The Road to Graduation

We know the road to graduation can be long and winding, so we have created a cheat sheet–broken down by academic year–to help keep you on track.

While you are a Freshman:

While you are a Sophomore:

  • Research jobs in career field and graduate programs
  • Join professional associations, clubs and organizations
  • Visit Degreeworks in myUCA, and learn degree requirements
  • Attend Sophomore Workshops

While you are a Junior:

  • Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss upper division courses and research opportunities
  • Submit Graduation Application online and complete Graduation Application Worksheet
  • Review graduation application with your faculty advisor to verify outstanding requirements
  • Search for and apply to summer internships 

While you are a Senior:

  • Review graduation requirements to make sure everything is complete
  • Pay graduation fees
  • Order cap and gown from UCA Bookstore
  • Apply to graduate schools/jobs/internships/other professional opportunities
  • Walk in commencement ceremony
  • Celebrate being a UCA Alumnus!


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