room to room and building to building.  If possible, visit your assigned classroom before the semester starts.  However, UCA does provide campus-wide access to certain online instructional tools and platforms including Blackboard, Centra, NBC Learn, Respondus, SafeAssign, and Tegrity.  More information on these can be found on the IDC website ( as well as the IT website (

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Where can I find resources and support for using technology in teaching?

Guides and tutorials for using Blackboard, Centra, NBC Learn, Respondus, SafeAssign, SMART Tools, Tegrity, and more can be accessed on the IDC Technology Resources web page at

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Will I lose my job if I grade tough?

Academic rigor is expected of UCA coursework.  Clarity of expectations is also important.  Talking with colleagues in your department (especially those who teach or have taught the same assigned course) may be helpful to determine norms.  Some courses may use common assignments.

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When are final grades due?

Deadlines for submitting final grades can be found in the Academic Calendar (  Typically, in the fall semester final grades are due by noon on the Monday following finals week.  In the spring semester, the deadline is typically noon on the Tuesday after finals end.  Be sure to check the Academic Calendar for the most current information.

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How do I post grades at the end of the course?

Grades are posted by logging into myUCA (, selecting "Self Service," then clicking on "Faculty."  Select "Final Grades" from the list on the left-hand side.  Your class roster will be displayed where you will click on a grade for each student.  Detailed instructions are available under "Faculty Grade Reporting" on the Registrar's website (

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What does WF mean?

Taken from the Undergraduate Bulletin (

"A student may officially withdraw from a course or the university so long as the withdrawal is within the dates specified in the academic calendar for the semester.  If a student withdraws from a course or the university during the change-of-course period, no grade will be recorded.

After the change-of-course period, a withdrawal grade (W - Withdrawn, WP - Withdrawn Passing, or WF - Withdrawn Failing)will be recorded according to the deadlines specified in the academic calendar for the semester and, when applicable, at the discretion of the course instructor, so long as the course instructor has not already dropped the student for non-attendance."

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What should I do if I give a student the wrong grade?

If the grade reporting deadline has already past, you should submit a Grade Change form to the Registrar's Office.  The form must be signed by both your department chair and college dean. It can be printed from the Registrar's website at

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Will I get to teach this course again?

It depends on several factors--most of which are outside your control.  The departmental needs, program enrollment numbers, and the load of full-time faculty are some of the contributing factors.

Be mindful that numbers shift and change right up through the first few days of class. Your teaching assignment may change. Be flexible. Along the same line, part-time employment is never guaranteed regardless of whether the course has been officially offered to you or not. Student enrollment numbers will continue to fluctuate even as the semester begins, which may have an impact on teaching coverage needs.

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How do I make a student referral for counseling services?

The following page on the UCA Counseling Center website provides simple directions for making a referral for counseling services. (  Please contact them at 501-450-3138 if you have further questions.

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How do disability support services interface with me and my students?

At the beginning of the semester, any student with a documented disability will provide you with a letter from Disability Support Services that outlines any required accommodations.  The UCA Disability Support Services website ( provides valuable information, resources, and services for faculty.  They can also be contacted at 501-450-3613.

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