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Welcome to the Faculty Lounge

The Faculty Lounge is a great place to connect with colleagues within the UCA Campus Community who face the same challenges in the classroom as you do.

Share teaching tips, challenges, and feedback on resources to help build a better community of instructors.


How about Poll Everywhere.

The fastest way to create stylish real-time experiences for events using mobile devices Poll Everywhere replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. It's the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, tv, print — anywhere. And because it works internationally with texting, web, or Twitter, its simplicity and flexibility are earning rave reviews.

How about Mapwing.

Mapwing makes it easy to build, share, and explore virtual tours. Use Mapwing to turn your digital photos into virtual tours that include interactive maps, images, and comments. Then, share your virtual tours with friends, clients, or the entire world. Begin creating your own virtual tours for Free.

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