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Marie Smallwood

College of Education and Honors Advisor


Harrin 118

(501) 450-5259

My why is to help others grow into their best self and to discover the “out of the box” way to reach their goals!

Success is self-defined and self-measured.  I believe that in order to be successful you have to compare yourself to yourself.  Everyone is unique!  Once you set a realistic goal and accomplish it, you are successful! The key is to continue to set goals then your success will continue to get better and better!

I love crafts, party planning, and volunteering!  (Pinterest is the best invention ever!!!!!) I love to pin new crafts and then do a before and after!!!  I also love planning all types of parties and weddings!  In my free time I love to volunteer for a variety of charities.  The main charity that I volunteer with is Circle of Friends for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.